“What’s with that background?!!!666”

I know I know! You have been wondering for weeks! No more pink (the horror omg)! But at least the 4-eared Moji virtual pet is pink and it’s quite cute ok (of course can’t be any wee bit cuter then Cheddie. My Cheddie is the cutest Cheddie in the universe.)

“Explain! What’s happening?”

Cheesie just registered herself on iTalk Buddy. iTalk Buddy is a new service from iTalk that opens up a whole new range of internet-based applications, subscriptions and Value added Services.

“Okay. Then what the cheese is iTalk then?”

You have probably seen their ads everywhere! iTalk prepaid calling card enables you to make STD and IDD calls from mobile and fixed line phones at lower rates.

Back to iTalk Buddy. It’s like the Malaysian version of MSN, you know? The iTalk Buddy Free services are free for all users even if you are NOT an iTalk Subscriber.

“But I have Yahoo Messenger and MSN already, why need another one?”

iTalk Buddy is not Internet dependent. That means its applications are able to work even if you’re offline or without internet connection. These applications will seek out nearby users, connect to them and run the applications in an offline basis with them.

“Oh I cheese. Uhm.. Sounds cool.”

Yea. Faster download it HERE, now!

“Wait wait wait. Uhm, is it pink?”

Yes it is!! Look! 🙂