Pun of the day:
Why do people eat pretzels since they are knot food?


I’ve been slacking on snacking!

OMFuckaccino! I can’t believe the last time i did a cheese of the day review was one year ago!

You know, when i first started cheeserland, i thought i wanted to make it a blog that is full of cheese. And also to make it a point to do a cheese review once a week (which, of course, is a lousy excuse of getting away from the fact that i’m an incorrigible glutton). It is still as cheesy as ever till today, but i just wanna stick to what i wanted to do most originally, once in a holey yellow moon.

Bought these from Meiji Fair in KLCC!



Meiji Cheese Kaaru

It is a puffed corn snack, cheese flavored of course. These are very much like any other cheese curls, except that it is in a lighter color. Taste good! Before you know it, You can finish one whole bag while watching a DVD!




Meiji Pucca—New York Cheesecake

It looks very copycheese to me. I don’t know which comes first—This Pucca or THIS Pucca?

And WTF, New York Cheesecake flavor? Next time might as well have Mexican Cheesecake, Israel Cheesecake or Cheeserland Cheesecake flavors. I know there’s such a thing as NY Cheesecake, but behing the box at the ingredient label, it says the same thing as any other cheese flavor product–“cheese powder”. Putting some night city scene as background doesn’t make it any New Yorkie lo.


It taste nice la. I mean, i still prefer Hello Panda (Hello?! Of course!) because Hello Panda’s made of crunchy biscuit, while this is more pretzel-ish. The crust is sweetened, which i don’t quite like. The filling inside is addictive though. 😀




Yan Yan Cheese Cream

You know, the biscuit sticks and flavored dips, normally choco and strawberry flavored. I remember last time there was this local made one which has an extra compartment for some colorful rice pops. OMFC NOSTALGIC!!!666

And this one came in CHEESE FLAVOR!!!!

But, major disappointment.

Not only does the sticks taste completely soggy, the cream cheese dip was like… ewww. I didn’t finish it. Fuckaccino i ‘m feeling guilty now. I feel sorry for them. They are like so kesian! Cheese it. Everytime i throw something unfinished away i feel guilty. I think i have Sympathy-Disorder.


That’s why i tell you guys, don’t buy this, or you’ll feel guilty, like me.




Glico Cheese Pretz

Pretzel sticks with a coat of cheese powder.

Love the small individual packings! They should have called it cheese and herbs though, cuz the herb flavorings are a tad too overpowering. To borrow a quote from one Simon Cowell: “It’s good, but not great. Very forgettable.”


Toppo Cheese Stick



It’s thicker than Glico Pretz, because!! Instead of plain pretz sticks, they are actually sticks with hollow center filled with sweet cream cheese, just like Pucca.

The sticks are crunchy while the the filling is cheesily aromatic. Love it the most!


Have cheese.