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April 17, 2007 in Bon Cheesepetit / Taiwan

Pun of the day:
They should call Taiwan “Taihaowan” instead. Cuz it’s really “太好玩” 了。

Just 5 days away and it took me quite some effort to catch up with whatever i left behind.

204 mails!!!

Want meh. -_-|||

I shopped so much i ran out of cash and luggage space.

See! kung bu a not? Luckily my luggage has this emergency zipper thing that gives you more space to cram your stuff in. But do you think it’s possible to zip it up?

Yes, only if you do this.

The best Takoyaki in the world!

Takoyaki (章鱼烧) was the highlight of the entire trip. Three of us ate at least 40 Takoyaki balls. It was THAT NICE!

Takoyaki originated from Osaka. But i haven’t been to Japan to try the original one, so i’m saying that this is the best in the world. For now.

It’s called Ri Chuan. It has many branches (but they’re just small stalls). This one in Wufenpu is the bestestestest one.

They are so cheap!! RM3.50 for 6 Takoyakis!

Fresh tako sqaures.

Tako means octopus in Japanese and Yaki is “grill”. It is a dumpling made of batter, diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, konnyaku, and green onion, topped with okonomiyaki sauce, green laver, and bonito flakes (fish shavings) and lotsssssssss of mayonnaise.

The mixture is poured into a frying pan made with hemispherical molds.

Then roll them into ping pong shapes.


Normally they will add some mustard and wasabi sauce to it.

Lots and lots and lots of Bonito flakes and a tad of chili powder. It’s strange though, so many seasonings of different nature are added to it, yet they just blend so wonderfully, which perfects the art of Yaki-ing the takos.

OMC so crispy on the outside and creamy inside! Seriously, forget about Takoyakis in KL. Forget the fancy fillings (chicken/ prawn/ even HAM and CHEESE, screw them!). EAT THE ORIGINAL TAKOYAKI!

Moaki was doubtful.

Just for 10 seconds.

We all are missing Takoyaki in Taipei already. 🙁

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  1. qi(4) si(3) ren(2) says:


  2. wah… so delicious ~~

  3. oh wait. i commented on the older post instead -___-”
    paiseh x)

  4. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I’ve eaten the original TAKOYAKI when I visited Hong Kong last time too.Yummy,yummy,yummy! 🙂

  5. Taihaowan” “太好玩” 了~hahaha, i like i like, good one!

  6. my 1st takoyaki was in monash australia campus – it tastes so good, until i tried the real one in Nagoya and Osaka =p I love the flakes on top very much (they put that on top of udon, fried rice too yum!). when i told my nihongjin friends about the prepacked takoyaki on campus they will say “takoyaki can only be served hot” XD

    cant wait to see your taiwan trip pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw. what is the takeshi face doing there =p

  7. and btw, u guys must love takoyaki so much – i can only eat like 5 in a go =p

  8. wahhh…good to know you’re enjoying yourself whilst shopping for our costumes 🙂 kekekekkek 🙂

    the takoyaki looks absolutely scrumptious !! 🙂

  9. wah… takoyaki…. but anybody know where to get cheese fondue in kl? hartamas’ fondue house is gone….. :'(

  10. Why you said original? Original is in Osaka, not Taiwan… please don’t make judgement about that until go to Osaka hehe…

    Okonomiyaki sauce… I miss that sauce very much…
    And I miss Hiroshima okonomiyaki~

    Thanks for post and welcome home^^

  11. 240 Mails wow, Do you answer them all? XOXO”S

  12. OMC…..Sliva come out….I am going next year…..CANT wait ald….Cheesy where is the location of the best takoyaki…this stall…?

    PS: Moaki is cute…..sweet….

  13. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I think Cheesie’s original means octopus. 🙂

  14. the KL one odi make me drool….. cannot imagine how good the taiwan takoyaki is like…. *drools more*

  15. oh ya… how come the “ri chuan” pic got takeshi kaneshiro’s face? -___-””’

  16. Now who is the sexy guy closing your bag? Nice forearms.

  17. naVICgaTOR says:

    Sexy guy? Takeshi Kaneshiro?

  18. Japan’s takoyaki is superb .. much bigger and better than M’sia, I’ve just tried it last week !! Hmm, but it somehow looks the same with those you bought in Taipei .. other than it’s packed in box made out of bamboo, lol

  19. for a moment i was taken aback when i saw the second picture with the muscular forearm…
    then i realize it might not be yours…

  20. I love takoyaki alot, but had never taste the original’ or super yummy one yet!

  21. Yea i noticed that too vivien. The “Ri Chuan” stall has a photoshopped face of him in the picture =_= I immediately noticed something wrong with it, as the tone of the skin color was so different

  22. wow, now i know what navicgator meant, interesting!

  23. Oh gosh! HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED the takoyaki when I was in wufenpu?
    Anyway, I love Taipei very much too where I can shop for cosmetics , skincare products and fashion fashion….clothes…shoesssssss….Gosh,I miss taipei!

  24. cheesie! u met takeshi while waiting for your takoyaki ah? Hahahaha. How come din mention wan? :p

  25. wahh, you made it sounds like its damn delicious -_-

    btw, err, isit my line or the site?
    the password is yet to send to my email after for so LONG. hmm
    cant comment yet.

  26. Wah……. moaki so pretty ar?

  27. CheesieFanBoy says:

    I want taokyaki tooooooooo……………cheesie STOP hogging all the cheese toppings plsssssss hahaha =P

    But w0w cheesie you really do redifine the term shop till you drop >.

  28. I haven’t Takoyaki before. After reading ur entry, will try it next time

  29. errrr… your tokoyaki photo make me and my gf feel wanted to eat now…..
    =.=”.. some more now is early morning… if breakfast can eat tokoyaki.. you say how nice leh.. =D

  30. i love takoyaki too!!! but i can hardly find them around k.l.!! 🙁

    anyways, i hope to see you there at bond, avenue k this saturday! bring your friends along and have an unforgettable affair with us! 😀

  31. Long time ago, Jaya Jusco Mid Valley sell them. Now dunno mana pergi.

  32. Mid Valley still sell takoyaki at a stall in between of the shop where they sell alchohol and La Boheme bread shop.

  33. aznpunkprincss says:

    hey like omg the food looks so so good i wanna try it so badly…. i love cheesy!!!!!

  34. Whoa. been wanting to find the halal ones. mmmm

  35. Yeah, I enjoy the empty pools, too. I remember in Singapore we had this altubosely amazing pool behind our friend’s condo – just me and my wife were using it. Twice a day and all alone. :-)On the other hand, the western excessive tanning fad is even more silly than the Taiwanese “no ray of sunlight shall reach my skin” approach. Skin cancer is not such a great idea either. I think there’s a happy middle somewhere.

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