The cheesiest pasta. Ever.

September 14, 2007 in Bon Cheesepetit


I think my baby is anorexic. She used to gobble up her meals ravenously within 1 minute. Now she just eats a little, runs away, plays with her toys, comes back 10 mins later and eats a little more, then ignores her food completely.

I now have to coax her to eat omg! Like a human baby 0.o. Very tiring leh! Why puppies so manja one! I have to go like “Hey haro baby, come here, *grimaces* yummy yummy! *lures* fetch, good girl there you go yummy yummy *feeds* hey COME BACK!’.


I think maybe she’s bored with her kibbles? i thought of switching brand (i’m feeding her Eagle Pack now) but i heard that constant change of food encourages picky eating habit!

How how how?



Found in Chili’s. Surprisingly.


It’s called Prawn Alfredo. The name itself doesn’t indicate much cheesiness.

It’s penne in white sauce topped with grilled prawns and a slice of toasted garlic bread. Granted, Alfredo sauce is made of Parmesan, butter and heavy cream. But i didn’t expect it to be that cheesy.

They should have named it The Ultimate Cheeser Challenge Pasta or something. At least i would be gastronomically prepared for it lo ok.


I saw it in a promotional menu once. It’s like now you see now you don’t. Anyway, i ordered it in Chili’s KLCC.

When the dish came, i could smell the pungent cheesiness miles away. And i thought, hey this is really something.

As if the fatally cheesy cream was not enough, they had to throw chunks and chunks of Parmesan shreds on top. o.o


I took one bite. And went all siao.


OH MY GOUDA. It was heavenly! The kao-ness of the cream gave me a sense of euphoria. It was like, i’ve found my eternal Cheesedom in this plate of delectable goodness.

Thousands of thoughts ran through my head. I wanted to recommend this dish for all the cheese lovers on this planet, then get some journalists to announce to the whole world about this new cheesy discovery, and enter the dish for Cheeseness World Record…


I took a second bite. Yes. *This* is the cheesiest pasta ever.


The third mouthful. Hmmm…Maybe, a tad too overpowering?


Forth bite. Okay. I wonder who else will appreciate this pasta, except me? Because it’s just… too cheesy?!


Forth and a half bite. That’s it. HOW COULD IT BE SO CHEESY? 0.o


Then I started to feel nauseated. Due to extreme cheesiness. My innards churned upside down and my cheesy veins went all hairwired. For the first time in my entire cheesy life. What the cheese is going on?


I dunno. I just couldn’t carry on eating. I tried nibbling a bit here and there but something’s just wrong.

Half an hour later.

I decided to give up.

This is the best i could do. Seriously.


I finished the grilled prawns though. Because they were the least cheesy in that plate. I was so afraid some waiters was gonna come and show their concern, like, “How was the food? I see you didn’t finish it. Didn’t you like it?”

Wtf am i supposed to reply? “Oh you know hor, it’s just too cheesy to my liking?”

OMC i’ll never expect myself to say something like that in this lifetime ok. 0.o




I felt so… defeated. And devastatingly humiliated. Suddenly i felt as if i am a delusional, super obese woman who runs a slimming center. Wtf wei, who can endure more cheesiness other than me? ME! Me the Empress of all Cheesiness?

Cheesus Crust. I was totally crushed. Why am i so inadequate?!

Here’s a challenge. If anyone of you can finish the last drop (must lick the plate clean) of that damn pasta, you can gladly pronounce yourself the new All Cheese Guru, and i shall descend my cheesy throne, go hide somewhere and blog anonymously in or or something.


Goodbrie everyone.





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76 responses to “The cheesiest pasta. Ever.”

  1. Hayabusa says:

    i shall like to try that on someday… though i myself can get nauseted quite easily after eating stuff that the flavor’s just too heavy… my suggestion for remedy, take water regularly in the middle… big gulps & have your mouth thoroughly rinsed… i dunno about you guys, but it worked for me somehow on foods like this…

    weakness of this method, your belly would get so hydro-filled you can hardly take anything else on… unless you can digest water fast, real fast, i guess this somehow just replace a problem with another, instead of really solving it…

  2. Nicole says:

    u made me hungry.. hate jiu…

  3. Aaron Tan says:

    cheesie over-cheesed? what happened?

  4. x says:

    wow, the day cheesie got defeated by cheese…:P. the cheese must be damn kaw, i think i smell cheese while i was reading this …:P

  5. Reika says:

    ohhh wow this looks so good!! so hungry >

  6. Derrick says:

    Hi, its me again.

    I’m sure i will be able to do it. But i wont, coz if i do, then no more cheeserland. How can my life function without you?? Once u go cheese, there is no turning back.

    okok, maybe i kua cheong a little bit. haha

  7. Rainyuki says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!! How can you make leave us w/o our daily dosage of cheese?! That’s pure evil! T_T

  8. Mei says:

    Another lame cheesie attempt to hopefully get free meals in Chilli’s… so lame

  9. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Mei: How can u say tat?She was juz sharing her opinion bout the food with us.

  10. misha says:

    cheesie jiejie … 🙂

  11. Cheesie says:

    Hayabusa: It’s not the nausea per se but the kao-ness of the certain dish i cannot take.
    Nicole: Hehe.
    Aaron Tan: Wu Ji Bi Fan!
    x: U try la! Later i poison woa woa with it.
    Reika: Haha only first few bites!
    Papayaman: Waaaa sweet talker you. Do you always kao lui liddis ah?
    Rainyuki: Don’t worry not dead yet 😀
    Mei: Wtf what brilliant idea!!! Why didn’t i think of it omg? Ok ok, next up i should do a lamer attempt on Lafite or something wtf. Thanks for ur suggestion sweetheart.
    Ying Bin: How can you say that! She’s so full of ideas omg. *winks*

  12. Cheesie says:

    Haro Mish Mish. You left me a comment while i was typing omg. We’re so fetaly fated!

  13. x says:

    Woa Woa is Cheese proof :P. She will eat any cheese in from of her. her record, eating two slices of heavily cheesed pizzas. Cheddie be careful …:P

  14. keju says:

    I kinda have this image of you munching on a pasta like Remy from Ratatouille and all the fireworks just pop up around you.

  15. Derrick says:

    ahem, so, would u like to go chili’s with me? then u can take pictures of me finishing it.

    ahaha, im just joking. No, i dont kow lui like this.

    got one lui, she say she likes me too. but dowan to have relationship just because of the age difference of 1 year. she said its her principles. tears also almost come out when she said that.

    sad sad story of mine.

  16. Brian says:

    yay! mommy is back!! but mommy can’t take the cheesiest cheesy cheese-ed pasta. that’s odd… so cheesie ain’t so cheesy after all. nvm. if you can’t take up the cheese challenge of the cheesiest Prawn Alfredo, i can!


    fyi: i had one of the lousiest service from my last visit to Chili’s. hopefully the pasta would change my opinion on them.

  17. Brian says:

    coincidentally i am reading a lecture note on cheese… i can’t get rid of tht image of u hardly finishing tht pasta. lol

  18. sheon says:

    hahhaaa….i’ll try. most definitely!

  19. dave63 says:

    I just finished one and a half slices of pizza, Cheese is the word…..hop over to this site and see for yourself….. ….Have a cheesie-weekend everyone! Keep the Cheese!

  20. misha says:

    good morning jiejie Cheesie .. how is Cheddie ? hehehe ..

  21. Karyn says:

    Hehehe. Now I want to go try Prawn Alfredo too. =P

  22. joe says:

    i am also a big fan of cheese, i bet i could finish till the last bit…hehe.

  23. snow says:

    prawn alfredo sounds and looks delicious, will going to have to try it.

  24. steff says:

    omcheese, finally we got a 1-0 in Cheese vs Cheesie! haha, hilarious entry as usual 😀
    I might wanna try it though x3

  25. S.O says:

    sounds challenging… hahaha.. anyway, sometimes, you just hate the things that you like to eat.. but ringo, i am sure you are still the cheese queen.

  26. chris says:

    hmm…. i love the sound of challenge!! do you think it’s worse than the cheese fondue I ate some time ago (see my blog). Something tells me there is more to cheese than it sounds >)

    i gonna try this prawn alfalfa secretly first. dependng on how it went, I’ll plot some cheese and dun be surprised if i see u down at next time round 😉 hahaha kiddinggg!!!

  27. CraSH says:

    its just probably the pasta is cold… cheese are better when hot!! next time try to finish it before it gets cold….

  28. wilzc says:

    aha.. how dissapointing.. 😛
    NOTHING.. is toooo cheesey!!!
    and NOTHING.. is toooo chocolatey!!

  29. MengQ Yek says:

    Hmmm~ would like to try it!

  30. clement says:

    looks nice ar….too cheesy ar…..go and try next time…

  31. Skates says:

    Actually, if the dish is so rich and heavy, I would have suggested a dry, red wine to go along. The acids and tannins in the wine will “lighten up” and “refresh” the palate, making it easier to eat and probably, retaining the “excitement” of the dish for a much longer time. Also, from pass experience, it seems to aid digestions as well. Enjoy.

  32. jessie says:

    Looks damn chessy n delicious!!
    Aihhhh…….. i guess none of us wud show any pics of a clean-licked plate
    Coz we all love cheeserland!!

    * wink *

  33. Stargazer says:

    If you couldn’t take that pasta, I definitely can’t. I like cheese too but too much of a good thing is always not good!

  34. Stargazer says:

    Hm… does misha actually comment herself? Or is it actually her mom all the way?

  35. Stargazer says:

    And how did Kenny get to be named Keju???

  36. someone says:

    “And how did Kenny get to be named Keju?” haha ! good question! i like to know too.

  37. ashleighhhh says:

    hey! not only do we have misleading names, we both love cheese! omc. i must try that pasta. suddenly feel hungry again after dinner =/ nice meeting you! you looked great tonight. cya =)

  38. WP says:

    Looks pretty good…but I’m not sure I can endure the cheesiness if you can’t! And I can’t eat too much pasta anyway, it fills me up really quickly. (hehe, you could use that as an excuse, pasta PLUS cheese is even more filling! ;P)

  39. :D says:

    last time my mother bought this whole container of biscuits, cheesed flavour.
    Then i saw keju printed on it.
    when i turned back, it was cheese.

  40. Cherrie says:

    It’s quite normal for puppies to behave that way. Last time I had a puppy that was even worse. She doesn’t eat her food at all. I had to hand feed her. ONE pellet at a time. Till the whole dish is finished. >.> So you can imagine how long it takes for her to finish one meal.

    Hmm…I’m not sure what is the problem but maybe you can try changing the pet food every few months so she doesn’t get bored of it?

  41. skim says:

    i agree with cherries puppies are like that.
    try warming up e food and adding milk.
    perhaps cheedie finds e food too dry.

  42. skim says:

    oppz typo but yea u got e point haha

  43. Kaz says:

    Train her to finish her food before you release her from the cage to play. Have a routine when you feed her main meals, before walking her in the morning and evening.

  44. naVICgaTOR says:

    I know the reason… Cheddie saw this post, so she might think that it’s right not to finish her food~ 😛

    Anyway, I heard that dogs have this instinct, they will save for the rainy days

  45. Yvonne says:

    i use to have puppy with that situation. And i was also feeding her Eagle pack, last time my puppy manja untill must feed her and hit her backside ( if not she dun eat) like small baby drink milk u rub the back of the baby… same case la…
    well alot of breeder told me that we spoil her…. cannot manja her too much…. the Vet did tell me that if she dun eat or finish her food in 10-15 mins… take the food away, and do not give them any snack still the next meal… lets say in the morning she did not finish her food or eat, after 10-15 mins take the food away dun give her any snack till evening give her the same dog biscuit from the morning… slowly they will learn that they have to finish their food within that time…

    if u are too soft hearted to see ur baby suffer in hunger, u can also try other dog biscuit brand, so far the brand beside Eagle pack i would say Science Plan is better, alot of Vet recommend Science Plan, it’s also healthier and cheaper than Eagle Pack… but when u 1st change the food u must mix both Eagle and Science plan together so the puppy will get use to the new food then slowly u can just feed her the new doggie biscuit…

  46. maggot says:


    lookin at em pictures makin me hungry. I have to take the challenge but don’t worry, if I win, I let you keep your domain. 😛

    say cheeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeee!!!

  47. heiki says:

    Hey, i think that’s a phrase all dog owner will go through. But it’s good that your baby is still eating abit. I remembered seeing you giving her kibble as treats when she does her tricks and I am amazed that she likes it cause usually they only does tricks for treats. Hee..

    Anyway, I don’t believe that changing brand will cause the dog to be picky cause I think it’s good to give a variety. Imagine her eating the same kibbles her whole life?! You can try changing the flavor of the kibbles say from chicken to lamb? Another way is to mix fruits or dog milk with her kibbles. You can even buy those bottled vegetable puree for infants ones for her! My boy is on Timblewolf and BARF diet. Will feed him cooked chicken breast and beef occasionally.

    Hope this helps! Don’t worry too much! 😉

  48. Gin says:

    no la..wont get picky wan… but my dogs also like that..i need to change their food brand once every like 2-3 months… then you can actually switch back to the original brand..maybe just 2-3 brands interchanging actually helps..

    or something you can put hot water in it.. and let it soak through a bit and the smell gets stronger.. and then hand feed her a few first so she can taste it then if she likes it she’ll usually eat it by herself.


  49. CK says:

    try having a green tea with cheese pasta, u will definately feel less nauseated.
    well, it may seems like a weird combination, but, believe me, it works! at least for me,haha!

  50. Eve says:

    reply to ur anorexic cheddie. You can leave the food there for 10mins and then take it away. Ur dog will be hungry for the rest of the day but at least after a few times, it wont take the food for granted. Canot spoilt them..hehe.. my dog used to be like that as well, then i used this tactic, after 2 days, she always finished her food before playing again.

  51. CraSH says:

    i agree with taking the food away.. that way she will learn.

    in addition, you should not feed her human food. else he will be begging for human food in the future.

    good luck with cheddie, you should be stern so that they wont get spoilt and make it easier for you to care for her in the future.

  52. zagary says:

    Actually, you no need to worry about Cheddie, it seems that all dogs have bad habits. Mine is same as Cheddie, just take it that he is leaving some for supper. No need to change food. It might make things worst. Dogs are like human, when they are really hungry, anything goes.


  53. girlnextdoor says:

    Dogs changed their diet as they grow, so don’t worry, Cheddie is fine. You can try buying him some snacks to eat, so he’ll always have something ELSE to eat. Most dogs will eat more after exercises, so maybe before her meal, you can take her for a walk in the park or something. Hope it helps!

  54. cheesie says:

    x: U crazy ah! Pizzas are so salty!
    keju:only happens to cheese & strawbies!
    Derrick: Normally girls like older guys la. Go date a 14 year old!
    Brian: Lecture note! What do u study, Cheesiology?!?!?. 0.o
    Sheon & Karyn & Snow: God bless. Amen.
    dave: lol so does cheese give you darlie-like teeth?
    Misha: Misha Pie! Cheddie is great. *chu*
    steff: Yea the Cheesomighty got defeated omg.
    S.O: Sobs thanks!
    chris: not prawn watercress meh.
    crash: i ate very speedily liao!

  55. cheesie says:

    wilzc: try it yourself!!!!!!111 cheesier than quattro formaggi.
    vic: did u left the last B out?
    MengQ Yek & clement: goood luuuck!
    Skates: Eh u dont expect me to drink wine in Chili’s do u?
    jessie: aww so sweet
    stargazer: i myself actually like Aglio Olio the best. And kenny is named keju because he sounds like a keju!
    ashleighhhh: same to you!
    WP: yea exactly.
    alexallied: Nice it’s so cheesy? Nice i am cheeseless?? o.o

  56. cheesie says:

    And thank you everyone else for advices and suggestions. Will try them out! 🙂

  57. rachteng says:

    hey there. my dog has the same habit too. sometimes he just sniff his food and walk away. I asked the pet shop before, they said its because they are bored of the current food. Changed about 2-3 times already.

    But then again, you must watch out with what food you change to. Some food might not be suitable for Cheddie. Just like what happened to my dog few weeks ago, Cheddie might be allergic to the new food. My dog was allergic to the new food. So now, he has some skin problem. ):

    Or maybe another option, pour some milk together with the dog food 😀 dogs like new taste!

  58. x says:

    Saltless pizza, home made. 😀

  59. Michelle Ong says:

    Hi, I think you should change the flavour of dog food most of the time. If your dog still doesn’t enjoy her food then I suggest you try other brands. You may try the brand called “Choice” It is suitable for mini dogs like yours too. My shih tzu is very picky on food and taste. She does not like to eat the same flavour all the time. I keep rotating the flavour of food so that she will not get bored. Besides that she prefers this brand, Choice compared to previous brands i had such as Science Diet and Eukanuba.

  60. Sandra says:

    oo..have to try it one day…=D

  61. misha says:

    misha going to bed soon .. nite nite everyone 🙂

  62. naVICgaTOR says:

    Cheesie: I left the BS out…

  63. ur cheddie is just like my darling lah. damn picky one. she will never eat dog food regardless of how you feed her. her fav food is chicken liver mixed with rice and some chicken meat/fat. ehehe. she finishes that real quickly all the time.

    anyway, i find that dogs prefer eating fresh food than those processed dog food. i also try to avoid feeding my dogs with dog food because i think its not really the best thing to feed them since theyre highly processed and you dont really know whats inside it. its kinda like feeding your dogs with instant noodles everyday liddat. not very nice is it. hehe

  64. chris says:

    how many time do you feed Cheddie a day? cut down to one meal per day might help in regaining her appetite.. =)

  65. wilzc says:

    prawn alfreddo @ chilli’s eh??
    hmmm.. when i get back 2 KL for holidays, i’ll be sure to rememebr…..

  66. hey there, if u like cheese like i do but don’t prefer super cheesy pastas. I’ve recently fell in love with Cafe 1921, food there is heavenly! especially pasta. I love them because they include olive oil in thier pasta.

    i’m from kl and i hate not getting such perfect pastas in Penang, since i’m working in penang.

    let me know if u could find nice pastas in penang, i’m dehydrating without nice pastas, especially cabonara.

  67. annjee says:

    Nah, Don’t be over stunned by ur in / un – cheese ness. I love cheese but the portion is really huge plus cheese is really filling! (I had it in Chilis in MV) How could a girl finish it?! Even a big eater yet a real cheese fan, i bet will not finish it and say ” I want more” ! That’s crazy! He/ She’s probably weigh 500 pounds! LOL.

  68. Ang Lee Soon says:

    Cheddie or Cheesie,
    Hi I like your style,I like the way you make me feel, I like what I like , best of all, Il ilike what you are doing all this whitle.You mkae me want to come closer.French Maid,Pirate, Japanese Schoolgirland Lolita Costume just to name a few.

  69. have you tried goya cheese? A hard cheese, melts really nicely. Has a slight nutty flavour. It is great in pasta, backed till there is a nice toasted crust.

  70. cheesie says:

    Peter: what! Really? No i havent even heard of it! Doubt they have it here T_T

  71. Peter in northern Ohio says: list of some interesting cheese. You may have to goto a specialty import store for this bit of confection.

    I’m not much of a cheese eater. Not that I don’t like it. I like it; however, it’s not the cheapest nor nutritious of food. XD I love it…sadly, I can only sample organic and all natural cheeses at work.

    Have you ever consider going into the cheese business? XD I mean, actually producing this stuff? Maybe, one day, you may get your own Travel Channel show or Food Network show. *ponder* I think the Travel Channel show would be better. It would allow you to travel the world to sample cheese. =D

    If you do get a TV contract for a show on cheese and if you’re travelling to America, call me! 216-xxx-xxxx! XD

  72. joe says:

    i love cheese 🙂

  73. Busby says:

    Hmm…. yummy.
    It changes my eating habit though.
    I am on diet now. So tempting.

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