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Few days ago, i gave birth to a baby.

It was so scary!!!

Maybe i’ve heard too much from those who have kids. They say when you deliver, your peepeepoopoo comes out together while you squeeze the baby out from your womb.

My poo actually came out!!!! then the nurse told me the baby popped out.

OMC! I have a baby! He (yea a baby boy) looks very ugly. I was so scared! What should i do? Funny, instead of thinking how to dispose of the baby what to do with the baby, i started thinking of naming him. I was thinking that Ocean is a great name (then if he’s after my surname, which a lot of people pronounce as “Ten”, he will be Ocean 10). Maybe when i give birth to my next child, i wanna name him/her River. I love that name!

It’s so difficult to decide a name for your baby. Then your hubby’s surname plays a big part! If your hubby’s surname is Tan, tak kan you call your child “Ben Tan” or “Gyu Tan“. Then if the surname is 吴, ho ho ho, jalat. You can’t exactly name him anything nice, say, 大志, because then it becomes 无大志.

I know someone who knows someone by the surname “Chew” and last name “Wing Gum”. Wahaha!

So have to name properly one! Very fan.





After that, I WOKE UP.


And was extremely troubled by this bizzarre dream. Where the hell did that come from?!

I told Gouda (name cheesified to protect identity) about the dream and he gave me this book.

OMC i remember that book! When i was young, my aunty uses it a lot and called it the “picture book”.

For those of you who dunno hor, this is a book for you to refer whenever you have a vivid dreams about certain things/people/objects, and WANT TO GET RICH.

It has thousands of small, badly-drawn images attached with a set of numbers, for you to buy Toto later (not being biased and leave Damacai and 3D Magnum out, but thats what people normally say la!). Omcomc so nostalgic. Gouda asked to me search for the picture of “giving birth” and buy that number!

Then i flipped through the book lo. It’s so hilarious! How on earth did they compose a book like that?

Temikai!! Lu mau pigi yalan yalan sambil makan temikai?

Whoa and they refer “prostitute” as “perempuan jahat”!

Haha chickens and ducks mating. Who the cheese will dream of that?

I think this is the very new edition. The old old one we had last time even had sex organs!


Selling Milo and Ovaltine! OMG so old school. They should update the book with more canggih shit, like Mocha Blended, Oreo Cheesecakes and oh, blogging, online proposal and stuff. 😀

So at the end of the day Gouda helped me buy the numbers!






The moral of the blog post is, don’t ever gamble. And don’t take your dreams seriously.


P/S: The cute baby is Ah See’s baby dotter Zhi Kei, a Labour Day baby! Normally newborns are very ugly like ET. But she’s one of the cutest newborn i’ve seen! 🙂

25 responses to “Baby”

  1. Drop-by says:

    This isn’t a spam, thought I’d point out that it’s 4D Magnum, not 3D 😉

  2. ronin says:

    Mmmmnn … I wonder what type of person will dream of ‘ayam berkasih’. Must be sumting wrong sumwhere. LOL. Wonder who is the author? Must give prize for extreme creativity!

  3. kcin says:

    why is there a brand difference in the menjual part? (milo, ovaltine, koko) if wanna name all da brands mai dictionary size also not enough? same with the berkasih part, where’s the dog, cat, etc.?

  4. Cheryl "da Rascal" Chow says:

    Name your child “Rambo”.

    Rambo Tan.

  5. -SheeNA- says:

    My grandma had that book…
    Damn funny, in the morning after breakfast start flipping to find numbers =.=…

  6. sheon says:

    Congrats to your fren…… fren also gave birth to my god-daughter not 3 months ago. newborns look like sourplums……but gosh aren’t they the most gorgeous little creatures in this world?!

    Coming back to your entry……gambling is no good….no good…..heheheh………so far uncle lim only owes me rm50 from 6 games on the bacarat table.thats all….hahahah……toto lar..magnum lar…..i dun buy one….unless its js to tumpang excitement in a office pool or something.

    hahaha…ayam/itik berkasih also got number……..sigh…gamblers gamblers….sigh

  7. wahahahaha…i had even more weird dreams but i always cant remember most of them..although there was one time i dreamt my dad asked me to drive his junk 4 wheel drive to what number can represent that wor??

  8. viviensiu says:

    so what is the number you bought? =P

  9. lix says:

    i damn terasa for this post T3T

    like cheesie giving me a lecturer on buying 4 digit number.

    hai…. eh, my grandmother appeared in our dreams and gave us 4 digit number, tiok 2nd prize lerh


  10. speearr says:

    lol this brings back memories…i remember seeing a book like this when i was a kid in someone’s house lol…..

  11. dave63 says:

    Whoooooooooa. You almost had me Tan, You with a baby, go on. Did you wake up sweating or Happy? Remeber our dreams come from our sub-conceous. You probably have a want for a baby but fear of delivery or caring for him/her. BTW no baby is ever ugly, they are all beautiful. You will probably love him/her to death and it will be a very happy cheesette.

    Love you Tan

  12. angelyn says:

    ‘peepeepoopoo comes out …’ hahaha…very funny the way u described. what i’ve heard is dif, the nurse wld gave u the enema (a liquid tht is put into ur rectum in order to clean out bowels), so tht peepeepoopoo thingy wldnt happen lah.

  13. lin says:

    believe it or not, i hv a friend by the name of 东

  14. lin says:

    sorry for the error… fren’s name is juz one word~统,n his surname is 范!

  15. Monkey Wong says:

    Alamak, thought that’s ur baby, how can so fast…
    Phew~ Just dream 😛

  16. howzan says:

    haha my mom used to have one of those book..but she have one which is monochrome. pink pages with black ink. same picture of tua pek kong though.

  17. adrien z says:

    those books should be sold at bookstores, under the “humour” category. would be a great addition to “the far sides” and “lat”. hilarious! thanks for the well needed laugh.

  18. pmc says:

    Lottery, it’s like processed Cheese, dreams of becoming a real cheese 🙂

  19. Rose says:

    i’ve seen that book before when I was a little girl.. hahahah…

  20. CheesieFanBoy says:

    LOL you almost had me there , I thought that I have lost my chance ^^ , but lucky that it was just a dream hohoho if it was not then then you would have sent me into depressionT_T for quite a long time kekeke…………
    But serious arrr dreams also can predict numbers arr??? lolx check out perempuan jahat hahahaha funny………….
    What if ppl dream of leleki jahat instead got or not arr?? -__-lll

  21. xyz says:

    to dream of giving birth is a sign of fresh beginnings or a major upcoming event.

  22. Albert Ng says:

    Hurry up let’s mate and we retire on our good-looking childrens’ fortunes!

  23. Jackie says:

    HHhmmmm funny. I just saw a similar post at Also got 3 digit numbers. I wonder who copied who? or just conincidence. Good stuff anyway~!

  24. lin says:

    Coincidence do happen, thats how u strike a jackpot…inspired? go for it.

  25. Paul says:

    Hey you’d be surprised that book does work – or at least my grandma seems to strike all the time. I think it needs some weird interpretation.

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