I brought Cheddie for her second vaccination today and when she got home, she became very quiet and less energetic. Seems moody too. Can anyone tell me if this is normal?


(Yes yes yes you get pictures this time!:D 😀 :D)

I went Cheddie hunting. I must find her. Even if it means turning all the pet shops in KL upside down.


This is the one! Whoa business damn good giler.




There were three Maltese!!!

Ok only shows two here because, because, because MY Maltese was in my arms!


There was a Jojo carbon-copy! Sooooo pink. But her face is too wide. I prefer the tiny mouth squirrel-like Maltese.


They only had female puppies. Male dogs are generally more preferable, and i was thinking of having a male one.

Not opposite attracts la. But female dogs are troublesome!

They have period every six months!! And the best part is, one average heat cycle for a dog is approximately 3 weeks! WHOA, not die meh, PMS kao kao man. I wonder if they become bitchy!

Apart from that hor, i’ll be so worried for her since you know la, lately so many rape cases! I won’t be letting her out just in case she run away with some random mongrel, have sex and give birth to a.. a… a… BASTARD! I’ll be infuriated!


Haih. But then again.


You know, just like falling in love, it’s very much fated.

I saw Cheddie and i knew she was The Cheddie.

Female is fine! Maltese is a girly breed, because you’ll want to tie ribbons and laces and whatnot girly crap on her head. It’s ridiculous to do that to a male puppy (which makes him a tranny) so yea, i think i made the right choice!








Cute anot?


Cheddie’s ears are stuck out, which makes her extra kiiuuut, like a bunny! Bunny Cheddie! null

They said it’s because she’s growing teeth. After awhile they will drop down and become floppy. =]

They bathed Cheddie before i brought it home.

Oh My Cheddie she looks like a kitty.

In the car.


I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies. I love fluffy puppies.


Cheddie’s new home!

Ok not exactly a delightful home

I hate this kind of cage. I’m buying her a beautiful crate when she is housebroken. 😀

Cheddie’s first meal at home.


A few of my fav photos of Cheddie.

This is my first baby and i want to be very careful.

If you have any advice for me on puppy care please please please cheesy please leave your droppings here. Cheddie and I will be excheesingly happy. 🙂