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July 23, 2007 in Cheesellaneous

God of War II!

After you bao gei’ed you get to change your costume and obtain some canggih accessory shit.




The Cod of War costume.

OMC so hilarious i almost farted.

I didn’t know a serious game like GOW can be so punny!

“Damn! I’d never be cod dead in this stupid costume!”


Apparently, the costume was designed by some creative PS gamer in the “Alternate Costume Contest”, and won the contest!

Whoa so cool wei, imagine your design is now seen and played by cheezillion of PS2 fanatics world-wide.

I wonder! If only i could also design something for a cheesy PS2 game like Ratatouille, which i’m currently playing too.

Wahaha, the one thing i love about Malaysia! Cheap games and you get it even before the movie sneak preview!!! So cool it freezes.

Love it! Love the scenery, love the background music, LOVE FRANCE!!

For the uninitiated (like myself), Ratatouille is a puntastic pun!

It is a French cuisine.

Doesn’t look very yummy but sure is healthy!


Whoa really can’t wait to watch it! I’m sure it’s going to be one of the cheesiest movie ever! (No no no! Pun very much not intended!!!666) ^^




Speaking of pun, there you go, the pun of the century. Or so Albert claimed.

I received this message from him on Bon Odori day.





Cheese of the day:
Oli: I was worried for you when i saw the ‘pink frilly’ photo on the side bar…i thought you only had one leg
Oli: I suppose you could still do modelling in shop windows with 1 leg….but catwalks might be difficult
Oli: Maybe with a roller skate
Cheesie: tsk
Cheesie: u dunno
Cheesie: it’s supposed to symbolize a flamingo.





I found this picture on TheStar Online. Soooooo funny.

HAHA. Who would ever dare to look at the sausages after seeing that!!!

Oh. This is prolly the most random post ever. *yawns*

29 responses to “Currently playing”

  1. Babyballet says:

    Hello Cheesie!

    I don’t dare to look at the sausages.Not worth my money. Lol…..

    Thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂

  2. mypink says:

    Oi! I wanna watch Ratatouille!! >.

  3. sheon says:

    Hahahhahaha….summore got two fish-hooks on his back one…hahahahaha!!!! his enemies will surely die from laughing!!!

  4. Hayabusa says:

    why oh why don’t i have a PS2 leh… T.T, wonder if its released in comp… but then again, the requirements may just be too high for my cheap laptop… anyway, cod of war’s downright stupid & funny, lol… wonder if anyone would make a cheese costume for it eh??…

  5. jc says:

    GOW rocks!

  6. jennyjean says:

    Haha the sausage is really funny! I wonder where the shop is! Hey i love cheese too. 🙂

  7. ahlost says:

    really got such thing ah? one look RM2??

  8. Karyn says:

    To roller skate, one will need two legs too =P

  9. ChinoDevean says:

    Yeah, wanna watch Rat-tat-too-ee too.

    More randomness, after watching HP: Order of the Phoenix, I think Cho Chang REALLY looks like you (as I’ve seen in pics).

  10. lollipop says:

    1 ‘look’ means 1 stick if im not mistaken? hahaha but this is really funny… lolz..

  11. ronlim says:

    Mmmmm I just finished GoWII for the second time yesterday. It’s one of those things you do again and again. Like watching Transformers. And publishing random posts. 😛

  12. People still play PS2 games? Hahaha.

    I must commend that U2 pun. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  13. clement says:


  14. x says:

    U2 rocks!!!!

  15. Tara says:

    hmm… look like a nice game and lol that fishy costume is damn funny hehehe…

  16. Calvinsanity says:

    wat does it actually mean? I mean the “look” and “pack”
    really look only have to pay money wan ah?

  17. jennyjean says:

    Calvinsanity: One look means like, “one stick”. In Cantonese. 🙂

  18. Albert Ng says:

    I must commend that U2 pun, too! 😀

  19. sandy says:

    jony jony – yes papa.
    eating cheese – no papa
    telling lies – no papa
    open ur mouth
    cheese cheese cheese

  20. sandy says:

    My pun of the day – “I made an mp3 of my car slowing down. It was a record braking event.”

    How do like thay cheesie. lol

  21. Aaron Tan says:

    where you find so much time to ta kei always??!!!!

  22. sheon says:

    one look = yat luk (canto) = one stick (layman)

  23. yummysuey says:

    haha, one “look”. that’s hilarious!

  24. Kerry says:

    I love GOW! Cool game!

  25. jessie says:

    Hey Cheesie~~

    Been reading ur blog for quite some time now!! =)
    Really really cheexiting~~!!

    U look really pretty and cute too, bdw!!
    Anyway..keep it up~~!!

    Looking forward to more posts from u~~

  26. adrina says:

    hahaha..for a while i wondered what it is. Then it occurred to me that ‘look’ here is the penjodoh bilangan for the sausage 😛 that’s who would wanna pay 2 bucks just to have a look at a sausage?

  27. sheon says:

    (True story, but I wasn’t there to witness it)

    Once my distant friend from Penang came to KL for a visit. He doesn’t speak Cantonese. He went up to the hawker to order a plate of fried meehoon,

    Friend: lou sai, bei ngor chao mai fun…(boss, gimme a plate of fried meehoon)
    Hawker: Sorry, mai fun mou zhor…(sorry, out of meehoon)
    Friend: kam yong……nei bei guai tiu lah…..(well, you gimme kuey tiao lah)
    Hawker: *gasp*

  28. XiaoJingLing says:

    hey it was I noticed you had one leg only /D

    by the way do you know why flamingos sleep lifting one leg? well that’s because when they lift both they fall down :p

  29. keel says:

    yeah,cheap gam in malaysia help me a lot to spend my free times when internet is not available for me!

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