Pun of the day:
They should call Taiwan “Taihaowan” instead. Cuz it’s really “太好玩” 了。

Just 5 days away and it took me quite some effort to catch up with whatever i left behind.

204 mails!!!

Want meh. -_-|||

I shopped so much i ran out of cash and luggage space.

See! kung bu a not? Luckily my luggage has this emergency zipper thing that gives you more space to cram your stuff in. But do you think it’s possible to zip it up?

Yes, only if you do this.

The best Takoyaki in the world!

Takoyaki (章鱼烧) was the highlight of the entire trip. Three of us ate at least 40 Takoyaki balls. It was THAT NICE!

Takoyaki originated from Osaka. But i haven’t been to Japan to try the original one, so i’m saying that this is the best in the world. For now.

It’s called Ri Chuan. It has many branches (but they’re just small stalls). This one in Wufenpu is the bestestestest one.

They are so cheap!! RM3.50 for 6 Takoyakis!

Fresh tako sqaures.

Tako means octopus in Japanese and Yaki is “grill”. It is a dumpling made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, konnyaku, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver, and bonito flakes (fish shavings) and lotsssssssss of mayonnaise.

The mixture is poured into a frying pan made with hemispherical molds.

Then roll them into ping pong shapes.


Normally they will add some mustard and wasabi sauce to it.

Lots and lots and lots of Bonito flakes and a tad of chili powder. It’s strange though, so many seasonings of different nature are added to it, yet they just blend so wonderfully, which perfects the art of Yaki-ing the takos.

OMC so crispy on the outside and creamy inside! Seriously, forget about Takoyakis in KL. Forget the fancy fillings (chicken/ prawn/ even HAM and CHEESE, screw them!). EAT THE ORIGINAL TAKOYAKI!

Moaki was doubtful.

Just for 10 seconds.

We all are missing Takoyaki in Taipei already. 🙁