Pun of the day:
i ran out of pun lately because my brain was pun-ctured, Sorry. 😐

Whoa can you believe it? A seven year old cupcake gave this 21-year-old vintage cheese homework to do!

Misha Pie tagged me and i’m supposed to write 8 random facts about myself. That’s my homework. -_-


Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute, since when has the world turned upside down?!? I might as well ask Cheddie to cook me Mac&Cheese for breakfast.

I hate tags! These.. these.. these… Meme! (Erm, Memes?) Uhm, whatever you call them! I never do them! I just blissfully ignore them! Who sets the rules that people who get tagged must meme it!? If not then how? Will i slip upon a slice of oreo cheesecake, fall onto a barbecue grill, have grilled mozzarella stuck on both by eyes, then mis-step and drown in a pot of boiling Gorgonzola fondue?



Eeeeeeeevil Misha Pie. Think i’m gonna break record and do the first stupid meme in my life? You wish!



Okay. You wished.

(I’m doing it just because i think you’re delicious okay).

Ok la, here you go.


Eight   cheesy   randomly cheesy   cheesily random   random facts about me

1. I tried to preach Ringoism, 3 years ago—failed. All my Cheesiples either

a) switched religion because they failed to practice the obsession with cheese and the patience of not being easily cheesed-off, diligently. They too failed a series of excruciating tests to prove their worthiness of being a Ringoist, conducted by our Ringoism Guru. Lastly, they failed to prove their obedience and faith to her royal Ringoness from time to time.

b) became chee-seen.

2. I’m allergic to Capricorns (they deprive my cheesiness, then i will become malnourished, which, in severe cases, my bones melt. See, very serious one, don’t pray pray) and I will never date a Capricon, EVER again.

3. I have this foreknowledge that i was gonna be a really lousy punster, but that doesn’t stop my penchant for puns and i couldn’t really resist the urge to spit out some bad puns every now and then. So i chose to make cheesiness my nature, so you can’t really blame me! You can say “Oh man, her puns are so cheesy” all you want. Wahaha. Yes i’m an incorrigible punster. Please don’t incorrige me to pun anymore.

4. I’m the best Sadako impersonator in the world.

5. I really really hated doughnuts. Till today, i still can’t believe i ate the hole thing.

6. I really have had enough of people calling me Chessie and Cheddie Cheedie. GRRRRRRRR!

7. I lied. I’m 23.

8. I hate Meme. So don’t ever meme me ever again.




Erm actually, I do wanna meme you. Wahaha. Wohoho. Wehehe.

Meme from Cheesie:

Post up 8 pictures of your different hairstyles (the crazier the better). Me first.


1. The Red Hightlight
The mildest change.


2. The So-passé Diva
Prolly can spot the pose and oversized gloves at your grandma’s wedding album.


3. The Double Laap Cheong

Ultimately Lala with a hint of festivity. Best paired with Char Kuey Teow and Popiah.


4. The WTF-is-this
Snake? Centipede? Butterfries?


5. The Medusa-Geisha

Whacks you with her kao kao chthonic face powder and gaze at you until you turn into stone and if you don’t die yet, her smelly spider hair will crawl over and poison you to hell.


6. The Mushroom (every inch my real hair okay)
If big enough can act as a mini umbrella. Oh and you don’t need an extra pillow in that lousy motel.


7. The suicidal Chun Li
Fight with you in Chinese Dim Sum restaurants with her insane little Spiderboy ally (who has attempted multiple failed suicide missions). If she can’t beat you, she kills herself (she thinks she can do so with her index finger. Haha. Idiot).






8. The Sadako
Steals your cheese, and climbs out from your fridge. Nuff said.




Sorry okay i admit. It’s just a sorry excuse for some vanity boost. Long time no look into the magic mirror and indulge in some self deception.

I tag: Whoever comment on this post. Muahaha evil leh. Oh and, let’s not forget, Misha Meringue. Wahaha. Wehehe Woohoho.


I changed my mind. Since i missed my Bon O and am so freaking sien here. I decided to bunnyhop people’s blogs. Here i come tag you. If you’re tagged, you have to meme my meme, if not, please refer to the above consequences.


Guys not excluded. I dun care! Make do with whatever you have! Unless you’re bald, you die die also have to do it (hey i just gave you a reason to camwhore).


P/S: Is okay la. Dun do also can. You won’t drown in fondue one, i promise.