Bringing Cheddie Home

June 28, 2007 in Cheddie&Pets / The Stinky Cheese

I brought Cheddie for her second vaccination today and when she got home, she became very quiet and less energetic. Seems moody too. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?


(Yes yes yes you get pictures this time!:D 😀 :D)

I went Cheddie hunting. I must find her. Even if it means turning all the pet shops in KL upside down.


This is the one! Whoa business damn good giler.




There were three Maltese!!!

Ok only shows two here because, because, because MY Maltese was in my arms!


There was a Jojo carbon-copy! Sooooo pink. But her face is too wide. I prefer the tiny mouth squirrel-like Maltese.


They only had female puppies. Male dogs are generally more preferable, and i was thinking of having a male one.

Not opposite attracts la. But female dogs are troublesome!

They have period every six months!! And the best part is, one average heat cycle for a dog is approximately 3 weeks! WHOA, not die meh, PMS kao kao man. I wonder if they become bitchy!

Apart from that hor, i’ll be so worried for her since you know la, lately so many rape cases! I won’t be letting her out just in case she run away with some random mongrel, have sex and give birth to a.. a… a… BASTARD! I’ll be infuriated!


Haih. But then again.


You know, just like falling in love, it’s very much fated.

I saw Cheddie and i knew she was The Cheddie.

Female is fine! Maltese is a girly breed, because you’ll want to tie ribbons and laces and whatnot girly crap on her head. It’s ridiculous to do that to a male puppy (which makes him a tranny) so yea, i think i made the right choice!








Cute anot?


Cheddie’s ears are stuck out, which makes her extra kiiuuut, like a bunny! Bunny Cheddie! null

They said it’s because she’s growing teeth. After awhile they will drop down and become floppy. =]

They bathed Cheddie before i brought it home.

Oh My Cheddie she looks like a kitty.

In the car.


I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies.


Cheddie’s new home!

Ok not exactly a delightful home

I hate this kind of cage. I’m buying her a beautiful crate when she is housebroken. 😀

Cheddie’s first meal at home.


A few of my fav photos of Cheddie.

This is my first baby and i want to be very careful.

If you have any advice for me on puppy care please please please cheesy please leave your droppings here. Cheddie and I will be excheesingly happy. 🙂

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  1. mypink says:

    What a horribly cute dog!! =) Gurl/guy dogs don’t really matter to me. As long as they are cute and loyal!!

  2. Geri says:

    First is to POTTY TRAIN!!

  3. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Hi Cheddie! 🙂

    • Justin says:

      actually female isnt that bad. male dogs, once they reach puberty, they will start marking territories which means spraying urine everywhere (think ur sofa, ur chairs, ur curtains, u r… well,u get the picture) which can be corrected thru training which is not easy cos it’s their instincts or easiest is to castrate. when ur dog gets her period it wudnt be noticable cos she’s so small the blood wud not be a lot, just a few drops. so dont worry. anyway u can neuter her, which wil stop her frm having periods n also significantly reduce the chances of cancer.

  4. :: Nicole :: says:

    how old is cheddie?? my boboie is just 3 months old.. make sure u bring her to the vet and dewormed her.. MUST put her in cage coz if u let her run loose, it’s hard to train her.. i let boboie ran loose in my house and he poo n pee EVERWHERE.. now i bought him a cage BUT he won’t do his business in the cage so i’d let him out once awhile to do his business..

    the prob with my boboie is that when he hears the key, he’d b so excited.. jumping up and down.. oh yea, b sure to whack cheddie if she bites anything.. don’t be soft hearted.. just get her some chewy for her to chew everyday.. scold and whack if she did something wrong.. coz u won’t want cheddie to ‘train’ u back.. heheh..

    i’m no expert.. that’s only my opinion BUT i guess female is easier to train.. good luck!~

  5. rachteng says:

    i let my dog lose when i first got it. first you’ve gotta potty train her where you want her to do her business. the cage or maybe the toilet. its definitely not easy to potty train it. but, rather than letter her poop and pee here and there i think cheddie’s still very young right? its not the time to bring her out for walks yet. you might hurt her paw. her paw is still vry soft right. it will harden as time pass.

    sometimes cheddie might not eat her food. she is probably sick of eating it over and over again. what you can do is. just say if you give her 1spoon of dog food, instead of that. take half a spoon. when its ready, add some white rice. or not, go with 1spoon and add milk. that’s what i do to my dog.

    its easier to train your dog when its still young. stuff like sit , stand , dance , roll over , sleep , hand , another hand , high 5, high ten. lol. i’m sure you get what I mean. Every time she does something right. give her a doggie treat. and like what nicole said, you cant be soft hearted. a toy for it to chew is a good idea, so it won’t go around biting whatever she sees. and besides her teeth is growing. she likes to bite. even fingers ;P

    have fun cheddie-ing cheesie!

  6. sheon says:

    Looks like an Ewok to me………………….hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

    So freaking cute……..they say your pet will start looking like you as time goes by…….i wonder…….

  7. dog-lover says:

    hey how much u bought cheddie? i tot of getting one too…owh,,so sweet

  8. misha's mum says:

    how old is ur puppy? i tot you cannot bath the puppy until the puppy is abt 5-6 months old? better check .. ok ?

  9. Jane says:

    hey cheesie, i’ve been ur reader since a few months ago. First time leaving comment 😉 U made the right choice in choosing a female. Female dogs are generally more obedient and loyal compared to male ones. And yes! I agree that females are easier to train too. (girl power man!) Male dogs got ego oso one u know! Call them oso won’t come!

    If you prefer not to be troubled by ‘fornication’ cases and menses every six months, u might as well just spay ur pup [if no intentions to breed her at all]. Spaying actually lessens the possibilities of many health problems, says the vet. Good luck and enjoy ur new puppy!

  10. ponikuta says:

    There are a few important pointers you’d want to do straight away.

    1) House train your puppy to avoid further problems later in its life. Plus once trained it’ll last for a lifetime. Train it as little as 2 months old onwards. 6months onwards it is very hard to train a puppy anymore.

    2) Desex it within 6 months old if you do not intend to breed pups and all the trouble it comes with.

    3) Avoid bringing your pup out too frequent. As it stains the puppy legs/furs. If you insist, buy boots that fits appropriately.

    4) Buy dry puppy shampoo. I swear it is the most convenient thing around. Just spray and comb. Brings all the dirt out if you don’t want to wet wash it too frequent.

    5) If you bath it make sure you use hairdryer to blowdry it as you comb it out. Prevents tangles and you don’t even do the daily comb. Last for roughly a week.

    6) Look out for products that can lessen tear-stains as Maltese are prone to have prominent tear stains.

    7) Don’t forget condition the fur every single time you bath it. Condition, condition, condition.

    8) Do not spoil the pup. Always let it know who is the boss. Suffer a mere 3-6months and it’ll be your loyal, obedient and faithful dog for life.

    I used to live with a indoor fully house trained Maltese myself. Email me if you wish to see more pictures as what good care can keep the fur clean look like.

    Good luck with Cheddie.

  11. :: Nicole :: says:

    i have already suffered a month plus now.. luckily my mum is helping me to take care of him.. oh yea, don’t feed cheddie human food.. if not, she’d jump to u every time u eat.. for boboie, he’s happy with his food.. he’d sit still on the chair when i bring him out for dinner 🙂

    rachteng: my boboie can only sit and come *sigh* teaching him to roll now

  12. sheon says:

    ponikuta: wah… seem to be a very experienced dog-owner….share more of your knowledge with us leh…….in the future, i wish to have a jack russel….will let him roam within the compound of my house.

  13. gaL says:

    ur new baby is super cute!! Hope u have fun being a new “mummy” ya. Anyway, u r triggering me to get a baby dog as well… *hmph XD

  14. Geri says:

    I have a male dog. His name is Max. He is such a sweetheart. Therefore, not necessary that male dogs tend to be rascals. 🙂

    1) Make sure to keep calling her by her name! At first she ll be a bit blur blur.. but after awhile she ll respond to her name. 🙂

    2) The first 1-2 months, I let him stay out in the balcony where he familiarize himself with the surroundings and where he can do his business. Once his ‘smell’ is already there. He will naturally run out to the balcony to do his business. So you need to determine where you want Cheddie to do her business first.

    3) Of course it is tough when i hear him ‘crying’ wanting to get into the house esp in the night. But i have to persevere on.

    4) Next I trained Max to be able to stay at home alone. VERY crucial! My bf’s dog CANNOT stay at home alone and will start wailing, disturbing the neighbors. Very bad! When you need to go out, just let Cheddie stay at home by herself. But make sure some lights are on or she might get scared. 🙂 (Of course, this is AFTER you’ve potty train her)

    5) Like what some of them have mentioned.. DO NOT spare the rod! Discipline Discipline Discipline!! When Max peed in the house, I whacked him till he went into hiding. Very painful to the heart, but you have to do it. It is just for the first few months, thereafter, she’ll be alright. 🙂

    6) Don’t over-pamper your dog! This will be tough, esp when they give you ‘the look’. :p

    Anyway.. you can raise her up in your own way. It is not as troublesome as it seems. It is a very enjoyable journey that i believe you and Cheddie will grow to love.

    Having a dog can truly change your life.

    I know mine did. 🙂

    Have fun bonding with her!

  15. ahlost says:

    CHEDDIE is so cuutteeeee

  16. :: Nicole :: says:

    geri: how to train the dog to stay at home alone? won’t they bark for the first few times? it’d disturb the neighbours as well.. i’m trying to train my dog for that.. coz once i move into my new place, when i go out i don’t want him to bark.. as i’d be staying in a condo and they don’t allow pets.. so i’ve to sneak my boboie around *sigh*

  17. 20 says:

    Eh.. that petshop looked familiar.. If I’m not mistaken, the one opposite Jaya 33 rite? I remember the pink ears puppy.. Hehe cute..

  18. pinkroomgirl says:

    hello cheesie… where did you get ur maltese? I’m also looking for a miniature pup..but i have no idea where to look =)

  19. Aaron Tan says:

    cheddie looks so cute on your lappie! i wanted to get one also all the time, but… no time to take care.

    hopefully in the future i have the time to get one little doggie. i like puppies.

  20. Victor says:

    congrats!…..advice…love care and patients..:D…

  21. Geani_Moo says:

    Hiya sweetie! Congrats! keep in mind that you did not chose this puppy, she chose you! That should make you feel special because this puppy will love you forever without any boundries or expectations. No human being no matter how cute will be able to do that for you. So love her and take care of her and she will pay you back. Enjoy it 🙂 (I have 4 puppies, and recently another one picked me, I found her close to my car and she refused to leave, she got inside on the yard and she’s been there for 2 weeks without any thought of leaving; she obviously belonged to someone and she looked very well mantained but still she picked my house, my car and ME to stay with so that makes me feel special everyday)
    PS. I’m a big fan of your blog, read it on regular bases I just never felt the need to leave dear cheesie a comment, till NOW. Congrats to the new mom and baby 🙂

  22. dave63 says:

    Tada, Cheedie is in the house, Alright new baby for Cheesie, No more lonley nights, or days, or anything, Big responsibility to care for. Good luck Cheesie.

  23. jasmine sg says:

    I’m quite sure your dog is not a pure breed maltese.

    Cos pure breed’s ears are flat down. Not pointy.

    Your dog is either a mix between maltese/west highland terrier or bischon/west highland terrier.

    I think you have to bring your dog to an expert to check..

    Don’t get cheated.

  24. Suisie says:

    So KIUTTTTTTTTT how much does a maltese cost???
    I want one :(((((((((((( Going to save money

  25. annie says:

    for now, don’t buy any rubbery toys for her to chew. she’ll get addicted, not to the toy but to chewing and if she’s addicted and doesn’t have anything to chew, kiss your shoes goodbye.


    what i have is a beagle, maltese might be tamer. a lot tamer.

  26. cherylc says:

    dear cheesie…..

    where is this pet shop that u bought cheddie?

  27. ponikuta says:

    I agree with Jasmine. I am pretty sure pure breed Maltese do not have pointy ears regardless of the teething condition. In fact, teething has absolutely nothing to do with the ears.

    If there’s anything I’ve learnt from having a new pup is to NEVER BUY THEM FROM PET STORES. Because they are unreliable and often sellers try to boast the breed to earn profit. Plus, puppies are too young to determine with breed it is and the pet shop owners can claim whatever they want.

    The best way to get a pup is through word of mouth, forums and professional breeders. You get to see their parents and choose the pup from the lot. So you get a rough idea as to how your puppy will become. Usually, they are cheaper than the pet store ones too because they genuinely love their dogs and breed them out of love not for profits. Pet stores only cage the puppies for people to poke and look at.

    There are a few things you will have to consider even before training your pup. Once you “let her be” for once or twice, chances are she’ll stick to it. That’s why people always say train the dog as soon as you bring her home not after a few days.

    Also, I stay in an apartment and my pup is 100% indoor. Maltese needs to stay indoor if not their fur get tangled easily. Frequent grooming is required. For some reason, my pup is absolutely ok being home alone while I go to school/work. I leave some lights on and radio on for her. Besides of that, she just sleeps all day long. The weather here in Melbourne helped as Maltese do better in cold weather than hot.

    Now that she is back in Malaysia, she stays in an air conditioned room 24/7. It is crucial to provide cool atmosphere if you decide to have its fur long and nicely coated. Alternatively, just bring her to the grooming salon and ask for short fur and she’ll do finely in Malaysia’s weather.

    Lastly, never ever provide food other than dry pet food for your pup. Maltese has long white fur around the snout area. Any wet food is a recipe for disaster. Stains and tangles. Big no-no. Also, human food gives your doggy bad breathe.

  28. pmc says:

    Now that i know about female dogs PMS LOL, i’ve learn’t it’s really true that dogs and their owners do look alike!!! Your cheddie has your EYES :O
    Those dogs you took pictures of were all so cute and the expressions were so precious, i personally liked the terrier, what and expression LOL, but in the end it seems your Cheddie does have that WASSSUP!! expression in the last 3 photos LOL…i love those expressions, i can see that will be one Cheddie getting a lot of love 🙂

  29. pmc says:

    it just occurred to me LOL in the first photo of Cheddie, why does the image of Yoda come to mind LOL…hahah enjoy your new friend Cheesie, you chose her for a reason…now i’ll go chase my fish around the tank…LOL

  30. chris says:

    Just make sure she doesnt mix too much with other female pups, she might become gay.

  31. Eternauta says:

    Questo si che è un vero “fluffy puppies” come non ne avevo mai visti.
    Io ho tre cani, 2 Cocker ed 1 Beagle ma non sono certamente “fluffy puppies”
    come il tuo! Complimenti!

  32. cheesie says:

    Thank you everyone for the feedback! Definitely learnt a lot from those of you who have experience in keeping dogs and i promise i’ll take good care of Cheddie! ^_^

  33. naVICgaTOR says:


  34. cheesie says:

    mypink: That’s what i thought too. 🙂
    Geri: I’m trying to house train her. It takes time. Sometimes she just poo’ed in her crate and when she runs loose she poos everywhere. 😐
    Ying Bin: *Cheddie woofs back*
    Nicole: Cheddie is 8 weeks. I guess puppies are about the same. Oh and Cheddie has this special liking for flat, rectangular items, like, combs?! 0_o
    rachteng: Thank you for the advice. Cheddie likes her food very much and it never seems enough for her. The only trouble is she doesn’t like to get groomed and it’s hard for me to maintain her coat.

  35. cheesie says:

    sheon: NooOOoOOoOooOoooo! No Ewokkkkkk! Looks like owner? LUCKY I DIDN’T BUY A PUG!!!!!!!!666
    dog-lover: For RM880.
    Freshoysters: *cheddie with wide eyes staring curiously, happy with the compliment*
    misha’s mum: It’s okay, they bathed her every week before i brought her home and i have to do the same.
    Jane: Thank you for the dropping! ^_^ I will consider spaying. Any idea how much it roughly costs?
    ponikuta: Thank you for the tips! I never knew dry puppy shampoo exists until your comment. Cheddie does has tear stain problem, and it’s quite difficult since she fidgets when i try to comb her face. What can i do to make her stay quiet while i groom?

  36. cheesie says:

    gaL: Thank you! It’s troublesome but it’s worth everything. 🙂
    ahlost: Cheddie says thanks. ^_^
    20: That’s right! They have quite a huge variety of puppies.
    pinkroomgirl: Got it from opposite Jaya supermarket. I saw mini poodles in quite a lot of pet shops nowadays. Especially Pet Safari Ikano. But they are more expensive.
    Aaron: That’s one of my fav pic too! She looks like a bunnnnnnny! Hope you get yours soon! 🙂
    Victor: point taken. 🙂
    Geani_Moo: Thank you for the comment. Good luck with your doggies too. Will like to see some of their pictures! 🙂

  37. :: Nicole :: says:

    8 weeks old n u bought her for rm880? i bought boboie 8 weeks too.. got him for rm900.. does cheddie comes with a mka cert?

    for me i can’t let boboie play with anything.. coz he tend to be so playful and he’d run to me panting AND bite my foot! i need to calm him down now.. no more toys at the mo’.. just chewy sticks for him to chew on..

  38. cheesie says:

    dave: Thank you. And thanks for the maltese photos. 🙂
    jasmine sg: Thank you for the heads up. 🙂 Yea that’s the problem with puppies with no cert, you don’t get to certify. I ran a search in google and yea, it’s hard to tell when the puppies are young. ( I haven’t seen much of west highland terrier or bishcon around though) Anyway, i saw her with her other litter mates and the rest seem to have floppy ears. I’m not sure why Cheddie’s pointy but that’s why i found her cuter than the rest. No matter pure breed or not i chose her and will love her till the end. 🙂
    suisie: Depends on the pet shops you buy from. Those who come with MKA certs and are micro chipped are much more expensive.
    annie: If there’s nothing for her to chew in the cage, she’s start chewing the bars. 0_0

  39. sabrina says:

    clean her eyes often! ok her face! malteses tend to get dirty on their face area and its really hideous when its soo dirty. so keep cheddie clean! shes adorable 😀

  40. cheesie says:

    cherylc: Near Jaya supermarket, SS14.
    ponikuta: I understand you completely. I’d have preferred to buy my pup directly from the breeders too. However, i’ve asked around and they doesn’t seem to breed Maltese. I’ve been waiting for months and pet shops are the only place i can find a maltese (i didn’t want any other breed). About wet food, those people in the pet store advised me to add moist to the food for her. 8 weeks old is okay with dry food? Anyway! I find the radio and light thing works very well for a whining puppy at night! 🙂
    pmc: O_O Our…. eyes? I have doggy eyes?!?
    chris: i’ll let her play with Jojo! Who is a handsome Maltese!
    Eternauta: Erm… Non capisco l’italiano?! Uhm… Spiacente per la traduzione difettosa. 0_o

  41. cheesie says:

    Nicole: No MKA. Have yours?
    sabrina: Oh tell me about it! She refuse to let me clean! >_< I'm trying to keep her coat as clean as possi but it's a pain in the cheese!

  42. curry says:

    OMG sooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee! Makes me also want one!

  43. curry says:

    i like the picture with her on your lap the most. and the last polaroid picture. she’s like a toy. i have to say again, soooo cuteeeeeeeeee.

  44. Eternauta says:

    ih!ih!ih!ih!…I use the translator automatic rifle. he translate terribly, but he helps. (°_____O) glooom!!

    “This that it is a true one “fluffy puppies” like not of I had never looked at myself. I have three dogs, 2 Cocker and 1 Beagle but is not sure “fluffy puppies” like yours! It compliments! ciao!”

  45. ponikuta says:

    Regarding how to train your dog for grooming is pretty easy.

    First of all, make sure she knows it is not a playing session. For example, Don’t give off the wrong vibe. Don’t make her excited by calling her name in a cute voice. (we know we all can’t resist doing that.) Just softly carry her out of the cage without calling her name. Then you can tell her maybe in a serious voice *cheedie its groom groom time*

    Well, finding a place for your pup to stand still is optional. But I find putting mine on top of the toilet (with the seat covered with a non-slippery mat) relatively easy. Because the space is limited and is higher than ground, so puppy won’t get a chance to run around.

    Then, I’ll usually pull a small stool (the ones you see aunty sitting on to scrub clothes?) sit in front of puppy and pet her calmly. Once she settle down give her a small snack. If snacks makes her too excited just raise your voice if she starts to lick and runs around. Consistently say *NO* until she settles down.

    From then on, everything else is pretty easy. Check her ears, swift comb. Eyes area I’d suggest use your finger to pull out the dry eye tears and then softly comb through it. With your other hand firmly holding her chin up. If she moves, tug on her chin firmer and a little more thigh just enough to keep her still and not to harm her.

    Then rough comb around her body and makes sure to keep the fur around her paw paw short to avoid discoloration and stains. Usually I’ll even DIY cut the fur around paw paw so they don’t turn black. Clip her nails if you have to. Lastly, reward her a snack and bring her to play as usual.

    Once your pup get use to the whole serious grooming thing she will bear with it and play later on. The idea is to get her into thinking, grooming is serious and have to stay still.

    It is frustrating to have a new puppy as they don’t seem to listen to anything but if you shower her with patience and love I am sure she’ll get there in no time. Just in case you’re wondering, they are indeed listening to you but they are just mischievous little being, so don’t stop being firm and stick with one rule instead of changing it every second day.

    2 month old pup is alright to have a little water added to dry food, but as soon as she is independent to have dry hard food, then you can give her 100% dry food.

    One more thing, it seems that you have problem with her teething yea?

    Teething is one of the main time where your pup will be a little harder to train than usual. As she will be extremely frustrated herself. There is one toy that I find extremely helpful is the teething toy with pointy thingy with gel in it. You put it in the freezer spread some vegemite and let her bite with it. It’ll sooth the itch in her gums and massages it.

    Just approach any pet store and ask for teething toy. Please avoid ropes and softtoy. They can’t reach the inside of the gums. If they advice you to get ropes or softtoy, obviously they are not professionals. Look specifically for teething toys.

    Have fun with Cheedie. She seems like a bundle of joy. 😉

  46. Steffi says:

    *Melts* Have a good time with your sweetheart!

  47. lasilasi says:

    Awww so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u make me wanna get one too! oh just some experience when observing in a pet shop: always comb from back to front instead of the other way round. It might hurt them if u comb from front to back when the fur is entangled.

    and please, share MANY MANY MANY MORE pics of Cheedie with us! love her so much!

  48. lasilasi says:

    ops cheddie instead of cheedie – sorry dear =p please dont get mad over this and write an entry like u did before lol

  49. jenny says:

    cheddie looks just like my friends’ dog except younger, so adorable!

  50. angelyn says:

    awww! what a doll cheddie is ! lots of kisses to her !

  51. Lene says:


  52. :: Nicole :: says:

    oh gosh.. no mka cert? my hubby insisted that i should get one with cert coz the dog might have their relatives blood in them.. i mean they’re breed within their family.. that is why it’s cheap.. but with a mka cert, mka certifies that the dog is pure breed.. no mix blood in the family or long distance relatives or etc..

    well that’s what my hubby told me.. not sure if it’s true or not.. anyone can tell me?

  53. CheesieFanBoy says:

    W0w congrats on your new baby Cheesie, so KAWAII lar your Cheedie, makes me wanna hug it………….looks like stuff animal hehehe……..
    But mak esure you trian cheedie right arr or it will be vey ma fan / troublesome to look after if not trained well.

  54. -SheeNA- says:

    I have a maltese mixed dog too! But her ears point upwards permanently because of her mixed parentage and her fur is more coarse at the back…

  55. cindy says:

    Hey so cute your maltese. mine is a male. anyway get whitening shampoo for cheddie alright ? to keep her cuteness. good luck!

  56. Frank says:

    Congrats on getting a maltese, one of the most intelligent and easy to train toy dog. I’m sure you’re aware that having a dog comes with the responsibility (especially the grooming cos a maltese requires frequent grooming to keep them in shape) and hope that you will give your unconditional love to her even she is no longer cute and adorable anymore i.e. when she grows older. Sad to tell you but she is not a pure-breed maltese cos they dont have pointed ears….but it’s great to know that you’ll love her anyway…, problem solved. Unless you wanna enter your dog for show and obedience competitions…..having it certify is not important. Take care of her eyes and ears (especially the ears cos not taking care of them will lead to infections), they need constant attention. Buy eye wash and ear cleaning solution from a reputable vet and apply them on a periodic basis. Anyway, you’ll need to bring your puppy to the vet for her required injections if she has not had hers. Call the pet shop or vet to re-confirm cos it is important. You will learn more of your puppy as time goes by and I would suggest that you buy a good book on malteses to learn more about the breed. Your new puppy will bring lots of joy and happiness to you and your family. Enjoy and cheers!

  57. Geri says:

    Nicole: Go bit by bit. Let your dog stay by himself for about an hour or so. Make sure the lights are on if it is in the night. And leave the radio on so that there are human voices. That way, he wont be so nervous. And when you come back home and he behaves, remember to always compliment him with a treat. 🙂

    Yes.. he might bark for a couple of times. But it will only be temporal.

    Gradually increase your time away from home. In due time, your dog will get used to it.. Even without the radio on 🙂

  58. jaecywong says:

    muah cheesie~ all the best~ i’ve got 7 doggies to take care of~ fuh~ tiring~

  59. Biolovepulse says:

    Haha.. anybody has membership with Malaysia Dog and Puppy Portal?

    Log on to for more tips..

    Really look forward for your appearance during one of the gathering, Chessie!

  60. cheesie says:

    ponikuta: Thanks again for the useful tips. I just tried grooming her today and it seemed to work, except that she still refuse to let me comb through her snout. But patience is the key i guess!
    Steffi: Thank you ! ^^
    lasilasi: Haha no problem! Don’t worry bout the pic, you’ll see so much of them until you get sick of them! 🙂
    Nicole: Nowadays most of the pets sold in pet shops have no mka, unless you buy them from shopping centres, which can be twice the price. How did you get yours for 900 with mka?
    CheesieFanBoy: Thanks, i’m trying to train her lo. But takes time.
    SheeNa: Angel is beautiful. What cross is she?
    Frank: Thanks for your advice. I’m taking her to the vet for her second shot tomorrow. 🙂
    Cindy: Sam is cute! But… you feed him Chivas!!!666
    jaecywong: And so you are the snow white!
    Biolovepulse: Thanks! *clicks link*

  61. blur-devil says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    Been following-up with your blog.

    I have two dogs. A maltese and a shih tzu.

    My advice (from my experience)


    Name – You MUST keep calling her name (clearly of course.. =P).
    She must familiarise with her name. You will know (that she knows her name), when you call her and normally she’ll response to you. For my dog, when I call them, their ear will move a bit upwards and run to me.


    Toilet Time – Like what Geri said, its true. DISCLIPNE! I’ve train my dog to pee & poo in the cage. They will run back and do their business (automatically) in the cage. Its very hard to beat them but its only for the first few months. If you don’t do that, chances are when they grow older, they won’t really learn. As they like to mark their territory, you have to watch out for the first few months. You must stress the word NO to them. This will also assist you in other stuff (i.e. She’s biting your clothes and you have to tell her NO and she will understand its a forbidden thing!)


    Try not to bring your dog (before the first 3 jabs) to pet shops, parks, vet unless you have to. This is because her immunity is not strong yet. The FIRST WEEK is the most crucial. Make her familliar with the surrounding of your place. =P Normally during the first few days, she will cry (or maybe not). Try to buy a cheap alarm clock (the small box type) and put inside the cage next to her. she will sleep better with it as she will think that it’s her mother’s heart beat.


    Immunisation – First 3 jabs with deworming (must)


    You must learn how to clean her ears (there;s a technique involving ear drops) as it will be a headache if she has ear mites.

    erm… think that’s about it that i can think of…(hehe)
    good luck and have fun!


  62. :: Nicole :: says:

    cheesie: i didn’t get boboie from shopping mall pet shop.. i got it at pudu, kl.. my friend’s bf got a mix shih tzu for her so she recommended that pet shop to me.. they sell it really cheap with mka cert.. no cert lagi cheaper lah..

    anyway, i bring boboie for grooming once aweek and i clean his ears everyday.. the grooming only cost me rm15.. yeah.. rm15!! at pet safari i think it’s about 50 or more.. cutting nails is already rm10.. so now i pay rm15 per grooming and when he grows bigger, the price would increase but it will be no more than rm80..

    hmmm.. would it be a good idea if we ALL get our doggies and have a meet up? then we can share information.. haha.. i thought of bringing boboie for sunday treats at pet safari 🙂

  63. :: Nicole :: says:

    geri: thanks for the info.. so far boboie is doing alright.. he has no problem sleeping in the dark! 🙂 i don’t have to switch on a light for him..

    the prob i’m facing now is his barking and he likes to bite! should i file his teeth? think better don’t BUT his teeth is sharp n it hurts! grrrrrrr… i whacked him but he still bite.. i put him into the cage after he bit me, he still repeat it *sigh*

    as i’m moving to my new condo soon, i’m really scared that my neighbours will complain if they hear boboie barks.. do u think they would be able to hear if ALL my doors and windows are close??

  64. kelv says:

    most importantly are the vaccinations! remember to give all doses and yearly vaccinations.
    Do not feed your doggie with saltish food.. that means no table food for your dog yah..otherwise will get skin disease easily.

  65. puppyluv says:

    my baby is a maltese/shih tzu mix, which i hv found to be the kinda perfect breed mix. sometimes this breed stuff is so confusing, i think its not important, what’s important is its personality n suitability as a companion for the owner’s life style.

  66. Meikee says:

    your dog is cute! so adorable!

  67. naVICgaTOR says:

    i got a friend who is a part-time dog trainer. u can contact me if u’re interested~

  68. gal20 says:

    cute!cute!cute! cheesie, when will u go travelling, let me take care of cheddie!

  69. :: Nicole :: says:

    naVICgaTOR: can i have your contact??

  70. yue says:

    congrats on ur new dog!!!! shes very cute!!
    i have a maltese poodle myself and females are usually easier to potty train than males because they dont “mark their territory”.
    u should let her around the house, it will poop and pee a few times but its worth it esp since she refuses to do it in the cage. When it does, puts her nose close so that she smells it and smack her on the head and then bring her to the spot where u want her to pee/poo. it should work within a week.

    malteses get knots super fast!!!! U HAVE to comb!! my dog has millions of knots around the leg area so comb those bits the most

  71. x says:

    it is normal, don’t bath it for a few days after vaccination and everything is going to be fine .


  72. WenDy says:

    Your cheddie is sooooo cute! Actually I forced my bf to buy me a cute puppy for my wedding gift if he wants to marry me lar… I can take cheddie as my propose wedding gift. haha! thx!

  73. Elsie says:

    hie there, i’m very much a dog lover too. owned 4 dogs, not too mention some ‘adopted’ ones :p well anyway, yea, it’s perfectly normal for Cheddie to feel like that after vaccination. My dogs were all like that. It will take a day or two for Cheddie to be her usual self. The reason is that the dogs are all traumatized by the injections and will merajuk. Yea, dogs do that too! :p You will have lots of fun with Cheddie, trust me. She will be your soul mate, literally speaking 😉

  74. Elsie says:

    ooops, forgot to mention that it is advisable not to bathe Cheddie for at least a week. You don’t want her to have a fever or some infection. Try give her some treats to make her less moody. It worked on my dogs.

  75. chellcee says:

    reminds me of the puppy I once had….. for two days. My relative asked me to take care of his Hush Puppy dog .. or a basset hound if you prefer.

    Poo-ed in the garden, poo-ed in the crate, only place wouldn’t poo was when I took him on an hour long walk.

    Oh. And ate his own poo too.


    I like toy dogs =)

    Cheddie is very cute =) Hope you have fun and gain loads of patience during the training!

  76. Leo says:

    Yeah, like x said, it’s normal for her to be a little bit depressed, probably her immune system is working up to the vaccine. Unless she’s very lethargic, depressed, refuse to eat,drink or having diarrhoea, that’s when the red alert sounds. Other than that, don’t bath her and check if she have any irritation on the area where she was vaccinated. If you’re still worried about her being slightly depressed, why not ask your vet for some supplements for her appetite like multivit? Was she dewormed too? Don’t freak out if you see any worms in the feces. It’s normal, it means the worms in her digestive tract are dying and lost their hold unto the surface of your dog’s intestine.

  77. Cute Dog says:

    wat a cute dog and fluffy dog u have finally
    i like fluffy dog too. but my mum not allow me to have one.
    i very jealous u now.
    your maltese is juz like bear bear.
    i like i like

  78. jaecywong says:

    just like leo said, give cheedie multivitamin or something~ 🙂 i think its best that u let cheedie rest more.. 🙂 she’ll be alrite.. dun worry~

  79. clement says:

    wow….she is cute than u ar cheesie…

  80. illusionx says:

    yatta~! Kawaii ne~!
    Mini-maltese o.O? That maltese you bought appears smaller than the one I bought XO But…nevertheless…still cute xD and huggable… (if it’s big enough for you to cuddle XD)
    I let my maltese stay in the cage for the first few months because you need to train your doggie on basic -stuff- before letting her running about and messing up your place. o.O Pay close attention to your pet– especially in the night.. when you’re sleeping. My dog made quite a din back when she’s still in the cage… and I had sleepless nights. the best is get her a cute little home XD

  81. Kay says:

    I always like gals over boys… but my first furball, I didn’t really pay attention to it… now that I have her… I would want a second girlie… again… 😛

  82. yue says:

    my dog became like that after her vaccine so it shouldn’t be problem, she would prob feel so tired and sleep for a day and then she should be fine

  83. Geri says:

    Nicole: Erm.. then you’ll have to pray hard for understanding neighbors! hahaha 😛 Dun worry, you dog will be alrite. 🙂

    Mine likes to bite too when he gets excited during playing. Usually i ll smack his butt.. and he will back off. Erm.. he still bite from time to time. :p If you are used to it then i suggest to not do anything out of the ordinary like filing his teeth. 🙂

  84. Jane says:

    My doggie was given a de-(heart)worm injection and doc said the side effect (dizziness) would only wear off days later. so it’s normal, cheesie. it was quite fun to watch my doggie so passive, and oh how cute! good time to groom and clean them, without trouble! good luck to u cheesie, ur gonna be a doggie pro too, soon!

  85. chelle says:

    it’s normal 4 doggie 2 b quiet & less active than usual after da shots, usually da dog will become its usual self after a day or two…at times, my dog shows no appetite even if i offer its fav snacks….so no worries, da effects will wear off soon…send it 2 da vet if da condition persists 4 more than 2 days…

  86. jasmine sg says:

    Yup, like Ponikuta said…

    don’t feed wet food.. maltease (in this case, your cheddie is not. i am 101% sure it’s not) fur are easily browned and stained by moisture..

    and feeding canned food will give tooth problems in future.

  87. Matthew says:

    I’ve a female cat at home. I’ve had her spayed to prevent it from getting pregnant anymore.

    With a cat, you don’t face problems like defecating in the house, you don’t have to give them a bath that often and they’re sweet little creatures.

    Ahhh…the joys of owning a cat. Haha.

  88. Ken says:

    I attended a puppy training school and suggest a reward when your puppy gets it right. When she pees and pooh at the right place, give them a reward like liver treats. At early stage, it’s important to constantly observe when they will pee and pooh… If you’re interested, i could send you the notes I have.

  89. ahwenBABY says:

    hey there… can i know where is the pink ears doggie u took picture from?? she soo cute~~~ and actually why does its ears become pink?? and does it remain or will fade after some time?

    *sorry for asking stupid questions.. i’m a noob in pets..

  90. Jazzmint says:

    Congratulations cheesie!

    yes after vaccination dogs seems quiet de… u know i like them when they are quiet… i think they are so kuai ~ good natured…

    well, for puppies as long as u feed them, check their nails, bathe them… dont shower too much attention other wise they can climb over u…. :):) what i mean — demanding… like bark non stop…

    u can start training them with potty trainning.. but it’s so difficult… the best way is leave them in the cage or an area where u like them to do their poo poo then after that only let them out to play – the rule is to make it a habit.

    and other then that dun let them eat those kind of chewies things.. they can choke and die… once teddy got choke.. i had to stroke him.. until he vomit out… so scary experience…

    other than that.. the ticks part is quite horrid.. i dunno how dogs at home get ticks.. just like how come houses have lizards and cockroaches.. … check them … de-tick them… place ticks in dettol solution till they drown and die… then dettol ur pup..

    hope it helps.. enjoy… it’s really a responsibility to have a doggie… 🙁 and 🙂 i call ir bitter sweet 🙂

  91. cheesie says:

    Thank you guys, Cheddie is back to her cheesy self now! Thanks for all the tips. I will keep those in mind. 🙂

  92. krystal says:

    ur cheddie is soooooooooooo cute!!but how cum her ears not pink??

  93. cheesie says:

    Krystal: Didn’t dye her ears lo.

  94. Shazz says:

    Your Cheddie is very adorable & sweet. My <a href=http://www.mypetmaltese.comMaltese is also very sweet. Her name is Bebo

  95. Ryma says:

    hi, your cheddie is soo cute, can you tell me where did you bought her from? i soo want to buy a puppy,
    can any of you help me? i guess most of you guys own a puppy 🙂
    thanks for your help

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