Musée du Louvre

November 29, 2007 in France

I haven’t been this busy for a long time.

Haven’t had time to go back to see mom and my stupid dog. Moving house, settling down, rushing deadlines, trying to blog.

And i haven’t even studied for my JLPT 2 this Sunday. Die die die.


I’m working on it i’m working on it i’m working on it.

Gimme a few hours!

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31 responses to “Musée du Louvre”

  1. jam says:

    I am waiting…

  2. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I’m waiting 2! 😀

  3. ƒîšħγ says:

    i’m waiting 3!

  4. Penny says:

    I’m waiting 4… not a nice number though :/

  5. lin says:

    i’m waiting 5!

  6. cassie says:

    hahaha…m waiting 6!

  7. cheesie says:

    Omg you guys are so cute. Gimme another few hours can. Me got piles of things to write!

  8. Tristan says:

    waiting 7……lol

    French Maid? Photoshopped one?

  9. sheon says:

    take it easy ……. take it easy……. breathe………..breathe………………….

  10. NotSoCUte says:

    omg… japanese maid in louvre??? i sincerely hope its photoshopped! this is definately a fashion faux pas man…. if ur in Shinjuku or HArajuku its explainable, but in Paris??!!! no…… ur suppose to dress fashionably.. sleek and stylish and not like some student who just ponteng skool…..

  11. Aki says:

    I am waiting 8 8 8 !!! 😀 Ha!

  12. Porkie says:

    ‘NotSoCUte’ – And you are? I don’t recall seeing any signs there stating what you can and you can’t wear. How about other tourists who don’t wear so-called stylishly when they go there or to Paris?

    BTW the photo isn’t photoshopped since I was the one to take the photo(s).

  13. joe says:

    wahahaha… i’m 9? 10? or 12?….omg, u actually wear tht publicly? you r who you r!!!

  14. Kittykins says:

    You went to Louvres dressed in this cute outfit? Waa… me admire:)

  15. doll says:

    whatever u wear u are still cute, however, NotSoCUte is really not so cute!

  16. annmms says:

    stupid dog? why did you call cheddie stupid?

  17. cherlyn(: says:

    im waiting 10!

    waiting for what?? o_O

    im just joining in the crowd>

  18. cherlyn(: says:

    hehe, thats a very cute girl in a very cute outfit! :DDD

  19. Christine says:

    This is the first time i’ve seen you refer Cheddie as “stupid dog”! You must have been really agitated.


  20. kiasu says:

    hey… whats the queuing number for?…if there is a queue,it must be something good, im joining! no.???

  21. Cherrie says:

    I’m waiting…11! I guess. =x

  22. cheesie says:

    Jam: It’s all your fault!!

    Everyone: Updated! Sorry to keep you waiting (and no prize given, sorry 🙁 )

  23. esaint says:

    cheddie aint stupid.. no?

  24. Wow – that costume looked sooo nice on you.

  25. elle says:

    ha.haha..cheddie not one smart alien meh.

  26. Cheesie says:

    esaint: noooooooo she’s not. It’s just, you know, an alternative endearment. 🙂
    cookie monster: Thank you!!
    elle: Yes she’s the smartest alien maltese 😀

  27. cheddie says:

    You called me stupid… 🙁

    *clasps tail in between legs

  28. joy says:

    wats jlpt2?

  29. afser says:

    your dress is so weird

  30. Rei says:

    you’re taking japanese lvl 2 exam? i hope you did well.

  31. Cheesie says:

    Rei: I hope so! Not too confident about it though . Did you too? 🙂

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