Neh. Da vinci place.

November 22, 2007 in France

In Paris.

Hello Mona, say cheese!

Yes!!! It’s that small!

Da vincheese curd? Ehehe.

Up next.

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19 responses to “Neh. Da vinci place.”

  1. Dunkin Donut Boy says:

    Hmmm…. the world famous picture that is actually small in real size. What impress me was the trailing eye that actually follows you as you walk.

  2. Karyn says:

    The original painting is so small?!

  3. Sarah says:

    I thought it was huge T__T so small one..You all couldn’t get nearer to it ar?

  4. cherlyn(: says:

    will the eyes really follow you as you walk?
    did it really happen? =O

  5. cassie says:

    the actual size of the mona lisa is 30”x21”, what we see here is just an optical illusion?

  6. cherlyn(: says:

    can i know how you make your site your own domain? like .com, without or anything? reply chease!

  7. wen says:

    that small ? *scratch head*

  8. CF says:

    That’s one illegal photo! 😛
    Photographs are prohibited in that section…yet people don’t really give a damn…
    But when I was there this year, a lady staff actually shouted at the visitors who are so so busy taking snapshots…

  9. Loong says:

    I’ve seen many other pictures which are better than that! Mainly from FHM and Playboy. Really. No … really.

  10. Don'z says:

    hi cheesie, ur blog is very interesting to read. i linked your blog.. hope you don’t mind.

  11. Mandy says:

    When I was there, there were guards stopping us from taking pictures! It’s cool you got hold of a pic and evidently many others did too. I was just to embarrassed to do so. Good one! xx

  12. sugar says:

    I was there 2 years ago too. same situation:
    (1) was surprised that the real pictures is so small, especially when we just seen some enormous gigantic pictures covered up the whole wall
    (2) the picture is very well protected behind a bullet-proof glass
    (3) you could only see the picture from 10ft away as it is barricaded and guarded
    (4) always the bizzare scenario: a guard shouting in english / french “no photo! no photo!” but nobody cares…
    neither did i. heck i paid to just see her leh. cant even take a photo of her to make me felt my money worthwhile ah? – so small summo…

  13. jam says:

    Does she really smile looking from any angle?

  14. cheesie says:

    Donz: My pleasure!
    Jam & Cherlyn: I stood too far to notice if she was staring at me!!!
    Cherlyn: I have to pay for it!!! :C
    Loong: Haha. Topless Mona?
    CF, Mandy & Sugar: Then i guess i was super lucky 😀

  15. me says:

    when i was there i couldnt take a pic because of the guard =(

  16. Porkie says:

    No one disturbed myself nor cheesie when we were taking photos (I have countless photos of Mona). They didn’t disturb the other vistors either..the guards just sat around and stood around talking to one another and answering any queries. Didn’t see any signs saying no photography either.

  17. me says:

    there were huge signs saying no photographs of the monalisa when i was there =(

  18. katz says:

    ya, signs clearly say no photos but the crowd keep snapping, the guards stood there just ignored…maybe they hv changed policy.

  19. elora says:

    wow!they actually allowed you to take photo? unfair! =(

    i was there in 2007 january.. but the guard chased everyone who was holding a camera/phone away.. zzz. sian.

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