Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine @ Menara TA1, Jalan P. Ramlee, KL

The fusion of Japanese food with western style and presentation. How would this hybrid of culinary passion turn out? Take a look for yourself 😉

Bitter gourd and dried Bonito flakes

This lil’dish caught me off guard gourd, as it was surprisingly crunchy and refreshing, not what I was expecting it to be! Which is a good thing 😉

Sea urchin served in between scallops with salmon roe.

The taste of the scallop was very fresh, however i personally didn’t quite like the taste of sea urchin. Kinda spoilt it for me..

Fresh oysters

What else can be said? they’re fresh oysters 😛

Soft shell crab salad

Mediocre and slightly on the dry side, so pretty disappointing despite looking fairly appetizing.

Chopped raw tuna dressed with raw egg and Korean seaweed

Strong taste of spring onions, almost overpowering but still an excellent combination though a little heavy for a starter. Maybe for those with a big appetite! 😛

Smashed sweet potato salad mixed with salmon flakes topped with salmon roes and salmon skin.

I just love food that looks so appealing, comes exactly like its picture AND most importantly tastes as good as it looks!!! I seriously adore salmon roes! They tickle your palates to orgasm.

Pan fried Foie Gras with XO sauce

Two huge pieces of lavish foie gras with broccoli and dried chilli. Might as well call it Kung Pou Foie Gras.
The most generous portion i’ve ever seen. But the seasoning is a tad too overpowering, not to mention very very very salty too. It becomes very cloying. Not the best foie gras i’ve tried though not the worst either.

Ozeki special maki

The king of all makis. Soft shell crab, Unagi and Ebi Tempura all in one (ok lah several) little parcel. Each and every mouthful brings out a whole medley of exquisite seafood wonders. This is one of the highlights of Ozeki’s menu!

Matsuzaka beef shabu shabu

OMC. It’s. The. Most. Freaking. Expensive. Beef. Ever.

Matsuzaka beef sumiyaki (charcoal grill)

How else but the best way to serve Matsuzaka.

Spicy soft shell crab and grilled cod.

A favourite combination of mine. Spicy yet not to spicy soft shell crab with a nicely grilled cod that isn’t overcooked. Thoroughly enjoyable, really savoured every last bite!

Black sesame ice cream

The texture is so smooth, and the rich aroma of black sesame lingers in your palate for quite some time.

Strawberry and mango panna cotta with black sugar syrup. This was suuuuuuuuper naish! I wanted some cottage cheese with my meal, so I plucked this heavenly dish of goodness from the a la carte curd menu.

Green tea Tiramisu

As naish as the panna cotta was, this delightful morsal was the perfect ending for a wonderful meal, couldn’t have asked for anymore!! or could i? 😉


Now where’s my Kenko Diet Plum. 😀