Boringer Disneyland photos.

August 30, 2007 in Hong Kong


So hot can die ok.

My Fantasyland is a place where umbrella means a kind of vodka-flavored chocolate. So this is not exactly a land of my Fantasy.

The Parade


So hot can die twice.

Ariel is my favorite Disney character! You?

There were yummy seafood galore.

Yum. Jellyfish.

Yum. Takoyaki!

Cinderella is now employed as a performer who gets paid hourly because her husband went bankrupt and become a jobless wanker who plays gameboy all day long (he can’t afford PS3).

Carrie Underwood gained so much weight her company fired her. She joins her bestie Cinderella in the parade as an Alice.

I hope she finds her slimming magic mushroom in the wonderland.

The Golden Mickeys

I think the emcee Bebe is being a little annoying.

But whoa the Tarzan really has a body to die for *drools*

I especially liked the Beauty and the Beast part. Super touching with wonderful choreography. They have this stage curtain/scrim which is semi transparent and have their performers acting behind it, creating a very surreal effect. Love it.




The Philhar Magic

No matter what happens you must must must go for this one. My fav in Disney Hong Kong.


The best 3D experience, ever!


It’s not blur hor, it’s liddat one. 3D ma.


The Characters

Very scary. In the future right, humans will become bodyguard for mice. Maybe human realized that mice are actually the greatest chefs in the world they begin to worship mice.

I love Daisy’s pink pumps. I wonder if she has any old collection i can auction off in Cheesie’s Wardrobe.

My anonymouse altercheesgo. I think she has some fashion sense issue. Where got people mouse wear pannier longer than the dress and cheese shoes that clash kao kao with her little red polka one. She must be cheeses.

He is going to divorce Minnie cuz he finally realized who he’s in love with the most.

The Pirated Mickey! Wahaha. Am i punny or what OMG.

Another one who has a problem with color coordination. Or am i so color blind i see cheese color everywhere?

Oh. Like her pink gown the most. So Paris Hiltonish.

“Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” I asked exactly that.
“Oh. I woke up just for you, baby,” she replied.

And Aurora woke up from her sweet dream to the reality and lives cheesily ever after with her new love, Cheesie. Of course, Cheesie dumped her lousy boyfriend Mickey. Okay and she made up Aurora’s reply.


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45 responses to “Boringer Disneyland photos.”

  1. Angel W says:

    the last line is cool..

  2. Faustine says:

    my fav. disney character is princess aurora. bt the one u took foto wif dsnt luk so pretty =x

  3. just a passerby says:

    u look stupid in that mickey mouse hat

  4. Cheesie says:

    Angel: Something refreshing for hot weathers.

    Faustine: I think they have several girls to pose for the Characters. I’ve seen other Cinderellas and Snow Whites on other blogs, not as pretty as the ones i saw! 🙂

    just a passerby: thanks! first of all not a hat and it’s not mickey! i wonder who is stupider. 🙂

  5. Tq for all the pic & inform! So actually nothing much to see har? Have a nice day!

  6. jessie says:


    I love Donald!!
    * quack quack *

  7. jam says:

    Your hairstyle look like mickey too. Why not posing for a photo together with them?

  8. sheon says:

    nice. cheesie was molested by mickey mouse!!! hahahahhaaaaaa

    i like your …err…..(not dress, yes) outfit. very…feminine….. 🙂

    why all the cartoon characters …..not pretty one?? disappointed….

  9. misha says:

    jiejei . how come Princess Aurora quite ugly 🙁 usually they are prettier .. hehehe 🙂

  10. Karyn says:

    Those are Asians in costumes, aren’t they?

  11. Porkie says:

    mish mish – Hehe..of course Princess Aurora looks ugly, she’s standing next to your jie jie mah..hehe…she just can’t maybe when she’s not next to jie jie she’ll look somewhat normal..hehe

    cheesie – good post this one! pix are great with your captions..hehe.. anymore to come?

    passerby – since you like to pass by, why don’t you pass by and keep going without commenting as you’ve only made yourself look stupid by doing so. do you really think it makes yourself look good commenting in such a manner? make you look tough?

  12. misha says:

    porkie .. hahaha .. you are absolutely right .. anyone next to jiejie cheesie will be not pretty SO next time Misha cannot stand next to jiejie .. otherwise will become like Princess Aurora!

  13. terence says:

    Hey what happen to all ‘male’ Disney characters lah? Why only take photos with girlz and princesses, Cheesie? You need some shots with Prince Charming lah so you can set some standard for your current/future boyfriend(s)…. or Pirate Captain more your type…hehehe…

  14. Porkie says:

    mish mish – that cannot happen ler.. mish mish is pwetty n cute 1..hehe like a mini jiejie all you need is a mini cheddie..hehe

  15. Jun says:

    hey girl! seems like u spent an entire day in disneyland eh, cos i’m guessing it’ll take like half a day to line up for pics with mouse & co :> i had the same melon milk u had too, but i din like it. preferred vitasoy taro– did u try vitasoy??

    oh and i like ur red top btw! whr’d u get it?? 😀

  16. ahlost says:

    haha.. i like “mickey loves me” photo..

  17. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    “I think the emcee Bebe is being a little annoying.”

    Totally agree with u,I hate her cantonese! -_-|||

  18. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Oh yea,Tarzan has really a nice body!!! 😀

    But the pic posted isn’t Tarzan,rite?It’s David from Lilo & Stitch.

  19. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    LOL at just a passerby! :p

  20. cheesie says:

    Horny Ang Moh: It’s small but i had fun!
    jessie: I didn’t see donald!
    jam: Neh the bodyguard lo kakacaocao. Din have a chance!
    Sheon: OMG YOU HAVE A BLOG!!!666 Some of the characters are really pretty, like Ariel and Snowie. 🙂
    Misha Peachy: You’re already a princess! Misha Princess!
    Karyn: No most of them are ang mohs. Look like russian.
    Porkie: No more. There ends my HK journey.
    terence: Disneyland very biased one. No prince charming 🙁
    Jun: Nope! I left around 5pm. I didn’t queue much at all for the photo sessions. Like i said i was really really lucky, some characters were totally alone. I got my top from a lingerie shop. It’s supposed to be a corset. =P
    ahlost: iluvmickey2!
    Ying Bin: Yea my mistake, sorry. But later he came out as a Tarzan too. 😛

  21. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Yameh?Same person ar?Poor Disneyland,low budget,lol!

  22. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Oh yea,last time I took pics with Mickey & Minnie,Goofy & Pluto,Chip & Dale n Timon.The Timon I met was so hamsap. -_-”’

    It makes me wonder if he was the Mickey who was holding u.Haha!

  23. Patricia says:

    so funny wei~~ hahahaa

  24. -SheeNA- says:

    Sleeping beauty is kinda bigggg…
    Ang moh?

  25. clement says:

    cheesie, i like mickey mouse….

  26. joe99 says:

    merdeka! i like cheeserland!

  27. ben says:

    baahahahahah! poor beauty and beast kena captioned lidat` lolsssssss

  28. miracleangel says:

    Hello! First time commenting hehe Thanks for posting up the Disneyland pics! Wish I can go there one fine beautiful day…I just love fairytales!hehe My fave character is Ariel too!:) Think I’m addicted to your blog so keep on writing! hehe

  29. Albert Ng says:

    For some reason, having the ice skating performance regularly reminds me of Blades Of Glory.

  30. Paul says:

    Think of the poor actors melting under their costumes!

  31. Lyd says:

    that last pic… sleeping beauty looks like a drag queen!

  32. S.O says:

    seems like you enjoyed your trip to HK disneyland…

  33. n305er says:

    One of my friend said that under those costumes of Minnie, Daisy, etc.. are actually guys… 😛

  34. kamen says:

    ahahaha! punny betul! =D

  35. - r y u - says:

    Whoa… looks so fun 🙂

  36. cassie says:

    my fav disney character is tinker bell, the jealous pixie.

  37. sheon says:

    hahahahaha…….i thought……….”might as well…….” …. 🙂

  38. MinnYDinO says:

    i’ll worship mickey if he’ll gv me many many cheeses !!
    (i’m a cheese lover too, but not so fond of their names…)
    u so dare go n ask aurora tat question~~haha~~
    prince charming will be so so sad…

  39. mypinkk says:

    Yes!! Bebe was really annoying. And it was ALL in Cantonese. Darn annoying!

  40. misha says:

    good morning jiejie !

  41. Porkie says:

    morning mish mish! have a good sunday 🙂

  42. misha says:

    good morning korkor porkie 🙂 you have a good sunday too ok?

  43. Chee Kui says:

    OMG.. HK Disneyland seems like a fun place 😉

  44. Aurora and Snow white both look like drags :S

  45. amit says:

    Hey nice photos! i have been there too and i thought that i was in wonderland or something.
    Golden mickey’s was also worth watching.You reminded me those days when i was in disneyland.Also i forgot to mention about the last show “lightning castle”.It was brilliant.

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