Pun of the day:
I like receiving letters because i like to be kept posted.

I’m very angry.

Today i went to the post office to send one of my Wardrobe’s item off to a reader in Miri, Sarawak. Long long time ago when i first started Cheesie’s Wardrobe, it only took me about RM4+ for Pos Laju delivery to peninsular Malaysia and RM5+ to east Malaysia. Few months ago, they have imposed this stupid 10% “Surchaj Bahan Api” (fuel surcharge), without a solid reason (petrol got increase again meh?).

Then fine, because all these while i reckon Pos Laju has been pretty efficient in delivering parcels (on time, no omission or damage), so i stick to it, even though it’s getting more and more expensive.



A tube top (0.126kg) to Miri cost me RM freaking 7.53!

So i asked the staff why is it so expensive, she answered that there’s some surcharges blah blah blah so the price increased yada yada yada.


Gao mei?




She added that it will take an additional 4 days for my parcel to reach the destination.

WHY SO LATE?!??! It always takes only one day to reach any location in Malaysia, that’s why i pay so much for Pos Laju.

Now 5 days wor?

Might as well call it POS LAMBAT! Wtf.

She never explained why is there a 4 days delay in delivery. Naturally i thought of the recent flood incident lo.

But is that even an excuse?

Their postmen have to swim across the flood meh?!??!

Then i said to her, i might as well use normal post, since Pos Laju also taking so long.

She replied, “Oh, all post also the same, have to wait for 4 more days la!
(Meaning if normal mail takes 5 days to reach Sarawak, now it takes 9 days).

Mosquito also sleep la, 5 days! Siao. What if i want to courier Roti Boy over? Mai busuk liao?

Summore their Pos Express claims “Gerentee sampai esok”. Sampai their head. I go to Pos Malaysia website, they never mention anything about the extra surcharge, the delay (oi at least give an explanation!), the extra extra surcharge. They never even update their postage rates.

What kind of Pos is it?

Why our country liddis one? When they make a mistake, they do no explain, and it’s our fault anyway anyhow anycheese, and summore make us PAY EXTRA for their lousy service!!!

See, if your company has a glitch in service, do you apologize frantically then maybe compensate your customers (in whatever way la, make the charges cheaper, give free gifts, patronize kao kao also can), or do you make you customers pay more to cover your mistake???




I definitely, definitely think RM7.53 is too much a postage fee for a 0.126 KG top you buy from a cheesy website (imagine if you buy a pair of 1kg shoes!). Even i myself won’t pay that much. My dear Cheeserlanders! I will bear for their dumb, stupid, foolish, dim-witted, imbecilic, oafish, moronic, idiotic, obtuse action, and charge a measly RM5 postage fee* for the items you buy.

Please continue support me. Thank you.


*Subject to item’s weight hor.