Oh. My. Dog.

June 25, 2007 in Cheddie&Pets

I just bought myself a Maltese.

There goes my life.


P/S: 0_o I just found out that Malaysians are so generously receptive when it comes to food hygiene. I thought i would have gotten comments like “OMG Cheesie you’re disgusting!” or “I expected you to be fussier than that. Eeew.”. BUT! Most commented that it’s okay to have an occasional hair in their food. 0_o

21 responses to “Oh. My. Dog.”

  1. Porkie says:

    Congrats on your new ‘baby’!! 😀

  2. cherylc says:


    post em up!!! I love maltese!!!!!

  3. mama says:

    omc ! m missing cheddie !

  4. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Congrats Ringo!!! 🙂
    Is a he or she?

  5. emily says:

    I wanna see Cheddie! we all want to see pics, pretty pretty please 🙂

  6. x says:

    male or female? Wanna be Inlaws?

  7. :: Nicole :: says:

    OMG! u got a doggie too?? i got mine a month ago.. mine is a male shih tzu.. he’s 3 months old now.. check him out :-

    btw, u’re right.. there goes your life.. no more waking up late in the morning, no more out shopping without worrying about your doggie, must find place where they allow dogs, have to clean up their pee n poo, have to train them n etc..

  8. sheon says:


    Hahahhaa….finally you bought yourself what you’ve been yearning for for…..years? Many happy doggy years together!!!

    Share some pics pleaese……….:)

  9. rainyuki says:

    oh great, and i got myself a cat. that makes … 2 animals in a week 🙂

  10. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Oh wow so you got a doggy eh? Maltese? well its a good choice for a pet, though now you will be slaving away doing the bath, catch flees, buy food, go for walks, train etc etc well there goes your life RIngo chang……hahaha just joking lar, its great having a dog just dont let em out on their own too often espeacially if its a she….-__-lll

  11. Steffi says:

    Uh…is the picture missing? Pictures!!! =D

  12. pmc says:

    PICTURES! 😀 Bet she’s a cutey too?! 😀

  13. dave63 says:

    Cheesie are you ready to care for cheedie? You know I work for a veterinarian. Be sure to get cheedie shots and if you will not breed cheedie then get cheedie fixed. As for fleas and ticks, try Frontline and Heartgard, two products we sell here at the clinic to protect cheedie. Lots of luck and call if you have any questions. Congratulations my Friend.

  14. dave63 says:

    sorry for all the comments, my computer is acting up.

  15. clement says:

    maltese? nice….

  16. cheesie says:

    Porkie: Thanx!
    cherylc & emily & Steffi & pmc: Soon soon!
    mama: I’ll bring her back soon! 🙂
    Ying Bin: It’s a she. 🙂
    X: Girl wor. Yours?
    Nicole: Your baby is cute! What’s his name?
    Sheon: Thank you and i will! 🙂
    Rainyuki: Congrats on your cat! Hope it keeps you dad good company. 🙂
    Cheesiefanboy: I just bathed her today and she smells good. 🙂
    dave: I’m taking her for her second shot this weekend. Maybe you can be my pet consultant then! 🙂

  17. x says:

    i have a male cat, can mix with your dog ?

  18. Dax says:

    Hi Ringo,

    Looking forward meeting you at K9 event in Bandar Utama.
    Good Luck with your Maltese..

  19. :: Nicole :: says:

    cheesie: his name is boboie.. haha.. wanna meet him someday? he’s just 3 months old but he’s so BIG! heheh.. must be something i fed :p~

  20. Felipe says:

    helloo darling, its felipe here! r u still remember?
    how r u doing?
    so, i’m in korea right now
    i was look about my name in google.com and i find ur blog
    well, get my msn, is felipeeheck@hotmail.com
    i hope everything is fine with u,
    take care

  21. cheesie says:

    Felipe: Hey Felipe! I’ve added you. 🙂

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