Pun of the day:
When i heard that bird flu was coming again, i chickened out at my meaty meals.

The sick birds again!

Urghh! It’s so sien. Bo bien but avoid eating chicks.


But chicken is sooooo inevitable in Malaysian’s diet, unless you are a fruitarian. Ever since the bird flu alarm, i discussed with my friends carefully where to eat.


TT and i reached the food court.

Me: Now hor, we cannot eat KFC, cannot eat chicken rice, curry chicken, ayam goreng, even if we eat zhap fan, we have to pick the dishes very carefully!
TT: So how? What are you gonna eat?
Me: I eat pork noodle. You?
TT: I eat hor fun la.
Me: KENNNNOT!!!!!! Hor fun got kai see (shredded chicken)!
TT: Oh ya hor ya hor. Dunno la, damn hard to choose if i have to avoid chicken.
Me: Eat beef noodle la.
TT: Don’t like beef. Maybe i eat zhap fan and “fa sang gei geok” soup.
Me: null
TT: What?
Me: Peanut chicken feet soup? You know the chickens, they ran around here and there and had got virus and dirt stuck on their feet, that’s the most infected body part of a chicken!
TT: Yeee yer. *geli* Haih so hard one. I also eat pork noodle la. I go order some roast duck also. You want?


Chickens are so kesian. They are reared caged, then beheaded when grown up, then chopped and minced and cooked and fried in a million ways.

Then they had to suffer flu when they were alive! (I know it’s not like the fever flu kinda flu but still!)



We went to buy some snacks after that. TT picked up something, studied interestedly and asked,

“This one got bird flu ah?”

Soon Ann chicken biscuit, haha.


I replied, “This one is probably made of their 5 generations ago. Their grand grand grand grand parents were healthy i think.”



I was curious why chicken biscuit is being called chicken biscuit. I also wondered if it is “crispy chicken” flavor (sic) biscuit, or crispy “chicken flavored” biscuit? Urgh nevermind.

So i flipped behind and check the ingredient.


I didn’t know “sugar” in english is gula.




The biscuit is made of a total different animal, which is not even a BIRD, and they called it “CRISPY CHICKEN FLAVOR BISCUIT”???

HARO? Which part of the biscuit got chicken ah?

How on earth can pigs smell like chicken????? Maybe they fed the babes with too much AYAMAS nuggets? Another suggestion is that it’s made of a (kind of) pig called “Chicken”.

What’s with all the bogus ingredients/ food’s name?
(I wrote about fake shrimps, salmon and tandoori chicken last year.)


This world is siao. We have insane cows, birds with running noses and pigs with JE. How? No need to eat meat. Be a vegetarian you think? Few days ago i saw an article about bananas that got poisoned and became blacknanas because of the stupid flood.


But…… Can we eat chicken already not?