Ugliest bags in the world

June 20, 2007 in Cheese-offs

And i thought a price tag under you high heels was the biggest fashion faux pas you can ever commit.

Until i saw these bags.

Ugliest bag in the world.

I haven’t seen anyone carry these ugly piece of… of.. of… of… zippers, and i doubt anyone would ever buy them (if you, unfortunately, have one or more in your wardrobe, very the no offense, i’m terribly sorry for your taste [or the lack thereof] in fashion), because the stalls selling them are shooing flies all the time. Okay that was just an expression. I supposed even flies won’t get near the ugly things if they can see clearly with their compound eyes.


I asked my friends if they think the bags are ugly and to my surprise (and horror, that so many people have tolerance so great to actually accept something aesthetically illegal!), a lot of them replied, “not as ugly as you claim they are la, haiyo”.

BUT! I know, omc how do i explain this. I mean, they are not like, you know, Kirsten-Dunst-ugly, but they are super mega ultra annoying! Like like like… remember those silicone wrist bands everyfreakingone wore sometime back?

Ooooooh myyyyyyy cheeeeese, i HATE those with a passion! It would be more aptly designed if it were created for stray dogs. (Yes i know it’s for charity! I don’t wanna go into that now, anyway, it still hurts my heart eyes that they design something so fatally ugly in the name of charity.)

Anyway! back to the bags. I asked Porkie if they have it in UK, and he told me that awhile ago his mom picked one up at a car boot sales for… £0.20 (RM1.40). And here they are selling RM69.90.

I pity the fella trying to sell them, he was so enthusiastic, like they were some magic wallet that can produce money everytime you unzip them. Granted, it would sell as a gimmicky thing if he could find a good pitch. But hellllll, what are you gonna do with it? Say, maybe it doubles as a bag and a spare set of zippers if you ever need to repair trousers. Or like, you can wear it as a belt as a fashion statement. Maybe for those in a certain trade, you can wear it as a tube top and unzip teasingly when you strip. How about using them as emergency bandages if you’ve cut yourself or as a sling if you’ve dislocated your arm.


I might (might hor) buy one out of compassion (hey! give some credit to hardworking salesmen), but will never, ever, cheesever, carry it with me. Just like how i might buy those wristbands to save a dying cancer patient, but they will just sit in my desk drawer and rot to eternity. And by the way! As if i cannot emphasize enough, it’s the stupidest thing to jump on the silicone band-wagon! (Lame pun, i know, but so are the stupid bands!!!666)


They insane zip-it girls who preach ugliness.


The fashion industry breakthrough. Goes well with nothing but nothing at all.


Comes in duck-shit green too. Simply goegeous.


“It is a unique and innovative bag that is changing the fashion industry and the concept of handbags.”

Is the introduction of one of its websites.


Changing the fashion industry!! Omc.

They mean, giving a whole new definition to the phrase “UGLY BAG”?


Hip Zip! They are asking you to zip your ass up so that no more bullshit can come out from it.


“It has revolutionized the idea that a bag should come assembled.”

Who the cheese would bring a dismantled bag (read: a loooooooooooong zipper) around? It’s not like you’re going camping. So yea this zipper bag is so great it comes in great shape so great your great grandmother will secretly wish to receive for her birthday present.


“The Original Zipper Bag™ is a long strip of zipper, that when zipping, becomes a beautiful handbag. The bags look beautiful, cool and special.”

*pukes* *chokes on own puke* *dies*

*resuscitates self and wakes up*

Before i die i’d like to have my last words.

Just imagine everyfreakingone in the street is carrying one of these bags (sort of like how the gorgeous LeSportsac bags became insanely annoying when Petaling Street started selling them), have the image with you and pass the message on to your grandchildren in your will (if they ever last that long la! Which i doubt with all my sincere heart!).

Please don’t buy the zipper bags, i’m bagging you (okay i’m being lame, just to be consistent with the subject discussed today).




P/S: Forgive me! This is an angry post on one of my PMS days, and i needed a scapecheese to vent my cheeseenness on. Zip-it™ is innocent. It’s the coolest bag i’ve ever seen in my entire cheesy life. Please support it with all your money. Thank you.

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46 responses to “Ugliest bags in the world”

  1. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I think the bags r kinda cute,hehe! 🙂

  2. doreen says:

    The bag is not that bad I thought. Yeah, you did sound kinda frustrated and furious. Hope your pms be gone soon.

  3. Hijackqueen says:

    I saw them at The Curve. Saw from far only. Looks kinda ok. From near, dunno la.

  4. sheon says:

    hahaha..what next? Velcro bag?

    Those bags arent THAT bad lar……..i saw that thing selling in Pyramid not too long ago, i thought it was a novel idea to ‘create’ a bag from zippers. however, i dun think “fashionable” is not the word to describe the bag. Now that Cheesie has put it, i agree its kinda ugly, and not a feasible purchase at all.
    But Cheesie, 🙂 a little overzealous in condemning an innocent bag to hell, rite? hahaha….. go eat some cheese/choco for you PMS ……

  5. Pearl says:

    “Who the cheese would bring a dismantled bag (read: a loooooooooooong zipper) around? ”

    so true !! rotflmao

  6. Angel W says:

    You not Cheesie!!!
    Gimme back our Cheesie!!!
    Cheesie no angry angry on zipper one!!!

    erm…get well soon?

  7. Sandra says:

    it’s more for kidsla. but personally, i wouldn’t buy/use it. then again, it’s a good gimmick to attract kids. kids would find it sooo cool! like ZIPS into a BAG?! yea, that kinda thing =)

  8. hj says:

    i think they’re cool!

  9. Muchakucha says:

    Cheesie, you’ve been ranting a lot.

    Would my Ruffles “Cheddar & Sour Cream” help?


  10. miow says:

    might not be fashionable but its .. innovative..
    its something new 😀

  11. mamami says:

    cool it !!! babe……smile! u r on candid camera. =)

    • bbw coupons says:

        hilary kerrMarch 27, 20121. OMG! They were reporters!2. I told you, £100,000 isn’t enough! £250,000 or no dinner at Downing Street!3. For God’s sake Auntie Ethel, when are you going home?

  12. angelyn says:

    different ppl hv different taste ma, the bag in 2nd pic looks kinda coolll ! but then its all depends on matching, cute attractive ppl like u cheesie will look nice with it.

  13. pmc says:

    Don’t go shopping when you have PMS and give your BF early warning LOL

  14. jaecywong says:

    seems like eversince the father’s day post, u’re pretty much not urself.. hope u’re alrite~

  15. clarence says:

    Makes a good grocery bag though. Something handy to keep in the car or something. Not something to lug your stuff around with everyday

  16. DeQ says:

    The bag is pretty funky.. not as ugly as u though… :p

  17. shiody says:

    agreed. u are freaking ugly.

  18. xy says:

    cheer up girl.

  19. adrien z says:

    brings back old “smart shop” sentiments.

    makes me sick.

  20. cheesie says:

    Ying Bin: Plan to get one? 😐
    Doreen: Got one week leh!
    Hijackqueen: I didn’t dare to get near them! 😐
    Sheon: They contribute to my body fat, which contribute to my PMSness.
    Muchakucha: ditto.
    Pearl: 😀
    Angel: Thank you! And you didn’t die!
    Sandra: No wonder i didn’t see anyone using it. No kids around me. 0_0
    hj: 😐
    miow: 😐
    mamami: *smiles*
    pmc: Maybe i’ll have a piece of your name? Pre Menstrual Cheese? 😀 😀 😀
    jaecywong: Thank you i’m okay. 🙂 Thanks for your concern.
    clarence: They should invent a giant one that can assemble as a camp. 😀
    DeQ: Thank you!
    Shiody: Thank you and so are you! 😀

  21. Dude says:


    I think you should stop blogging because your posts are getting more and many many more LAME!

    You are just blogging for the freaking sake of blogging because you get to earn money from it. That’s not why you started blogging right?

  22. cheesie says:

    Dude: Thank you for your support. I just earned a few more cents with your divine clicks. 🙂

  23. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    No,dun think so!Hope tat u r getting better!Eat more cheese & chocolate!I think they help! 🙂
    U take care ya!

  24. sheon says:

    Dude: C’mon….cut her some slack and dont insult her reader’s intelligence…….

  25. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Hey it may not look good but its practical mar……..can be kept anywhere, then when you want to put it to use just zip it up, not a bad innovation though………just that they need to come out with better designds thats all………

  26. Audrey says:

    You sound so much like Xia Xue on one of her nomal critic posts that generated her many hate comments.

  27. Pamela says:

    For god’s sake, cheesie, it is just a bag. Give them a break. And I don’t see YOU trying to do any community good either, whether fashion right or wrong.

  28. cereal says:

    hahaha! diz post is damn funny. I would neva buy one as well, but I seriously don’t think its THAT horrible. keep blogging cheesie 🙂

  29. Pink Cotton says:

    saw one of them few mths ago…and it was selling at quite a high price for “a long zipper”

    a cute idea tho 😛
    i think u hate the bags like how some ppl hate the croc shoes huh?keke
    its either u like it or don like it AT ALL

  30. Pink Cotton says:

    oh imagine what it will do to your dress if the zippers got snagged on a loose thread..the horror!

  31. ~aari says:

    I remember thinking, when I saw the zip bags, that I wouldn’t mind having that for a pencil case.

    I mean, we’ve all had problems finding the right pen, or the teeny eraser in our pencil cases, so a zipper opened someplace strategic would negate the problem of fumbling around for it…

    I’d really hate to make it that easy for someone (not myself) to get to my wallet with the same convenience 😉

    Just my not-so-relevant 2 cents 😀

  32. kcin says:

    the bags are so cool!

  33. tofu says:

    I hate girls with PMS! Fucknuts!

  34. hahahaha wait till you see zipper shirts and zipper pants and zipper hats and even zipper underwear ^_^

  35. Ellone says:

    Actually last time the zipper pensil case existed first.
    Cost around Rm 10 only. Not they have brands and got more colors, cost alot higher already… =( Dunno why suddenly can see this bag everywhere.
    I saw the shop at Sg.Wang.

  36. clement says:

    taiwan 夜市 got sell that kind of zip pencil case……not bad ar if use as a pencil case…and by the way i like Kirsten dunst le… i think she is hot….

  37. YY says:


    What’s your problem? They ain’t that baaad.

  38. Bobo says:

    hahaha.. the suppliers went to my shop and gave me one sample of that bag and claims that is it the newest ‘invention’ yet. But I think nobody wanna buy it. So i rejected him :/ So ironic to see this post. Hahaha..

  39. Selina Shee says:

    Cheesie.. im as pist as u about this bag, actually got this (* as a present :@@:) from one of my cousin who are selling these products. Don’t think its a good selling product, in fact, i don’t find it nice for me to bring out. The material is not nice as well, kinda uncomfortable when holding it. Not really a chic thing i would say & definitely not the type of little coins purse or handbags, or big baggy that I would bring out… I gave it to my mum for her grocerries shopping. horrible me or horrible handbag… i dunno

  40. skim says:

    i agree. those ARE one the ugliest bags i’ve ever seen.

    to see u ugliest bags in e world u have to come to kuching

  41. karenique says:

    i gotta agree… fugly….!!

  42. jill says:

    in d 3rd pic, the one with pink and white is nice wat….i think it depends on the colour combination….
    it’s also convenient for travelling where u can really save space in ur luggage….not tat bad after all…perhaps i should say not bad at all…
    my fren is using one, sky blue and white colour….nice =)

  43. kah mun :] says:

    i totally agree with you here :]
    who needs a long zip as a BAG?

  44. Rin says:

    Hey Cheesie! :O3

    i`ve discovered ur blog 3 or 4 months ago thanx to Xia Xue and i couldn`t not read it anymore.. literally! i like it that much…

    i`ve been reading a lot of ur posts and dunno why i found the courage to send a comment on this entry .. :-” la.

    anyways i want to mention that i rlly appreciate the time and effort u put in this blog and also i wish u`ll never stop blogging anymore ( even when ur 80> years old wtf.) 😀 XD …

    anyways i hope u have a cheesy day and update more often( i also follow u on twitter and like u on facebook — geez> ur everywhere ^^ )

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