Only jam.

Jam morning, jam night. Jam afternoon, jam evening. Jam everywhere.

So agonizingingly jammed THEY EVEN SPREAD BANGKOK JAM TO KL.

Dammit now traffic in KL pales in comparison.

Food was good, weather was fantastic, windy cool. But the dreadful jam made me wanna think twice before booking tickets to Bangkok again.

Oh ya oh ya, check out this place called Dome at the State Tower in Lebua Hotel.

It is the f*ckingest amazing bar i’ve ever been to. Forget KL Tower. Forget Skybar. Forget Luna Bar.


on the 64th floor.

I felt as if i was standing on a floating castle in the sky. Oh, like Laputa Castle in the Sky.

THAT awesome. Even better.

Perfect to spend Valentine’s Day! If you love romance, luxurious dining and that sort of thing. Can’t think of a better place. Go book your tickets!

Lots more to say about Bangkok but can’t bring out the mood to blog without pictures.

So… That’s all. Forgive the lousiest Cheesapade entry ever.


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