Sorry Dory

March 24, 2007 in Cheesoron

Can’t say that i hate Manhattan Fish Market, but things just kinda screw up every time. It’s cursed in my life.

Very very upset over a plate of dory pasta i ended up not eating. AT ALL. Sorry Dory. Sorry TT. It was the first time i actually did something like this. Please forcheese me, won’t do it again. 🙁

And no you don’t need to understand this. I just had to let it out.



Cheesoron Season Lost… Count.

Sorry. Not in a good mood. Won’t wipe your ass up.

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28 responses to “Sorry Dory”

  1. naVICgaTOR says:

    Poor Dory, died for nothing…

  2. E-J says:

    o-o oh dears

    but the msn convo..

    is weird ass? o-o;; yikes

  3. cherylc says:

    I got a bar of cheesie chocolate….got it from france! dunno how it tastes like though…cheesie no mood…if eat d sure smile and happy ^^

    cheer up ya!

  4. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Cheer up Ringo! 🙂

  5. sheon says:

    How did he get into your list at the first place?………well….if there’s a will…..there’s always a way i guess……..

    Cheer up Cheesie!……I see you have Xerxes aka Gay God as your display pic…muahaha!

  6. lovegoddess says:

    o_O many type of weirdos in our crazy world o_O

  7. lovegoddess says:

    cheesie, its ok that you didnt touch the dory pasta.

    sometimes moods gets better of us .. we are only human 🙂

  8. ronnie says:

    That guy sounds like he’s a loser, and about 12 years old.

  9. Penny says:

    Oh gosh, this guy… Zen… He added me some time ago… He’s really insane and childish. very very childish. I blocked him in my MSN cos he always nudge me and say nothing. I seriously couldn’t take him being so childisn!!!! And just now i unblocked him and asked him “ehhh u chat with Ringo ah?” then he answered “wat is tat???” So i said “cheesie u know? He got kinda freaked out and asked me to let him know the blog address and also told me not to reveal his email address… Zen… Zen… Big boy already lorrrrr do something meaningful la… Cheesie… well done for posting this up, he should learn his lesson

  10. viviensiu says:

    O_O. dory died to become food, now it become rubbish instead of food.

  11. Someone says:

    O___O Poor Dory… Hate guys like Zen, annoying

  12. Dave63 says:

    Hold on, Zen needs to be warned about messing with cheesie: Penny post his e-mail or site address and everyone on cheesies list should send him a message to leave cheesie alone.

  13. jenkins says:

    u got lot of fans… =) can blame them a nice lass like urself sure has lots of admirers near or far

  14. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Sigh………Dori’s Sacrifice was for nothing, accpet of naurishing Cheesie with protein Dori is just gonna to trown away, how sad…….Cheesie you shouldn’t waste food, Fish are food Not friend =P….
    BTw the Zen guy, omg thats just really childish, cant believe he did that, That seriously sound like a 12 year old man……wonder how old is the kid….

  15. Penny says:

    Hahaha… Dave63, dare he mess with Cheesie but kiddo like this won’t understand

  16. blurcase says:

    mebbe he’s sad le…look at his nick…prolly his pet passed away…so he went psycho…*evil grin*

  17. Porkie says:

    He’s just yet another sad loser case.. been plenty of them bothering cheesie..
    No doubt if he found this site, he’d either flame cheesie or try somemore posting similar craps..

  18. amy says:

    poor zen, maybe he’s really only 13 or 15yrs old leh.

  19. tubz says:

    looks like u r being stalk by a donkey =)

  20. melc says:

    The conversation happened to me too! But the fella who added me did not ask me for my number. I was the one who asked for his/her(I don’t even know whether it’s a male or female) name but he/she refused to answer. And when I asked him/her to intro him/herself, he/she was like “I dunno leh. You teach me how.” So annoying.

  21. baby sa says:

    I encountered that kinda jerk before….
    they’re somewhat dumb

  22. leOnadE says:

    swt… -_-lll

  23. tubz says:

    u want my number ? hahahaha
    tonnes of weirdos out there.

  24. p says:

    was this kids email add ord_hyde@ _ .com?

    email back pls bc if what i think is true someones gonna get his ass laughed off.

  25. Blurry D says:

    OMG what a loser!!!!! He shall die faceless !!!! Good one!!!

  26. Hayabusa says:

    another blur blur guy who i think, dosen’t know that he’s blur… anyway, i’ve block him too if i added him, i’ve always against stupid guys who’s god-damn concern with face… hope he’ll die faceless for real, then he’ll get the lesson & learn not to be so face concern in his next life…

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