Best Signboard for a Yong Tau Foo shop

June 19, 2007 in Just Punny


Perfect spokesperson spokesfish.




Why do they keep doing THIS!!!

It’s traumatizing. Not to mention ironic.


Fish 1: Hey! That chili bolster of yours, cool man.
Fish 2: Yea? I love it too! It’s so delicious looking i can’t help nibbling on it every night. But it sorta burns my lips. >_<
Fish 2: Aiks, i cannot tahan spicy.
Fish 1: Don’t worry! It also comes in eggplant, lady’s finger, wanton and bitter gourd shapes.
Fish 1: *squeezes bolster* Warao so soft, what’s the stuffing made of?
Fish 2: Oh, it’s fish paste nia, made of my dad, my uncles and my younger brothers. Nice huh?

Ok sexist. Make the guys do the hard work!!! Even if it means turning themselves into fish puree! WAHAHAH.

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22 responses to “Best Signboard for a Yong Tau Foo shop”

  1. kuji says:

    squeezes bolster… XD

  2. Mel says:

    Crap, that is my fren’s shop!

  3. yvonne says:

    erm.. i guess u must be staying somewhere in Subang… coz tat’s in taipan rite…???

  4. akai says:

    bcos they thought using bird or snake or tiger or cicak would be lamer…

  5. x says:

    I miss yong tau foo….

  6. Sam says:

    I call this fish cannibalism. 😛

  7. lix says:

    don’t bother lah, as long as the food taste good.

  8. Aaron Tan says:


    “Oh, it’s fish paste nia, made of my dad, my uncles and my younger brothers. Nice huh?”

  9. sheon says:

    yeah..crap…….you get way better yong tau foo in Seri Kembangan than that shop! Seriously………

    Make me into fishpaste? Ouch……

  10. Pikachu says:

    i miss ampang yong tau fu so much

    they got branch one
    this usj not dat nice
    got one better
    but i forgot jor

  11. Azahar Idris says:

    I wonder if you agree with me that we humans are cruel? Everyday I don’t know how many millions of animals we killed in the name of our food. Worst, there are certain people who cook their food (animal) while they are still wriggling (alive)! Please can’t they humanely kill the animals first before cooking them? I have seen people boiling lobsters while they are still alive.

    On the other hand, when a crocodile or a tiger kill a human, there will be a massive hunt for them by angry people. It is unfair!

  12. abit lame but still very funny wahahahahah!

  13. miow says:

    Ampang yong tao fu getting from bad to worst.
    Because it used to be the only outlet available in SJ area since many years ago…So no choice but to visit there for yong tao foo.. but their size of yong tao foo turns from small to tiny.. lol..
    But its different now.. you can try Family Yong Tao Foo at around USJ 13
    and also Margarette Yong Tao Foo at USJ 8..
    Both of them are delicious yong tao foo’s .. go try it yourself.. with the tasty home made sauce and the latter have some good cili sauce

  14. curry says:

    wahaha funny. i love yong tau foo but i dont eat chili

  15. dave63 says:

    I love Chili, With beans and Fresh Meat, tomatoes and spices. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Well Ringo Chang, you still go and eat Yong Tau FU right? sooooo why let it bother you? the fish as a symbol can be traumatising but it effectively gets the message out that their yong tau fu is made with fish paste. Since we live in a country emphasing halal food no choice lar. you cant really blame them owners for it, its business anywways. -__-lll

  17. amy says:

    i love ytfoo too…esp the hakka ytfoo, more original…

  18. sandy says:

    cheesie, for the wardrobe thing, do you liaise with singapore sellers? any singapore bank accounts?

  19. angelyn says:

    funny looking fishes, strong coloring… though its lame but it does standout…

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