Guess what?

July 21, 2007 in Cheesellaneous

Pun of the day:
Where did i get that luck to spot a pair of good denim? It’s in my jeans.

I’m the happiest girl cheese today.

I think i just bought the most beautiful pair of jeans you can ever get in KL (although it’s very likely i might change my mind two months later) from Guess.




I manage to find the last pair of my size in KLCC!!!




For a 30% discount!!

Muahaha. Whehehe. Wohoho.


People, please tell me if you’ve found your perfect pair of jeans. If yes, please share with me where you found it. 🙂


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45 responses to “Guess what?”

  1. mama says:

    look more like a confused cheese, ooi, where is ur drawing skill, u were good in art during school days…

  2. XiaoJingLing says:

    si I assume that means you REALLY have two legs ;D

  3. naVICgaTOR says:

    wow… u’ve got a comment from cheddie’s grandma~ wahaha

  4. azeelia says:

    despite the fact that jeans makes ppl look good but shopping for jeans…especially searching for the RIGHT ONE for you, can be seriously stressful *sigh*

  5. Tara says:

    OMG the cell phone strap are soo cute

  6. Tara says:

    ps: fan of hello kitty

  7. Lavender Blue says:

    Hey chessie, how much u bought it for???? do they have larger sizes?

  8. stalker2 says:

    the way u laugh is scary!

  9. lol, thanks for dropping by my blog. Replied ya at the comment box.

    And One more thing, I just have to say this here..OMGAWDXORS GUESS JEANS!!!!! *jealous*

  10. Steffi says:

    Good for you…I still have not found my perfect pair of jeans.

  11. sheon says:

    Understand. Finding a pair of perfect jeans is like discovering the Holy Grail. I found mine at Nautica 8 years ago.(40% discount)….now no more liao. Now my almost-perfect jeans is levi’s….but…its just an almost-perfect jeans. sigh………no thanks to my huge thighs, finding a pair of fitting jeans is such a pain. waist can fit…thighs cant…..thighs can..waist is way loose. stupiak.

  12. a shen says:

    ur mum remind me ur drawing skill..:D
    aneway the pic is so cute..

  13. cheesie says:

    a shen!!!: OMC! Do you still keep the letters we wrote each other? 😀 😀 😀

  14. cheesie says:

    Mom: I didn’t even draw that!!!666
    XJL: More on that later!
    Vic: Would only be surprised if i got a comment from Cheddie.
    azeelia: You find it when you least expect it (also when your wallet is the thinnest! 🙁 )
    Tara: I think you can buy it online. 🙂
    Lavender Blue: Sorry i cannot reveal the price here, cuz my mom reading my blog 0_0. But yes i think they still have size 27 and 28. Fast fast go!

  15. Lala says:

    how does de jeans look like??

  16. cheesie says:

    stalker2: Muahaha wehehehe wohoho huahuahua.
    Don’t angry la young child: I shall try it then! 🙂
    Steffi: Gambatte kudasai. Guess really has some good denim, but expensive lo.
    sheon: lol. Custom make la.

  17. Stephen says:

    My perfect jeans would always be Levi’s 501… the button flies are faster during ummmmm emergencies…

  18. cheesie says:

    lala: Shiny denim, just find the one with flowery lining as above. You won’t miss it. 🙂

  19. dave63 says:

    Jeans are as natural as cheese on a ham sandwich, Buy Levi and you can not go wrong.
    Hi Cheesie “love the Art work”

  20. a shen says:

    hoho…wat do u thk???they are still lying quietly inside my drawer…usually i lock them inside..ahaha..jz took out n hav a look..saw that i gt all the copies as u said u wanted to keep ur original drawing…
    u r like the doll that u drew to me…
    v prettty doll!!!!hehe
    one more thing..the way u fold the letter…haha!!!remember???v special n creative u r since young..

  21. adz says:

    hey..bettina liano jeans has AWESOME cutting! it’s like one of the most miraculous jeans ever! u can get it from Aseana KLCC ! =)

  22. Zoe says:

    done the meme! 😀

  23. sheon says:

    cu$tom make? wah…$$$$………i’d rather spend on shoes and (pretend to) be contended with my almost-perfect-jeans….. lurve me shoes…..

  24. Porkie says:

    Cheesie-dear – You should get a pair of Evisu x Adriano Goldschmied jeans…hehe..the counterpart to my recently purchased ones… limited somemore..later can sell in wardrobe for higher price..wahaha.. 😉

    Mama – you should have seen what she was drawing on the table cloth in sunway last time!! 😀 😛

  25. doll says:

    cheddie help u to draw the last pic iszit!?

  26. amelia says:

    yea, agree that finding a perfect pair of jeans could be stressful at times. My perfect pair would be from levi’s. The last 1 i bought was the levi’s lady style and it looks perfect! *well, at least on me. lol*. Sumore, it was on 20% discount! 😀

  27. steffie mei says:

    Cheesie Jiejie, do they have a sized 22-24? :o) I want a new pair of jeans too… my rock n republic one is already so old la.

  28. cheesie says:

    Dave: Thanks to you.
    a shen: OMCCC!!! I so evil meh?! I kept all the ori ah?!? Damn. I shal blog about them. Muahahah.
    zoe: Yay! Love the latest style!
    sheon: Urgh macam pempuan suka kolek kasut!
    porkie: exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpsensive!!!666
    doll: Wahah she went bonkers after i fed her absinthe. Uhm… Kidding.
    steffie mei: WHOA yet another call me jie jie?!? How old are you steffie pie? Yes yes yes they have 24!
    xxingg: Thanks!

  29. sheon says:

    hey…..having a soft spot for shoes is not girly-girly ok? 😛 looking forward to my additional clarks collection flying in from london soon. 🙂

  30. ec says:

    i luuuuuv jeans…..i think i’ve got more than 10 pair of jeans!

    3 pairs guess limited edition jeans ( time ask for a limited edition ones), levi’s ladystyle frm japan, 3 pairs from ralph lauren, mngs etc etc

  31. Calypso says:

    I’m a little confused… why is there another blog? *lost*

  32. kamen says:

    hahaha good for u cheesie
    happy happy *clap clap*

  33. Porkie says:

    Cheesie-dear – where got..just get someone to bank roll that for you 😛 😀 You’re lucky I didn’t say RMC Jeans..tell you the price later 😛

  34. max says:

    when r u gonna give me a treat with u in a sailor’s uniform?

    can’t wait to

    *Vulgarities censored. Please have some decency. There’s a 7-year-old reading my blog. And please don’t fake a blog too. Thank you.*

  35. skim says:

    post up a bigger pic! i can hardly see the jeans!

  36. I actually found my perfect pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago. I only wear Levi’s, but they’re quite expensive back home, and my waist is not as wide as the average Aussie so it’s not easy hard to find a pair that fits. The folks in the Levi’s Store in 1U were extremely helpful though and I laid down some cash for what is, in my opinion, the perfect pair of jeans.

  37. deJelly says:

    hey cheesie!!
    Malaysia still has the best food…

    oh.. and did i mentioned.. I tried cheese in Paris… there were a lot of variety! But it wasn’t nice…
    some even spoiled my appetite…

    just wondering.. how did you landed in my blob??

    = )

  38. Hayabusa says:

    though i seldom wear jeans nowadays cause by their lack of pockets (heck, even existing ones are too damn small), i do agree that finding the right pair, in some cases, the perfect pair of jeans, is extremely strenuous work… i do hope that you won’t have a change of mind & that liking of yours will last… & question for mama cheese, does cheesie spend a lot of $$ in getting clothes leh? & also, good for you for ‘producing’ such a lovely & cute daughter…

  39. sheon says:

    we have psychos roaming the blogosphere. everyone beware!!!

  40. a shen says:

    gud idea to blog ur drawing…:D

  41. lynn.wabbit says:

    i’ve nearly 2 dozens of jeans – assorted brands and cuttings.
    but at the end of the day, my favourite is still levi’s.
    and oh, nudie jeans too 🙂

  42. Pogi says:

    Wow, Jolin looks great… XD

    I have over 2 dozen jeans, and my favourite would have to be a pair of Revoltage slim jeans that I picked up from Singapore.

    For almost a decade now, I buy my wardrobe from overseas, preferrably Asia because their styles suit me and so do their sizes. 🙂

  43. jeans lover says:

    i have found my perfect pair of jeans and it has to be australia’s bettina liano and sass & bide. bettina liano is being stocked here in kl at aseana and it costs approx RM800 plus for a pair. worth the buy..

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