cheesie~says: i have nothing to post
cheesie~says: my life is boring
cheesie~says: now just wardrobe wardrobe
cheesie~says: dunno people will get sien anot 🙁
Kenny Sia says: maybe u shu read back on ur past entries
cheesie~says: pastries
Kenny Sia says: and see what u used to write about?
cheesie~says: damn hungry
Kenny Sia says:: pastries!
Kenny Sia says: hahaha
cheesie~says: main entree
cheesie~says: say something interesting la
cheesie~says: then i blog bout it
cheesie~says: whatever la. let’s blog about this.
Kenny Sia says: !?
Kenny Sia says: how can
Kenny Sia says: nothing to write oso rite
Kenny Sia says: i draw something for u
cheesie~says: LOL



cheesie~says: the one u draw last time nicer
Kenny Sia says: i go dig it up



A lot of people ask me to help them sell their clothes off. I’d very much like to help la, but i have a lot a lot a lot of clothes in my hand now waiting to be taken care of. They will murder me in the middle of the night by crawling up to me and choking me to death with rotten jam if i don’t post them up soon enough. Once i clear off my stuff i will try to help you guys ok! 😀

Stay cheesed!