Pun of the day:
Those who are single-minded on making new friends turned up for the party that night.


JoyceTheFeriFeri wrote about the event so i’ll just provide pictures.

And i’ll damn well make sure you regret not going to the party. 😀

My first party post that has something to do with alco. It’s as good as Joyce writing about a thorough study into the effect that certain smells of cheeses have on the well-being of chess players. But Cheesus Crust was the crowd huge.

In Joyce’s words: So happening gila babi can die dot com dot my.

Somo@Mont Kiara, the up coming most happening place in town.

There were hot Somo Babes.

So hot can toast herself to death FireAngel

And more…

Her classic pose

Special thanx to Slyde who came all the way here when he was just 5 mins away from home. :}

My longest friend from Seremban. We still can’t get over the pinkness after 9 years.

Even though i’m not much of an alco fan, Somo’s gonna serve the coolest Japanese cocktails ever.

Dammit and they promised me there’ll be Frangelicooooooooo… 😀 😀 😀