May 26, 2007 in Cheesellaneous

Note: I cannot emphasize enough that this post bears no malice in any way to the person featured.

I just, as a girl, feel that you should be aware that hamsuplows are everywhere and it is very easy for you to be a target of crazy stalkers and the next thing you know you’re being featured in forwarded emails with the title “P**** Peek” circulating around the world.

Yea. I saw whatever underneath.

This proves how easy it is to snap a photo without your knowing. And they won’t block your face out.

Girls, if you want to wear mini skirt, make sure you don’t sit so 粗鲁ly and wear panties that provide enough coverage!

Everyone has their careless moments. Just be alert whenever you can. Please.

28 responses to “Exposed”

  1. Pikachu says:

    good post…

    new ham sap lou out there… careful when u see cheesie out there… she might take ur pic without u knowing

  2. passingby says:

    haha! i know where the photo is taken!! SS2 right?

  3. Loong says:

    That’s nasty!

  4. jaz says:

    haha .. i was thinking it is SS 2 too .. how you eat ah cheesie after seeing that ..

  5. Cozzie says:

    I think the more pressing issue is the supposed unfeminine way of sitting. Really, stalking is overrated, there are other way(read friendster/myspace) to stalk and other more int and enough porn for anything, anyone and anywhere.

    Sure there is a chance but it’s really over blown.

  6. pikachu says:

    ss2, the one beside kayu mamak right??
    girls out there, careful when u go ss2 for a meal, wear jeans instead of skirt
    beware of cheesie

  7. pmc says:

    a cheesie upskirt moment LOL

  8. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Hmm,I was thinking,wat if she was one of the cheeserlanders,must be very paiseh ler…

  9. mimi says:

    one time i saw this woman wearing a miniskirt with fluorescent green panties.
    I tried to look away… but it was just. SO. Eye-catching!!!!


  10. VaLz says:

    lol. And on escalator too.

  11. kcin says:

    haiya, aunty picture also wanna take…

  12. Justin says:

    Errr…nothing to see wat. If u frequent clubs, there’s more on display than that.

    But seriously, if someone snapped that picture and sent it as a “horny” picture, just bad taste lar.

  13. -SheeNA- says:

    *rolls eyes*
    The guys at my school do that to fat ladies at the pasar malam stalls too =.=…
    Nothing better to do…

  14. CraSH says:

    yikes!! the first picture reminds me of your “chap fan” post.. haha..
    yeah some girls doesnt do it on purpose, but some hot girls will flaunt it just because she can… it happened to me at barnes and nobles just yesterday, haha.. but she was a cute med student which i eventually got to know.
    do cheese do that to get attention? hmmm…. i guess only her friends will be able to tell… haha

  15. Boon Kheng says:

    She has stated that the photos bear no malice for the person featured, so the real issue is not about cheesie doing it for her own gain. Indeed, she proved that with one camera is enough to do the damage!

    If a girl wanna feature her fluorescent panty, like what mimi have said, go ahead then let her do it. It’s her business after all!

    I like to take candid shots and who knows *such a scene ended up in the picture. JUST keep it to myself!!- so bad woh…. but not worse lah =P

  16. Noto says:

    cheeser~ dun worry… nobody would wanna snap a pic of 28 inch lap~ remind me of eason’s song~ 哇~ 成廿八吋大睥!

  17. meow says:

    thanks for sharing~

    aiks, really hav to be careful next time~

  18. Rose says:

    Cheesie, thanks for sharing.. sometimes we just don’t realise how ‘unlady’ we are till someone tells us so.

    I used to see sth similar too o_O

  19. Alex says:

    I remember that ladies behind that woman. The place obviously is SS2.
    All this happened all the while without unnoticed. Some girls do purposely switching legs now and then for attention. I am sorry if offended but it is the truth.

    Guys hold your breath!

  20. sheon says:

    not only down south my dear female frens…………….becareful of your tops too……….

  21. CheesieFanBoy says:

    I have to agree that some girls do it for the attention I mean they would wear mini skirts and switch crossing legs with big movements. No offence I didnt say all just some, and to other if you wanna dress short or transparent , do know your venue, if you must go to mamak after clubbing or any function, at least bring a sweater along to cover up its not that hard is it?? Besides it gets cold anyways so you might as well -__-lll

    Ringo chang didn’t know you have this sort of hobby leh………….must be more aware liao , who know after I find my pic on cheeserland for wearing a singlet?? hahaaha =P

  22. Stalker-san says:

    Cheesie’s panties…….hmmmmm……..

  23. AndrewNg says:

    although i am a guy myself,but i dislike when girls don’t act like how girls should act,especially sitting so rudly,like in the

    but its a very good post indeed cheesie!
    A reminder got the girls out there to sit properly.ahha

  24. Pikachu says:

    sigh, i miss chap fan…

  25. Illusionx says:

    don’t even mention how girls/women sit outside… the students at my previous school (all-girl) can’t even sit properly in the exam hall. -.- We always received complaints from the teachers and principal. fortunately, i’m not one of them. mwahahahah.


  26. Boon Kheng says:

    Illusionx, open coffee shop for male invigilators in your school!! If they’re lucky of course =)

  27. nightmare says:

    luckily you censored that out with a question mark and otherwise i’ll be puking right now…. hamsap-lui.

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