I love Taipei too.

April 19, 2007 in Cheese-offs

Taiwanese girls are freaking pretty.

Quoting TT: “One big signboard fall down can crush 20 leng luis.” Seriously. 70% of them are of model quality. 30% of them are as pretty as Jolin Tsai. Why liddat??!

Moaki, TT and I were so busy looking around on the streets. It’s like, the amount of chun chicks are already worth our air tickets. Kiki kept looking at the aunties, and kept telling me that they are damn fair and have damn smooth skin. TT teased her that people tend to observe others of the same age. Wahaha.

But really, I can’t help but admire Taiwanese girl’s fashion sense. They put on the right amount of make-up, wear the “big eye” lenses, have their lashes extended and their hair styled to a flawless perfection. Every one of them! I wonder how long it takes them to apply and remove make up every day. For me to dress like one of them, i need to waste at least 3 hours a day. Where got so free!

Kiki and I were shamefully jealous. Why can’t we have their impeccable smooth skin and dress like we just walked out of a Japanese comic? They wear funky tops with a furry coat and mini skirt. And SUPER SEXY knee length boots! Try wearing that in KL and you just turn yourself into a hooker instantly. OMC why does it make such a big difference?

I have been wondering for so long. What did they do to make themselves so pretty? Make-up? Sense of good fashion? Plastic surgery? Or are they really natural beauties? Are they inheriting better genes in Taiwan? I can’t seem to debunk the myth.

A Taiwanese girlfriend (big time clubber) came to KL. I asked if she enjoyed clubbing here more than in Taipei. She said, “It’s fun, but i’m surprised the girls here are soooooooo casual. They wear like they’re going downstairs to tapao roti canai.”


Why can’t girls wear like that in KL? (Okay, blame Malaysian weather!) If only 20% of Malaysian girls knew how to dress as tasteful (TASTEFUL, okay) and fashionable as Taiwanese girls, Malaysia would be 20% more beautiful. I’m serious! Part of the reason why Taipei is so beautiful is because their girls are so pleasant to the eyes. Seriously, looking at random pretty girls is the best itinerary in Taiwan.


I actually think it’s not our girl’s fault. Not that we DON’T KNOW how to make ourselves pretty. But we CAN’T. Just putting on a few extra vanity kit and we get comments like “OMG she’s from another planet” or “OMG she’s soooooooo OTT” or “OMG her make up is like a monkey’s backside” or “Urgh. Slut”.

Just trying to make oneself feel good by dressing up and they say “OMG wear so nice for what, we’re just going out for dinner!” So when exactly do we wear nicely, hello? To your grandpa’s friend’s funeral? Apart from your wedding day, your prom night and press conference for your new album, i can’t think of any occasion to doll ourselves up. Then the nice dresses how? SELL IN WARDROBE LA. Why do we need a reason and occasion for being pretty?! Taiwanese girls dress up like a super start AT WORK EVERYDAY!

Tell us how?!? Some crazy people can’t accept the fact that girls are born VAIN. It’s a norm to be humble here. The more low profile the better, lest being called a hooker. And because of this, i’m trained to be so lazy. Just slip on my loose T shirt and a hundred-year-old jeans and i’m out shopping. DISASTER! Or maybe the guys in KL are damn selfish. They want their girlfriends to look ugly and unattractive to other male species.

Some people say, comfort is the key. How about “comfortable and pretty”? Let me repeat, GIRLS ARE VAIN. We need to be pretty to be confident to be happy. They say again. “You can be pretty can confident by being natural (read: no make-up) and wear comfortable”. Try saying that to Jolin Tsai and see if she feels comfortable.


I was about to grab that pair of sexy purple boots. But gave up when i thought of this. 🙁


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52 responses to “I love Taipei too.”

  1. Penny says:

    My friend just came back from Taipei and the same thing she told “the girls there are damn chun!!!%#@%$^” Really THAT chun??? But you are right also, imagine you wear boots with make up and fashionable kind of clothes… Wahhh wear so nice go dinner ah? (canto)

    Or if you wear a bit more sexy, the whole world will look at you -.-”


  2. xy says:

    why no pretty girls’ pics ?

  3. aud says:

    I heard Taiwanese girls are damn hot too but when I went to Taipei last month I thought all of them looked pretty Malaysian! The only hot ones were those I saw at clubs and I thought maybe its cos its too dark to see properly there. =.=

    I think girls in Japan, TW and HK all dress up but differently. Maybe I’m just too used to seeing Japanese fashion to like TW fashion as much?

    But you’re right about the dressing up in Msia la. I don’t care, I’m still going to wear all my ah lian clothing when I get back to KL *looks off determinedly into distance wtf

  4. pixxy says:

    i think its the weather n the society la..i mean..c’mon la…our country consisted of a big population of muslims…so its not appropriate to dress up so nicely/sexily…later they’ll start blaming us for rape cases…n its also the ppl themselves…so “sua gu”…dress up a bit they will look n look like there’s no tmrw…pls la…be more civilized…

  5. doreen says:

    I think the impeccable skin really has something to do with the weather and environment and genes also lar. As for doll-ing up ourselves, just don’t care what ppl think and what ppl say lor. Just dress like you are a celebrity to yourself and be proud of it! Those who comments so much is because they jealous lar! (^_^)

  6. raven says:

    Haha, you prolly went clubbing. Tons of hot women there! I do however find fashion here a bit too out-there. Personally prefer the simpler styles of Singaporeans than the Taiwanese style (a mix of Korean, Japanese, and whatnots) a bit too messy with velvet, ribbons, flowers and lace. But to each their own. It’s a hit and miss thing.

    Show the guys some pics! Am sure they’ll appreciate it! 🙂

  7. milkymiao says:

    when I was in Taipei, I’d make sure I had my mascara ,lipgloss and blusher on my vain face. and I dreesssssed up nicely before I stepped out of my hotel.heehee. I was so happy, no one will think you’re alien, but in msia, they will stare, but most of the time, I dont care.I miss the winter in Taipei, esp when I could wear the boots.Gosh,I reallllllly misssssss TAIPEI!

  8. clement says:

    The percentage of taiwanese guy cheat on their girl,劈腿very high le…..is it becoz the girl too pretty making the guy there hard to become loyal? Taipei really a lot leng lui la….watch their drama,show already know. Cheesie din take pretty girl’s pic?

  9. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Taiwan got leng lui but our Miss Cheesie also very leng lui lar………………….more leng lui then most of em………….
    Taiwan they tend to make up more is becuz of the wheather…….they get to dress up is because of the culture there accept it.
    But here………..We prefer ah lian’s and ah bengs………cuz more natural?? =_=”

  10. tiff says:

    It is TRUE that Taiwanese chicks are really well-dressed..

    why oh why arent we like that 🙁

  11. jaded says:

    I totally agree. I’m not very pretty, but when I do dress up then I get STARES. Not the kind of flattering ‘hey that girls pretty’ kinda stare, but the ‘just look at her dressing up like that to come here’ kinda stare.

    It kinda kills the confidance.

    Anyway, you’re pretty enough =D

  12. sugar says:

    it is the macro environment that effected the wardrobe culture, like what pixxi mentioned…
    that’s why when i go clubbing i am very often the center of attention, as it is almost the only time i have the full reason to doll up myself and have no hesitation to go wild…

  13. naVICgaTOR says:

    Taiwanese chicks are freaking pretty…
    Malaysian chicks are pretty freaking…

    Malaysian chicks: the more low profile the better…
    Taiwanese chicks: the more low cut the better… muahahaha

  14. new yorker says:

    Of course. The taiwanese girls are comfortable with a variety of clothes and make up because of nice weather in TW.

  15. GuoShyang says:

    cheesie! u on i feel ads nail prints! haha.. u look freaking good !

  16. Sean Saw says:

    Why isn’t there any pictures of taiwanese girls? how can u proof it without pics?

  17. Thanis says:

    Culture plays a big role in how a society portrays beauty. It’s just like the food in Taiwan; very competitive. Taiwan is also competitive in terms of looks – so if one doesn’t try hard enough to impress, then they are left behind as the swakoo or nerds.

    However, if society is that superficial, I pity the girls over there. So what if most of them are pretty, I cant imagine how it must feel to haf to spend so much time (and money) on their looks and worse off, guys have more choice of lengluis, harder for them to be loyal.

    I think Malaysian girls will be glad that they don’t have to look ultra pretty to feel good and be content. And there wont be too much competition. In a way, it’s a win-win situation for the women of Malaysia. (but maybe not for the guys la)

    I’ll rather a girl spends more time enjoying her life than spend countless hours on their looks. Life shouldnt be that superficial.

  18. Paul says:

    Not only Taiwan actually. You should see the gals in Thailand! Enough to make me turn straight. And some of the pretty ones aren’t even women!

  19. sha says:

    So it is true. One of my guy friends just came back from Taiwan and he could not stop raving about the girls. To the point where I thought his drool was gonna drip down his china nd soak his shirt. I thought maybe he was exaggerating and was inclined to think it it was just due to the fact that he hadn’t got any for awhile…lol :p
    but coming from a girl, theni guess it must be true.

  20. Savahn says:

    Referring to Thanis:

    “However, if society is that superficial, I pity the girls over there.”

    Refer to Jaded.

    Compare a society that judges, condemns and castigates with a positive result (Taiwan – pretty gals with confidence and some measure of happiness for the limited few) against a society that judges condemns and castigates with a negative result (Malaysia – labels of “slut”, “whore” and “asking for it”). Pardon, but I much prefer a society that lets our fairer half dress the way they want and respect them for it.

    Besides, even as a guy, I know my gal pals enjoy being pretty, irregardless of how many hours or whatnot spent.

    As for why gals are prettier in Taiwan, my guess is the weather. The warm Malaysian weather promotes oily skin which does lead to certain skin conditions. Cooler weather also allows one to wear more fashions. And I wonder about their diet too having never lived there.

  21. how come dont hav any pics ler?? hot must hav proof mah hahaha…anywayz u look great..

  22. Annie says:

    i agree to everybody else that this entry does not worth a cheese for it has no pix of pretty girls!

  23. Thanis says:

    Savahn – It’s worse over here in Brunei than Malaysia. The social stigma of the girls looking too pretty for casual occasions is very strong. I personally think Malaysia is quite reasonable and balanced.

    I have to agree that weather conditions might play a role to an extent but don’t taiwan have hot days as well and so does Australia, but their girls dress up well too.

  24. lynn.wabbit says:

    I’d say, “Blame it all on the weather!”
    But it’s true!

  25. malibu says:

    i’m sorry but what are big eye lenses?

  26. adz says:

    yessss i agree with u! we malaysians should start dressing up nicely and accept all types of different sense of style ! =D

  27. AK Tan says:

    jolin tsai is plastic woman. does not qualify to be called pretty. ahahha… but i like her… she is hot..

  28. Annie says:

    jolin tsai is not plastic lah. or is she?

  29. lavender says:

    Yes, i totally agree. Actually i would love to dress up braeutifuly, but too bad…Whenever i try to dress nice, people will stare at me as if i am a slut!

  30. Lina says:

    Hey, post up some nice pics la… =_=

  31. Moses Chong says:

    I concurr.. where are the pics!! we need proof that they are drool worthy!


    wooooot woooot.

  32. […] Cheeserland is visiting Taiwan with her friends and she can’t stop admiring Taiwanese girls. “But really, I can’t help but admire Taiwanese girl’s fashion sense. They put on the right amount of make-up, wear the “big eye” lenses, have their lashes extended and their hair styled to a flawless perfection. Every one of them! I wonder how long it takes them to apply and remove make up every day. For me to dress like one of them, i need to waste at least 3 hours a day. Where got so free!” Share This […]

  33. lilyszn says:

    lolx..i agree..its impossible to doll up in m’sia..especially in the town i live in..haizz..dress u lid the leng luis in taiwan, will get stares n comments..tink we are slut o sumtin…silly ppl..really so old fashioned minded..try to dress up like taiwanese style one time, n got stalk by a hamsap guy..=.=”..luckily din happen anything..just follow follow only..so, guess we can only stick to our ‘casual’ clothes..kolian..tata^^…nice blog cheesie..n u r pretty enuf..;)

  34. Cheryl "da Rascal" Chow says:

    We girls shall group up and dress nice nice one day and go shopping together!
    I have 2 dresses lying in my wardrobe not being able to come out just because I don’t know when to wear them! Later wear, people will stare at me like i overdressed.


  35. curious says:

    hahaha…even god need gold to look good,(its a chinese saying ok)
    so by all means girls dress up nice nice… with no hesitant!

  36. shiody says:

    it’s takeshi, for goodness sake

  37. James says:

    Yea i think taiwanese girls are the best looking asian girls on the planet. but you should check out the taiwanese girls born in the usa! they look even better.. bitchy though

    Hey, you look pretty cute yourself.. haha have fun

  38. abraxis says:


    Yup. Will be going back to Taipei soon.

    Food is good. Girls look good and dress well. Like our Cheesie!

  39. Lainie says:

    Let me repeat, GIRLS ARE VAIN. We need to be pretty to be confident to be happy. They say again. “You can be pretty can confident by being natural (read: no make-up) and wear comfortable”. Try saying that to Jolin Tsai and see if she feels comfortable.

    ahem….ringo….not everyone needs to rely on a certain standard of looks to be comfortable, or confident 🙂

  40. KJ says:

    First of all, I’m a guy. Wait, wait wait, let me explain more before you take your parang and try to kick me out…I’m posting from Canada. I was just randomly searching on youtube and i saw Jolin Tsai’s music video, then the first comment i saw on that video was (pardon my language) “slut”. So i googled “jolin tsai slut” and i reached this blog…hahaha…so strange…When i saw the malaysian style english, i know it’s either malaysia or singapore liao…muahahahaha…miss malaysia so much. I moved to Canada from KL 1.5 years ago. Anyway, about this leng lui and taiwan thing… wei, there is no restriction that a guy cannot come to this site, right? Okay, i personally think that all those taiwanese stars look like beauty dolls.. all so cute and pretty… i guess i have to agree that they all make up lah.. Same here in Canada, almost all girls also make up, very few girls wear lose shirts like you girls do to buy roti canai… I think it’s a culture and political thing lor… you know la, conservatism mah… if you wear too revealing, other people jealous, don’t like… this la, that la…and then you get bad reputation. But if you really dress nicely, NOT sexy, you will actually appeal better, either to friends, employers, etc. So, don’t need to wear sexy clothes like mini skirts, just wear a nice pair of jeans with maybe a joyful-coloured t-shirt, and keep the hair nice !!! Most importantly, keep it all simple and “chun”, dont’ look like tom-boy la… Miss everyone in Malaysia sooo much !!!!

  41. tomcat says:

    HAHA I really enjoyed your blog. YOu wrote it so well. I felt I was THERE with you. !

    you are very cute too!!! And your friends too!

  42. Seung says:

    taiwanese girls are the sluttiest girls on earth. the best whores are made in taiwan!

  43. rexyli says:

    i know i’m posting my comment a lil late, but can’t help it. i do think that weather and climate play a part on one’s skin. i mean i used to live in europe and had clear and smooth complexion, that when i returned home (malaysia), the locals mistook me for a korean. oh well…i miss winter season. i do notice that gals in taiwan have better complexion and fashion sense (from tv and magz). how about the guys there? are they as self-concious and vain as the gals there?

  44. abhijit says:

    ya u people are right the girls are really hot.

    there dressing sense, confidence very high quality.

    I think there genes have gifted them such a beuty.

    and the environment has build there confidence.

  45. Airwolf says:

    Although Taiwanese girls have a fairer complexion due to the weather or/and genes, and have less reason to hide their skin, Malaysian girls have more prominent facial features and more sophistication in their looks. Plus, I think Malaysian girls would fare better if makeup and dressing were standardized or minimized…

  46. Taiwan Gal says:

    I think it’s the genes (70%) + living standards (30%). The former: most taiwanese people have aboriginal ancestry 86% of the pop or something – leading to bigger eyes, etc etc and more genetic diversity. Plus taiwan is sorta melting pot = hakka, “mainland”, hokkien and aboriginal.

    The latter: more girls getting into taking care of themselves and having more money to do so.

  47. Taiwan Gal says:

    p.s. ‘Big Eye’ lenses are those that make your cornea look bigger. I find that some girls look really creepy with them on!

  48. tw girl says:

    hot taiwan girls only visible in nightclubs like luxy , xaga …

  49. sarah says:

    you got a beautiful sweet pink blog like you 🙂

  50. taiwanese chick says:

    haha it’s in our genes, check out taiwan’s history on wikipedia or something, then you’ll understand why tw chicks are so pretty. we have dutch, native, jap blood too. the dutch ruled tw for a while, oh and 85% of the population has native blood, including moi. thats why i have really large eyes. most people are a mix of native, han and dutch

  51. tommy says:

    Computex show every year is a place to check out some nice looking TW meimei


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