What’s your pet’s name?

January 22, 2007 in Cheddie&Pets / Just Punny

I know Cheeserland is now doggie overdosed. But still.



Cheesie: u think papillon or maltese or terrier better?
Pietro: depends on your personal pref
Cheesie: whats ur dog?
Pietro: it’s a mongrel, but a very cute one
Pietro: female
Pietro: named tequila
Cheesie: -_-
Pietro: yeah, so when she grows big we can call her “thakilla!”
Cheesie: i changed my mind
Cheesie: i wanna call my future doggie frangelico
Pietro: what happened to cheddar, i like that better
Cheesie: naming a dog after liquor is cooler
Cheesie: cheddie, by the way
Pietro: oh
Pietro: i wanted to call her bailey’s at first
Pietro: and we got a friend whose dogs name is martini
Pietro: so if they mate we will call their kids graveyards
Cheesie: -_-


What’s your pet’s name? 😀

57 responses to “What’s your pet’s name?”

  1. Anna says:

    Ahahaha. I have tons of fish, and I just randomly point to one when guests are over and tell them some imaginary story I make up on the spot, repeatedly calling it “The Fish”. O.o

    Do you think you’ll be getting a doggy anytime soon, Cheesie-sama?

  2. DUNZO says:


  3. cheesie says:

    DUNZO:What is he? Show show show. Cheez i wanna name my future maltese Cheddie Cheddo Cheddarino. 😀

  4. Fiona says:

    I named mine as Pee-Ka-Boo ^^. Now she is 4 years old shit Tzu mixed Highland Terrier.

  5. sheon says:

    I had 3 dogs at one time…two in Alor Star, and one here in KL…….i didnt get them all at the same time, just kinda adopted one after another. Well….i call all of them Doggy. Yes, i have 3 dogs with the same name…hahaha……

  6. Cozzie says:

    hrm should have thought about it, two dogs that ive named is elli(after a german short form of elizabeth) and laika(named after first dog in space). Dogs should have one or two syllable name, anymore they arent that keen on it. You develop nicknames after a while anyway.

  7. jamie says:

    I’m getting a dog soon, gonna name it Dog. Haha.

  8. viviensiu says:

    my bf just got a puppy with a big butt… think I’m gonna name her “DAI SI FAT” (cantonese), hahahaha!!!!

  9. bartender says:

    i name my pet “sex on the bitch”

  10. Leanne says:

    I’ve got a minpin named Yuki that is sometimes elaborated as Yukister or Yucatan, or shortened as Yook.
    And chihuahua named Kiwi.
    Such normal names T__T.

  11. weeks says:

    3 cats..
    cat#2-baby or miewmiew

    miss them like crazy…aih…

  12. Lennie says:

    The first dog in my family was named Fifi, then we paired her up with another dog named Stellen. Both of them gave birth to Fatfat 🙂 Those were the beautiful days with them at my house. Miss them so much. 🙁 My mom stop getting any dog after Fatfat passed away. Anyway, my BF’s sister’s dog was named JJ. She is a cute maltese just like Jojo. Too bad she is in Singapore 🙁

  13. Bluey says:

    Candy Cabot Sheppard.

  14. Eve says:

    Jaz – Aust Silky Terrier..very cute… Her real name is mademoiselle casa d’amore …super the long 😛 Get a terrier if u like active cuties

  15. rinnah says:

    Current dog: Kelly Summer.

    Previous dogs: Kylie Piper, Jaime F. (Fox) Skywalker, Benjamin Chewbacca, Britney Beethoven and Bobbi Balto, just to name a few.

    Previous cats: Persimmon, Sylvester, Tijuana, Cinnamon.

    I have this thing about giving my dogs two names and my cats three syllable names. They’re all non-breeds (i.e. mongrels / street felines), btw. Haha.

  16. Mei says:

    I’ve got a female Shihtzu who’s about 1 year old. Still very puppyish, very manja. More like super manja. She was named MunMun by her previous owner (I got her when she was 4 months old) and I tried calling her JD a.k.a. Jack Daniels. It turns out not so cool since she didn’t respond and I attempted calling her Doggy. Eventually it evolve into Bobbi and she’s been responding very well ever since. I guess naming dogs with alcohol brands/names just don’t work for me. Haha!

  17. Enrico says:

    i’ll call them Chablis and Blanco if my doggie is male, if female then Chanti or Rioja….

  18. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Yerrrrrrrrr,u guys named ur pets with such a nice name lar!Know wat do my family n I call our Golden Retriever?BABY!Yup,tat’s his name.Very simple hor?Wat 2 do,he juz likes tat name. -_-|||

  19. girlnextdoor says:

    My german shepherd’s name is Vito (after Vito Corleone, from The Godfather). A lot of people teased that he’s all mixed up 😛 (German dog with an italian name??)

  20. quaintmelody says:

    I had a dow when I was very young. We called her Shirley. Very corny name. Haha…
    I think you should name your dog after a type of cheese since you love cheese so much!

  21. quaintmelody says:

    darn it, should read dog! my typo is helpless!

  22. cheryl says:

    mine is called “chow mein”
    O_O was gonna called it “char xiu bao” but it was too long~
    why you guy’s pets names all so kawaii!?!?
    makes me look like i’m abusing chowmein!=[

  23. Penny says:

    I named my Pug as Brandy… Though non of us in the house love Brandy, however we spotted a couple of times Brandy digging the dustbin to get the empty beer cans out to lick the remainging drops… -.-“

  24. sharon says:

    My Shih Tzu’s name is Boo! Usually we call him Boo Boy. He also answers to DeeDee Boy (sorta like a manja name). If u name yr dog hor, make sure it doesnt sound like any other word that may confuse him. For instance, naming yr dog Joe. If u were to train yr dog and say NO! He may confuse/mishear it as JOE.

    I still stand by my suggestion. SHIH TZU’s RAWK!!! My baby is on Dogster leh 😀 Can check out his “profile” there 🙂

  25. cheesie says:

    Fiona: Pee-ka-boo is cute! 😀
    Sheon: It’s like naming all your girlfriends “cupcakes”! Eh cupcake sounds nice. Let’s call my second dog cupcake.
    Leanne: Kiwi is kawaii! Normal names are like “bobo”, “boy boy”, “Lucy”, “Blackie”… 😛
    Cheryl: Waaaaa TT wanted to name my Maltese “Lo Mai Kai”! Then one of my friends also name her Terrier “Meehoon”!!!666 We can open a Dim Sum Pet Shop. 😀
    Aleanor: Are you gonna name ur doggie “Inu Chan”?
    Sharon: Dogster lol.

  26. Mei says:

    cheesie: wad about “Porkchop”? if you have 2 dogs, name one “Porkie”, the other “Choppie”. Haha!

  27. cheesie says:

    Mei: Porkie is not a dog O_o

  28. Ivy says:

    If I have a dog, I would name it as Scotty if it’s female. If it’s male, it would be Mollie.

  29. Porkie says:

    Dog O_o nope.. I’m a piglet thank you very much!! 😛

  30. sheon says:

    Hahahha…..this conversation is getting increasingly entertaining and cheeselicious!! I LOVE IT!!!……Bravo Cheesie……Bravo……….

  31. sharon says:

    Eh, Dogster is very established leh. All the angmoh dogs oso there. Seeing how some of them SHOWER their dogs wth Xmas gifts make me feel as tho Im “ill-treating” Boo Boy, never mind the fact that he sleeps in my air-conditioned room, and sometimes on my bed, and cuddles up on my chest to sleep when hes in a manja mood. 😛

  32. Christine says:

    Those names are so funny can. Haha. Btw, if u were to name ur dog, it’s better to let the name be a two syllable name. Dogs will respond better.

    E.g Instead of Sam, call it Sammy!

    My dogs name is Mark and…. Uh no, it’s just Spencer! =)

  33. Monkticon says:

    I used to have a “chapalang” puppy named Maximus but gave it away to somebody becos too naughty…then a friend of mine named his two of his dogs Rumble & Frenzy…

    my dogs in hometown have cuter names like Remy, Chancy, Leslie, Brino, Doris & Jacko.

  34. DUNZO says:


    heres my doggie pic golden retriever 2 yr old C U T E!

  35. bulat says:

    chivas, brandy, malty, flowerpot, footsteps, peppermint and it keeps getting weirder O_o

  36. bbqueeniez says:

    My mini schnauzer: Loiloi… Hahaha!
    coz when she was still a tiny baby, her coat was so black!!!
    candy, jojo? i felt that these cute fancy names werent right for her!!!
    so yeah… since she’s a baby girl… Loiloi it is!!

    My siberian husky boy: Kakuyii…
    he was such a handsome boy! so my man said “Kakuyii!!” when he first laid his eyes on him… (In japanese it means “Cool!”)
    so, yeah… Kakuyii it is!!!

    My siberian husky girl: Sweety…
    her cert name is Mercury Kennel Sweet Talk…
    and she already recognised her name as Sweety when we went to see her at the breeder”s….
    we kinda like that name too…
    so yeah, Sweety it is!!

  37. tom says:

    name is Kayzar… a mix terrier..

    some sort of germanish name 🙂

  38. n-drew says:

    wong choi.. nice name leh..

  39. ed says:

    i feel like naming my dog adik piske

  40. naVICgaTOR says:

    can i name it “cheesie”?

  41. Mich says:

    My doggy is called HAKU – like that guy from Spirited Away with those beautiful eyes and ability to change into a dragon! 😀

  42. fresh desire says:

    Hi accidentally found your blog, very cheesy and cheerful, pink I like – I have three pups – one a Golden Retriever mixed with mongrel I call her Precious Praise, she was always fighting with her sister Sasha, so I send Precious to stay with my Mom, I got another Mongrel a white with black spots pup I call him Chikaro, anyway I like the name Mercutio – that’s my cat’s name btw. I got 6 cats at home.

  43. Mei says:

    cheesie: Porkie will be a dog if he/she is a super big eater. ^_^

  44. Asyraf Lee says:

    both cats are tabby.

    Garfield, for being one just that he doesn’t drink coffee and eat lasagna.

    Tigger, because he can’t stay still and always jumpy, like really jumpy.

    Then again my mum would rather call them Comel (Garfield) and Belang (Tigger) =_=

  45. Porkie says:

    Mei – I’d never be a dog no matter how much I ate!!

  46. stoney84 says:

    Give em some futuristic taste eh…

    eg: R2D2

  47. 48yenots says:

    iDog is nice. lol

  48. Alexallied says:

    qian qian and brandy.

  49. giving.up says:

    Keno (pronounced as Kino) =)

  50. illusion says:

    my mom called my maltese: min min.. short for Minty. = =”

    does it remind you of Peppermint?

  51. DUNZO says:

    you take 2 dogs lah one call pepper then the other call mint then PEPPERMINT!or cheesiemint not bAD HAHA

  52. Cindy says:

    Panda! its a pomeranian…

  53. elaine says:

    my pet name..
    1 is lala n 1 is kiki…
    kiki sounds cute wad… =]

  54. jen says:

    My dogs name is Lizzie , she’s a Great Dane and is adorable !

  55. PromoProx says:

    where did you get your wordpress template

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