Look at these and you will know why i’m so fashionably busy with my Wardrobe.

My friend Charlyce, whose job is to travel all the time and import clothings from Hong Kong and Japan, is someone who will never be seen dead in the same clothes twice. These are what she came up with for Cheesie’s Wadrobe. Most of her clothes are worn only once, whereas some are totally brand new. All these are exclusively imported and cannot be found anywhere in Malaysia.

Charlyce carefully drafted out all the details for each of the items.

The cost for those clothes is high but she’s giving more than 50% discount even for new clothes.

And guess what?


So excited! Gonna post them up in Wardrobe real soon after i’ve done a proper shoot for them.


Photoshoot with Ivene, and just testing out some new PS brushes.

They are a bit cluttered la, but i think they could have quite a happening effect though. ^_^


I posted a Blue Xmas, it’s time for Red and Yellow.



These are all Ivene’s clothes. The colors are so bright they instantly make you feel energetic! 😀

Of course, not forgetting a PINK Xmas!



The best thing is, the clothes we’re wearing are all up for grabs! Check out my Wardrobe!