Quote of the century.
I walked Cheddie at the park just now. An uncle saw her and said to his children, “Eh look, there’s a white cat”.




I cannot accept defeat.

I didn’t finish the Prawn Pasta Alfredo not because i’m less cheesable now, but because… the penne pasta looked like Cheddie when she curls comfortably in her igloo! Totally put me off. Yea that’s the reason why. Ahem.

Went to Pavilion’s Opening with Porkie. Then we went to Skin Food for a one hour product testing. Haha because they just only opened right, all the testers were brand new, we got to be the first ones to use lo, so shiok.

We end up buying so much!


Porkie bought the nicest smelling thingie in the entire shop.


It’s called the Peach Sake essence. Whoa i loved it so much can! It’s supposed to be for oily skin but mine is as dry as dessert! So sad lo, i wanted to buy also cannot. I kinda suspect that he bought it because of the color. He damn metro one. And adores pink like siao.




Cream. Cheese. Mask.



Can you believe it can you believe it? And it’s made specially for me, this super moisturizing mask with mozzarella cheese texture (i dunno if there’s real cheese inside, kinda dubious, and i couldn’t read Korean. it’s like saying “strawberry-flavored” candy. But what the cheese), IT’s MADE FOR ME!



But it doesn’t smell cheesy at all (imagine your face mask actually smells cheesy. O.O). I dunno if it’s good though. But I HAD TO buy it. Because i had to. I have cheese in my veins and every single molecule of my cheesiness was begging out loud that i buy it.


I want to regain my royal cheesiness!


Anyway i think it was really a cheesy day for me.

I couldn’t find cheese juice so i bought a yellow beverage anyway. Some Korean corn tea. Very nice!

And Porkie with his pink and peach obsession. -_-

When we were paying at the cashier right, this aunty came over and gave us this.


Even this looked like cheese lo. I think my cheesability is back. 🙂



P/S: Whoever using Laura Mercier cosmetic product, you get a great discount in Cheesie’s Wardrobe. Just to let you all know that it’s my favorite make up brand too. Their foundation powder is superb. No need Photoshop after applying. ;P

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