I’m joining a contest again!


The Chipster Contest.


The new potato chips from Twisties are really quite addictive. Love the sour cream flavor (though I think they really should’ve come up with cheeeese flavor!)

Anyway they have this “Nothing Else Matters” contest (erm, I think it’s supposed to be “noTHinG eLSe maTTeRs, whatever okay), where you are supposed to design a picture using their backgrounds to show the world how much you love Chipster.


And according to the website, the siao-er your idea is the better.

Whoa. Exactly my cup of tea! I love siaoness. 😀

Anyway I’ve come up with a few ideas. Lemmi know which one you like the best.


1. Sadako’s Ex Boyfriend

Who said mummies are scary? (Maybe mommies are, but mummies are not). Sadako’s boyfriend, a mummy, was the sweetest boyfriend on earth. Erm, okay, in hell.

During the Hungry Ghost Festival, all the spirits are liberated from down under. Sadako and her boyfriend went food hunting. Like her usual self, Sadako was drowned in gluttony. She rummaged through all food she could find and devoured them ravenously like noghost’s business.

Then she found chipster.

Crisp. She took a bite. Hmm. Crisp. She took another. Crisp crisp crisp. She took another, yet another, and another…

“Can you gimme some, honey?” said Mummy.




“Honey you heard me? I’m hungry!” said Mummy again, slightly irked by Sadako’s non-responsive behavior.




Mummy was furious.


And Sadako replied,


“Go back to hell, baby,” said Sadako in satisfaction.



2. Mummy’s New Girlfriend

After the break up with Sadako, Mummy suffered severe chronic depression. Until he met Cheeso, a stinky, revengeful ghost in red. It seemed like Cheeso’s mom was ignorant about choosing the right name. Cheeso grew up to be as stinky as a 厕所 (toilet: please pronounce in Cantonese).

They dated very happily. Until Cheeso found a bag of chips in Sadako’s casket (apparently she loved it so much she carried it with her until her death. I mean, her re-incarnation. But regrettably she couldn’t bring it to her next life).

Cheeso was instantly in love with Chipster. When Mummy found out, he was upset.

“Haih. Yet again. Why my destiny liddat…” he sighed.

However, he decided to play gentle this time.

“Sweetheart, do you think you can give me a piece of that?” asked Mummy politely.

And Cheeso replied,




3. The Cai Mui Session

After breaking up with Mummy (Cheeso thinks he is too insensitive and… and… mouthless), she decided never to fall in love with man ever again (cuz she’s currently madly in love with Chipster).

Cheeso likes booze and thinks that a booze session is incomplete without a few arounds of Cai Mui (neh, the 15/20 drinking game). One day she was playing with her bestie, Frankie.

They had a bat as the judge and the winner gets free flow of beer all night and of course, a bag of Chipster, Original flavor.

Of course Cheeso won the game. You know why?


Because stupid Frankie only knows how to show fists nia, like Doraemon! Muahahaha sucker!!!


*end of story*


Ok are you inspired now? Faster go design your own “Nothing Else Matters” moment HERE.