Happy Chor Sam

February 20, 2007 in Photoshoot

Third day already. Will all the delicious chinese hawker stalls please open for business fast fast?

Very sien.

Allow me to entertain myself with myself. You go play your mahjong la.

Powder powder powder. Hair spray hair spray hair spray. Flash flash flash.

Oversized boots.

Super oversized wedges. OMC i think it was a size 7 and i wear 4.

Fashion shoot for Feminine, Feb issue. Thank Kenneth for pictures.

Outfit not for bidding! Too bad i can’t keep them in my Wardrobe! 🙁

I dowan to eat McDonald’s alreadyyyyyyyyyyy!

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33 responses to “Happy Chor Sam”

  1. Anna says:

    You still look great, Cheesie~

    O.o Oversized footwear is in fashion?

  2. Noto says:

    ermmm…. looks like PCK’s…
    happy new year~

  3. naVICgaTOR says:

    sell plums, sell clothes… now sell fish hor~!

  4. tristan says:

    wow..you have metamorph from cute to pretty. you are going to be a real heartbreaker!

  5. Dave63 says:

    Va Va Va Voooooooooooooooooooooooom. These pictures a cheeseriffic.

  6. nawooz says:

    haha…perhaps i’m slow, but i just smelt cheese on my colleagues FHM. 😀

  7. kcin says:

    eat KFC for a change 🙂

  8. anon says:

    kcin:u just crack me up…good idea…hehehe

  9. Rainyuki says:

    wheeeeeee….! Cheesie is cheesewhoring with the cheesemera! xD

  10. Selfairy says:

    You look great, but then I don’t think that the side fringe is a good look for you.

    I could hardly recognize you!! It’s either no fringe or doll fringe. Both are hot on you, but no the side fringe. >

  11. Selfairy says:


    Seems like I can’t have the pointy brackets in comment. Paiseh. Hehe..


  12. dan says:

    love the look on picture 1, far top right photo. thumbs up!

  13. wowow says:

    u look tanned…. if u r fairer, then will b prettier..now look like malay..selamat hari raya!!

  14. vonblue says:

    u don’t look like u!!haha…still sweet tho 😀

  15. macgyver says:

    there’s a newly opened kfc outlet in kota d’sara which is attached to pizza hut, fyi only.

  16. sheon says:

    cheesie: your pose (wearing the trenchcoat) is a bit weird 🙂 ; can totally see the oversized wedge dangling off your foot! hahaha….

    wowow: i think malay girls are damn pretty! both tanned and fair skin are appealing…..as long as the complexion is good.

  17. cheesie says:

    Anna: That’s what they prepared for me for the last minute shoot.
    Noto: If it’s cheese color then yes! 😀
    naVICgaTOR: WTFish?
    tristan: No i’m still a heartbreakee!
    Dave 63 & Kelly: Thank you *^_^*
    nawooz: Ouch.
    Kcin: THAT too.
    Rainyuki: Too sien! Eat too full nothing to do.
    Selfairy: Actually it was supposed to be doll fringe, cuz they wanted a super neat retro look. But the stylist didn’t bring her scissors so bo bian! Ended up gelling m fringe a milllon times. >_< Oh, i dunno why i can post "<" you all kennot. 🙁 Dan: That’s my only left face!!!666
    wowow: Grilled cheese tastes better 😉
    vonblue: Make up 2kg leh.
    macgyver: i know! 😀
    Annie: 😀
    sheon: Bo bian! I have small feet! 🙁

  18. Linda says:

    Ah….I luv your hair and the outfits~!!!

  19. Steve Suphan says:

    Excellent knee-length boots, the perfect fashion commodity for the infamous Malaysian flood.
    Sporting a pair of them, you’ll be wishing the floods would arrive more often!

  20. cheesie says:

    Linda: Thank you! 🙂
    Steve: I shall come up with some bullet/bomb-proof coats for Wardrobe, thought would be selling like hot cheesecakes at your place too!

  21. nryu says:

    this is the best smile among other photos u’ve taken.. a natural smile.. keep dat up..
    previous photos gave me a feeling that u’ve been forced to smile…

  22. lane says:

    Are you a model? I mean.. you look tall, but your foot size is 4? It’s hmmm, suprising maybe? Cause I thought tall people usually have HUGE foot size.. Ohyeahh, back to the topic.. Are you a model? or blogger? or both? or what? LOL

  23. CL says:

    you looks so different!

  24. AT says:

    you look pretty.

  25. vvens says:

    super pretty lor cheesie!! 🙂

  26. luuee says:

    hey hey, Cheesie, Happy Chinese New Year of the golden pig to you .. and that you can sel more and more clothes and give some ang pau to me.. mwhahha..

  27. Hui-Xin says:

    Haih… why life so unfair. PRetty people like you exist…=p

  28. jay says:

    the 60s retro trend? ‘mushroom’ hairstyle…hehe…dare u go out with it ? …polkadot…ooo this look can go on…and on…….

  29. Steve Suphan says:

    Yeah, i truly like Cheesy’s polkadot and zebra-style scarf. However, as an advocate of Animal Rights and a member of the RSPCA i shall have to refrain myself from wearing such stuff.

    Not too sure about a mushroom-style haircut as mentioned in one comment. I would suggest, however, since this is The Year of the Pig to perhaps get a animal-friendly Piggy-Porker-style cut instead.

    By the way, i never realized before that you had a couple of twin-sisters. Just wondering – are they single? If so, could you kindly e-mail me their phone numbers, thanks.

  30. sheon says:

    cheesie, hey….small feet in ancient china is much sought after leh!!! hehehehee…….. No lah! The shoes are too big lar….dun blame it on your feet!
    my honest opinion?……of all the pictures you posted here…..i like the one that shows you having your makeup/hair done!

  31. Sofie says:

    Sometimes you look like a malay girl.. and the photoshop skill is superb.. u look far different.. than your original look. 🙂

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