Pun of the day:
I freaked out when i saw my first strands of white hair, I thought I’d dye.

When i told my friends i wanna color my hair, their first reaction was:



I’ve been having ebony black hair all my life and there’s nothing you can do to make me dye my hair. Unless you pay la of course, but that still depends also. I’ve turned down so many hair shows already.

But i did colorize my hair. As in, color extension.

Bless all these canggih shit wei. Now i can change my hair highlight every so often, without damaging my hair.

I did my color extension in Kimarie (the academy in Bukit Bintang).

So many colors to choose from!

I really couldn’t decide what color to have! Vincent had promised me pink hair but in the end he only had fuchsia! And i hate fuchsia with a vengence! I’d rather have my name as kennysia than have fuchsia on my head.

After much hesitation and deliberation, i decided to go for red.

Like, Kimarie Red.

Vincent said red goes well with a lot of clothes. And it’s HOT. And it’s Kimarish. And dammit la even the towel on my shoulder was telling me to pick that color.

This picture is funny. Notice the pair of white sneakers? They look as if they’re my feet but they are not! Heck i don’t think i own even a pair of sports shoes.


The Hair extension procedure

After picking the color, they iron the hair straight. Really treat them like real hair lo.

Wait. They ARE real hair.

I always wonder hor, where on earth they get such long, real human hair? Everyone says it’s from dead people, but do dead people all have long hair? The extensions are longer than my hair lor. How often do you see people with hair longer than mine? huh huh huh?!


This is what the hair extension kit comprised of..

A glue gun, some water, some hair.

Picking the right spots.

Applying the glue.

Using only 100% sterilized real human hair, hair extensions look and feel completely natural. Forget bleaches and damaging peroxides, now you can simply attach a few strands of hair extensions to achieve the effect that you’ve been looking for. Since the extensions are real hair, you can actually color, bleach or curl them if you’d so desire.

And… DONE!

Just a few strands though

Some red hair stranded in ebony.

In essence, hair extensions can be used to lengthen your hair, thicken your hair or highlight your hair.

Here is some good news too! From today onwards, anyone who goes to any Kimarie outlet will get a 20% off of hair extensions, if you mention cheeserland.com!

Happy New Year to you all!!!777