HK Day 3

July 30, 2007 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong dimsum! 😀






Shopping in Mongkok! 😀


I love this restaurant!

Called Strawberry Forever, everything is strawbie-themed!


Hong Kong people love Lai Niu Har to bits. They even have Lai Niu Har sushi! 0.o

Went to Gala Place shopping mall. The shops are nice!


So victorian!

See see see. Laces and laces and more laces! *goes cheeseen*

Then there’s this shop hor, super nice wei their fashion!


So sweeeet!


I particularly liked this combination. Uber beautiful *faints*

BUT! $o expen$ive! I didn’t even dare to go in$ide that $hop becau$e i had a peek at the price tag, a top co$t$ like HK$1,200. $iao.

*faints again*

Then i finally got to eat Egg tart!!! wahaha,



So smooth!

Okay la that’s all about day 3. I know this entry is boring. No time to update properly because Cheddie just got her third vaccination, (awwww she cried like a baby *heartache*) super manja now. Have to coax her. Now she’s sleeping on my lap and chin on my hand. So cute! I dare not kacao her lo now scared to wake her now typing with one hand very difficult wei.


Update again when i have two hands to use ok!

Stay cheesed!

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64 responses to “HK Day 3”

  1. Holy crap that’s a lot of pink in that Strawberry place. Kinda scary.

    But mmm… dim sum.

  2. misha says:

    jeijie cheesie … if you want to have the best tim sum in HK you shd go to LEI GARDEN their tim sums are lovely 🙂

    poor cheedie .. misha hugs hugs cheedie

  3. doreen says:

    Did you get those egg tart in Mongkok too? Or is it just everywhere? Cheddie is sooo cute! (^_^)

  4. Penny says:

    Just got back from HK too… the stuff there can be really expensive… Seriously, I don’t think that’s a shopping paradise cos it’s too pricey!!!!!!!!

    I went to this mall (forgot the name d) nearby tai yu san, all of the shops are “outlet”, they have like Levi’s, Giordano, Esprit, Adidas and etc…

    The weather was sooooooooo hot, walk under the sun can melt~

    Anyway, your Cheddie seems manja, my Brandy (my doggy) got injected 4 jab last month and she didn’t feel anything… Too thick skin d

  5. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Poor Cheddie… 🙁 *sayang,sayang*
    I hope she gets well soon!

    When u have 2 hands to use hor,I wanna see the pics taken in Disneyland!Will stay cheesed,no worries,hehe!

  6. Kay says:

    It’s really late here for me…….. and I’m craving for some Dim Sum!!!!
    Gosh…. 🙁
    But I love the pictures your took, and Cheedie is cute.
    When Pearly had her shots, she was more scare to be on a exam table then to realize she got stab with a needle. Do you know how big Cheedie will be?

  7. Patricia says:

    Mmmm~ yummy.. *drips*

  8. sheon says:

    Holy Cheese..!!! LOOK AT THE EGG TARTS!!! HOLY MOTHER OF ALL CHEESE!! enough said.

    I’ve said this to many ppl many times…….the bestestestestest dimsum in town, in fact i reckon in whole of malaysia….is in JW Marriott Hotel!!! some chinanese themed restaurant on the first floor that is accessible from Starhill gallery…..GO!

    Poor Cheddie………………………did you tell cheddie its for her own good? I’m sure she’ll understand…. 😛

  9. ahlost says:

    Cheddie is so cute 🙂

    I’m so hungry.. Look at the tart makes me hungrier.. 🙁

  10. Leonard says:

    i did u should try the egg tart in Macau along the shophouses near the St. Paul’s Ruins

    it’s freshly made, so hot, so crispy, after eating one made you wanted to eat another one!

  11. jennyyean says:

    cheddie is so adorable! hope she gets well soon!

  12. curry says:

    the egg tart looks really delicious. and the $$$ part is funny. haha

  13. clement says:

    cheddie’s hair/fur look so smooth….i bet u comb her like princess everyday….is so good to be doggie….

  14. doll says:

    ‘daan tard’! somemore crispy pastry type(酥皮)…my favorite!

  15. nawooz says:

    how’s cheddie doing? still got the sniffles?

  16. yapthomas says:

    your HK post is like taking ages to end 😛 haha

    making me made this year’s “end-year” resolution to go Hong Kong! 😛

  17. Eri says:

    nice nice post 🙂 hk egg tart is such a yumyummmmm!

    aww cheddie /sayang

  18. jian says:

    swt…the hk tart really looks delicious lar..after seeing it making me hungry right now XD

    $1200 O.o for a shirt..really over d lar.. almost RM500+ ler… can buy a hp d lo.. @@

  19. ELLEwabbit says:

    more piccies of cheddie pwiss? x3

  20. mama says:

    lai lai, cheddie…麻麻抱抱.

  21. Calvin says:


  22. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Ringo,wat language do u use,when u r talking 2 Cheddie?English or mandarin? 🙂

  23. val says:

    wow! your pics make me wana eat dimsum like RIGHT AWAY! 🙂

  24. Lala says:

    The strawberry forever desert cafe attracts me… haha.. =)

  25. jessie says:

    * drools *

    I heard food in HK is good~~
    Well…from a fren anyway~~

    Haven had a chance to go yet….
    Awwwww…. Cheddie is super manja?
    Nvm la…. Got a lovely ‘mummy’ to jaga… =)

  26. Karyn says:

    No lah not boring =P The first half of your post made me feel hungrrryyyyy =(

    Didn’t you buy any nice clothes back?

  27. whitetulips says:

    hey cheesie… guess wut? im finally gonna go chk out CafeCafe this weekend.. cant wait lar… after reading ur review last time.. i’ve been yearning to go……. *jumps of excitement*

  28. jam says:

    I wish to be your Cheddie, haha! Anyway, you have been tagged!

  29. misha says:

    jiejie cheesie DISLIKE to be tagged .. hehehe 🙂

  30. evelyn says:

    wow the egg tart looks extremely delicious!

  31. cheesie says:

    Stevo: More like red! I rike. so rovely.
    Misha muffin: Misha bring me next time! 🙂
    Doreen: Yea got it from Mongkok. I supposed not the best one but still very very yummy!
    Penny: Agreed! Might be paradise for rich ppl but too expensive for me. Didn’t get to buy much. What breed is Brandy? You hardly post any pictures. 🙂
    Ying Bin: Disney coming soon dont worray.
    Kay: She looks smaller than other maltese puppies. I supposed not very big.

  32. cheesie says:

    Curry & Patricia: 😀 Portugese tarts are even better!
    sheon: It’s really really crispy unlike the ones in Msia. Never been to JW MArriot for dimsum. Lemmi save first ok. I told her a million times yesterday! She’s back to herself today! 😀
    ahlost: Hehe. eat before u visit Cheeserland. 😛
    leonard: I did! Totally love it!
    Jenny: Thank you!
    clement: I recently developed this compulsive obsessive comb-Cheddie condition. 0.o
    doll: yes yes yes. crispy outside and smooth inside. 😛

  33. cheesie says:

    nawooz: She’s getting a lot better now! still coughs every now and then though. 🙁
    yapthomas: Still got more to come hehe!
    Eri: *Cheddie chu Eri*
    jian: I know right. 🙁
    ELLEwabbit: Yes yes, coming. 🙂
    mama: lol. She’s happy today d. 🙂
    Calvin: wahaha. put snacks beside your laptop!!!
    Ying Bin: I speak english to her one. Next time teach her japanese. lol.
    val: Go SOHO la. almost as nice. 🙂
    lala: Right right right? 😀 so yummy looking.

  34. cheesie says:

    jessie: Yeap! Almost all the food are delicious. Go during winter though, summer is super hot.
    Karyn; No wor. too expensive 0.o 🙁
    whitetulips: YAY! SO happy for u. MUST try their foie gras okay?!? Lemmi know how it goes! 😀
    jam: *spead on toast and throws to wild dogs*
    misha muffin: Misha guai. 🙂
    evelyn: It is! Wait till you see the macau ones. 😀

  35. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    But ur mama speaks mandarin 2 her wor.
    Hi auntie! 🙂

  36. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Misha: Wrong spelling 4 Cheddie,it’s double d,hehe! 🙂

  37. Penny says:

    Ringo, Brandy is a PUG… hehe very fat and cute, i’ll post her picture soon cos she’s having skin problem now, so doctor shaved of her fur 🙁 and this might be a useful info to you, do not use Dettol to mop the floor or anywhere Cheddie sleeps, cos dogs are very sensitive towards Dettol… My mummy mops the floor with Dettol recently so poor brandy needs to be on medication now and her skin was turning pink to black!!!

  38. Lemonzing3r says:

    OMG! scrumptious!!!! 😀

    Cant wait to try those yummie food again during my next trip to HK in Sept!

  39. a shen says:

    your dress is nice..

  40. misha says:

    *jiejie cheesie* do let me know IF you come to HK ok? I will bring you to eat nice nice food .. or not me lar .. my parents hehehe

  41. samritpal says:

    hahah that food make me hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..

  42. mama says:

    hi,ying bin sousa,in bolehland,we all learn more than 1 language, dogs also no exception 🙂

  43. cereal says:

    I love the dress u’re wearing! its so pwetty~

  44. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Auntie is so funny!But u r rite,hehe!Auntie can call me Ying Bin,I’m Ringo’s fren. 🙂

  45. misha says:

    hello jiejie cheesie’s mama 🙂 .. how are you aunty?

  46. sheon says:

    misha: am i invited as well? 🙁

  47. misha says:

    korkor sheon . hehehe .. of course IF you are in HK 🙂

  48. mama says:

    hello misha sweetie. you are such an angel, do you know that you are very lucky? be happy always ok, because that is what your parents want you to be 🙂

  49. Tadpole says:

    I am hungry now and it’s all because of you! Heheheh… Your blog is cool and thanks for the comment!!! xD

  50. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I’m so jeolous of Cheesie,coz Misha is gonna bring her 2 eat nice nice food wor.Wat bout jiejie Ying Bin?Hehe,I’m juz kidding!But,IF I’m really going 2 HK next time,can u recommend some good restaurants 4 me?Pretty pls~ 🙂

  51. misha says:

    *jiejie Ying bin* hehehe .. if you come to HK .. let me know .. I will bring you to eat nice nice food 🙂

  52. misha says:

    *aunty mama* hehehe .. you are lucky too .. to have Cheesie as your lovely daughter

  53. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Thanks Misha in advance!U r so kind,n lovely too!Actually I went there once,with my family in October last year.

  54. Jane says:

    you seem to be having a really great time there, cheesie. and u look so cute eating the egg tart! realllllly concentrating there! 😀 oh, and ur cheddie.. such a sweet doggie.. they just know your soft spots, don’t they 🙂

  55. yangyang says:

    this blog should be rated with 3As~All Ages Admitted, readers here are nice n warm, n the owner is cute n friendly.

  56. shengmae says:

    Hey there Ringo. A little random comment, but just wanna thank you for dropping by my page that day. 🙂

  57. chris says:

    aawww shooo cuuuteeee haha… I wante cheddie!

  58. sheon says:

    misha….thank you so much……… 🙂 i feel honored to be invited for makan by the cutest and sweetest thing since cheese tarts….. 🙂

  59. ah c says:

    oh dear..cheddie just like a new born baby 🙂 … pls take good care to cheddie coz usally will get fever within this few days after vaccination… hahaha… i treat her just like my baby- Kimber

  60. Vene Vene says:

    hey…u should try out the bird’s nest egg tart…did you?

  61. YogaJess says:

    WAh, makes me wanna pack my bag and go for a shopping spree in HK.

  62. zewt says:

    damn…. think i need to eat something after seeing those ‘pai guats’

  63. dave63 says:

    Hi Ringo, Laly loves the outfit, How do I get one.

  64. wilzc says:

    mann.. i lurrrve lai liu har …
    too bad its rare in melbourne..
    dont think they’ve even seen a mantis prawn before.. :S