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Pun of the day:
Reality is sometimes more of a stranger than fiction


Peacock recommended Stranger Than Fiction, which i think is a good movie and worth watching because i always believe he has an excellent taste in movie selections. However this is an exception because he didn’t tell me soon enough for me to catch it while it was still showing in the cinemas. So i bought a DVD. Pirated.

The problem with buying pirat copyrightly-challenged DVDs, besides wobbly jelly pictures, random ghost shadows that float around, almost inaudible dialogs but extra loud laughs from an invisible audience, is, the fucckaccino subtitles, which will utterly ruin a good pirated DVD.


To demonstrate the level of potong-steamness it has caused, i’ve repeatplayingly, printscreenstakingly captured some scenes. Check out the subtitles. The actual script is in the dialog boxes.


When Kay Eiffel tries to convince her assistant that people have suicidal thoughts.


When Professor Jules Hilbert tries to analyze Harold’s situation.

And Harold says…




Does the idiot who did the subtitles actually understand English, maybe even a little bit? Has he or she actually watched the movie in the first place? Or just blindly jotted down whatever he/she hears while masturbating to hentai posters on the wall?! Because, who in this world who understands English, will think the captions actually make anyfreakingsense AT ALL?

It annoyed me so much i decided to change the subtitle from English to Chinese.

Which is, in fact, worse.

Does he/she, when doing subtitles in other languages (of course still masturbating), conveniently copy and paste whatever is translated from Babel Fish?

You think.


Moral of the story is, buy original DVDs. Period.

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34 responses to “Shititles”

  1. y.e says:



  2. gary says:

    i usually will ignore the subtittle when i’m watching “fan ban” dvd/vcds, or even choosing not to watch 1st until i’ve a chance to get the original one especially when u r watching a real good movie, it’s really worth to pay more.

  3. chairmanmeow says:

    guessing that they used a speech to text software to get the english text…

  4. Fishy says:

    lol i get tat a lot 2.. support originals! : P

  5. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Wow that just sucks, But hey you cant expect much from the cheap stuff now cant you?? at least its much better then the china made ones , which tranlates the pictures for you “YES” they replace the original actors and cut and paste chinese actors onto it and call the movie another name…..totally rediculous…………….

    But considering all this, many will still buy the pirated why?? cuz the original takes 3 months to release after the movie have been released………and they come at exorbident pricing………….(wouldn’t it be nice if they sell it for RM19.90?) SO there really isnt any way to fight piracy unless, the pricess of ori’s are lowerd and the DVD’s come out 3 weeks from release date in the theatres…………..
    Cioz and adios for now………….

    Signing off,
    You most
    FAN Boy

  6. serena says:

    I’ve seen some dvds wit stupidly translated english subtitles. The irony is the translator has got the most of the English spellings correct but will end up sounding moronish cuz the sentence he/she translates doesnt make any sense – kanasai..pandai pandai go change original dialouges. Come accross these dvds, i usually just turn the subtitles off – kenot tahan leh.

  7. Albert Ng says:

    OMG you got one with shititles! They make the movie a lot funnier than it is. I remember the Star Wars one. That must be a bigger hit.

    Get Borat. And turn off subtitles. 😀

  8. viviensiu says:

    wahahaha!!!! I think the best way to enjoy English movies is turn off all subtitles, just listen!

  9. Dave63 says:

    I never liked subtitles, I also am very picky as to who i buy a pirated dvd, I have a good contact and I get good picture and good sound, although sometimes somebody stands up in the middle of the movie and blocks my view, I usually shout for them to sit down and they do…Haha

  10. converse says:

    erm direct translation..?

    I’m sure even the pirated stuff can do it better, this is worse…

  11. naVICgaTOR says:


  12. sheon says:

    Thats why i ONLY buy pirated DVDs months after their release dates…….even if you buy cheap stuff, you can choose to buy quality cheap stuff mah…….. So far, i’d only bought original DVDs of Matrix Trilogy and LOTR (3rd instalment), coz i am convinced they deserved my hard earned money!!!

  13. eveningdrama says:

    罚款,罚款. HAO,SANXin!

  14. wowow says:

    cheesie english is good, but her chinese is good as !!

  15. Illusionx says:

    And I thought I’m the only one thinking that the subtitles shown in -pirated DVDs- don’t make sense at all. X= I was so busy tracking down every single spelling error that I ended up missing out the interesting bits of a movie.

  16. fAtt says:

    Those screwed up subtitles are usually pirated dvds from china. Should be i guess coz those dvd that my friend bought from shanghai are like i just turn off the subtitles =)

  17. kcin says:

    the subtitles doesn’t make any sense at all! O.O

    Subtitle: da subtles dozen make any sand at oh

  18. Passer-by says:

    The subtitles are meant for the hearing-impaired/native speaking DVD viewers. Despite of its technical error, they are enjoyed watching dramas and reading subtitles at the same time. They also don’t care about mistakes, bad English, or cheap DVDs – having subtitles in DVD are better than nothing. I understand that a pirated translator has hard time in catching up with the actors’ slow/fast speech and “unfamiliar” pronunciation while interpreting and captioning in different languages. In my point of view, I feel that it is the translator’s efforts to add the captions for the people who can not hear or are native speakers.

    If broken-language subtitles bothers any of you, I respect that you can turn it off. This is what I say.

  19. imolog says:

    i had been buying this kind of pirated dvd too.
    same thing happen like yours.

  20. Anna says:

    I hate those stupid subtitles on pirated DVDs. X.x and we should have a new category for posts with “shit” in the titles~ @_@

  21. zj says:

    and is on all of the pictures done on purpose or.. ? hehe.

  22. @lViN says:

    WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The subtitles are just killing me… ROFLMAO…

  23. cheesie says:

    chairmanmeow: Got such thing meh!!!666
    Albert: You la! Recommend la earlier!
    viviensiu: Hard to catch their accent la. I very the Maraysia one.
    Dave63: 😀 Cute.
    Converse: It IS pirated.
    Eveningdrama: Do i know you?
    Wowow: Good meh. Ma ma dei oni sial.
    Illusionx: Exactly. Damn sien right. Rather not watch.
    kcin: LOLOL.
    zj: Aiyo. Was in a rush ra.
    @lvin: Good comedy sia this movie.

  24. chairmanmeow says:

    cause there is, even comes with windows xp…just have to enable it.

  25. Paul says:

    Moral of the story is to get pirated without subtitles 😛

  26. sabrina says:

    hahaha.. hilarious…

  27. fariz says:

    hahaha!! that’s why.. don’t buy dvds.. download the movie!

    but anyway, personally i think that movie is good too. look for a better dvd then watch it lah

  28. mimi says:

    i buy dvd9’s, copy of the original dvds. those usually have the correct subtitles. just that they cost slightly more than the cheap cinema recorded kind. i guess gettin the originals are more worth it that way. but from where i come from, originals are kinda hard to find… >.

  29. Albert Ng says:

    I can’t remember if I’d asked you earlier. Hmmph. Next time I don’t racket man you any move me.

  30. Eric says:

    Ha , that’s why I’ve quit rushing for Jack Sparrow movie long time ago . The best is wait for the DVDrip , or if there’s no wait , cinema is the best . Else , be prepared to have the movie spoilt by the bad quality .

  31. Calvinsanity says:

    i didn’t know it has become an global thing…the other time i bought death note, something like that also…but i just thought i was unlucky to get a stupid interpreter…didnt expect it to happen to the majority of fakes nowadays…

  32. Shaz says:

    Heyy Cheesieee 😛

    Hehehe…we ought to do a class reunion la this year! its almost half a year since we graduated! I still remember that very day!

    Lets go for SWENSENS! 😛 … give me a call ya…


  33. PBL says:

    haha.I torrent them. DvdRip. Clear and good! 😉

  34. shmutz says:

    The last translation for chinese had me laughing for real. 😀

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