OMFC can you believe it????!?!666

I bao gei (broke machine, literally) in just 5 days!!!




Cheddie went through lawns, lakes, jungles, highlands, deserts (got freaking poisonous cobras), caves, valleys, ice lands (and freaking fierce polar bears), hell (!!! they call it “the other world“), then finally a place that looks like heaven! Then she finally found the magic flower she was looking for to cure her sick little Maltese brother. Whoa the background music was damn touching can cry.

These games ah, really make you feel as though you were there. To explore everything, to experience the frightening wild animals and the sweetness of fruits. To travel around the Wanko World!

Then you know what happened?






Wei! I wasn’t even prepared for it leh! I got so many butterfrrries and and fishies (yea, the wankos can fish!) and bug bugs yet to catch!! So fast end liao?!? CANNOT!!!!

OMC i really bu she de the game. I almost cried at the ending!

I’m sure you can understand that feeling! Say, after playing 178 days and 178 nights of (insert your choice of dark-eye-circle inducing PS game), THE FINAL MOMENT!

When you finish the game the feeling is one of triumph yet you still feel somewhat disappointed. You end up just holding the joypad numbly (normally till the end of the game it requires aggressive and frantic finger movements, so by then you should not be feeling your hand already) and staring at the screen like an oaf with an urge to lachrymose.

I thought got something else (still in denial, can’t believe it just ended like that), but “press start button” wor! 🙁

For a moment i felt relieved. I have finally ended this nightmare and my eyes ached like hell. I wanted to swear not to play any PS games, EVER! For days I dreamt that i became a one of the wankos! Just look at how these games have an impact on your mind.

Then for another moment i felt completely lost! Like, okay so i completed the game, NOW WHAT?

Happy but disappointed. Relieved but lost. Warao almost drove me cheeses.

That’s what happens when you constantly face things that are square (tv screens, laptop screens). I wonder if one’s brain become square slowly in the end!

I suddenly have this image of an evil boss who always likes to scold his submissive employees “Like that also dunno! Why so stupid, your brain square one is it!!”.

I dun wanna have a square brain. null




Please tell me how you felt when you bao gei-ed. I dunno if what i felt was normal!

Urgh… Very late d. Must sleep. Good night Cheddie!