Must See Musée

November 30, 2007 in France

A museum is called Musée in French. And it’s a must-see in Paris. Because if you don’t see, there’s nothing else to see.

They even have their cafe called Cafe Museum. -_-

We finished touring Paris in one and a half days, unless we visit every single artsee fartsee musée in Paris. There are more than 70 museums in Paris alone.

So. Just to name a few.

Musée Rodin
Musée d’Orsay
Musée du Louvre
Musée Carnavalet
Musée de l’Homme
Musée du Luxembourg
Musée des Arts décoratifs
Musées de la Parfumerie Fragonard
Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

And i’ve only been to one. It could take up a whole day just to walk horse see flowers.

Neh. Da Vinci place.

Took Metro there.

An American girl who wanted a picture with me.

Musée du Louvre is suuuuuuuuuper big. If you love art, you can spend one week inside.

The dome. Porkie showing off his wide lens again.


Just to show how huge the painting is!

My fav pic.

I like this painting.
This fella is painting a replica of the ori. Can liddat one meh?

I love this photo very very much. It’s as though the humans have walked out from the painting and come alive (like Sadako climbing out from the well then out the TV. Okay. Bad example. But you get what i mean!).


When i wrote about the Mona Lisa painting previously, i received a lot of comments saying that they couldn’t take pictures of it when they were their earlier.


This is what happened when i was there.

The officer just stood there watching the crowd (and chatting every now and then with another pretty lady officer).


Everyone was taking pictures of it.



Some of the sculptures are very… exposed.


This particular one seriously disturbed me a lot.

Why are they all looking down scrutinizing their bird bird? Anything interesting? O.o

I went over and took a closer look.


No wonder la! The bird bird is twisted!

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38 responses to “Must See Musée”

  1. Cherrie says:

    I wanna go Paris too! 🙁
    Eh? Looks like I’m the first. 😀

  2. Aki says:

    Does it feel like home?

  3. kiasu says:

    hahaha…abt that ‘interesting sculptures’..maybe someone was shouting ” hey! somebody’s bird bird got fly away!” so they all looked down to examine…

  4. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I love ur fave pic! 😀

  5. babyQ says:

    why is monalisa sooo famous…getting the whole worlds’ attentions…

  6. Derrick says:

    i thought the mona lisa on display is a replica??

    did i read that somewhere, or am i just dreaming?

  7. lasilasi says:

    kudos for dressing up for the pictures =D tell me, there must be many many people speaking japanese to you eh? i was in swiss and didnt really dressed up but there are many angmohs who like to try speaking japanese to me lol

  8. keju says:

    Sometimes I do that in front of the mirror too.

  9. cassie says:

    seems they lifted the ban, visitors are taking photos with all manner of cameras.

  10. ahbuthen says:

    u can’t really see the painting, so far away summore caged behind the 4cm-thick bullet proof glass with constant winking lights of cameras; ppl come all over the world to see solely because it is too famous, they just want to take pics to proof they were there.

  11. J says:

    I think you CAN take photos, just without flash. Flash ‘ages’ a photo, that’s why it is prohibited.

  12. jay says:

    ‘This fella’ is truly passionate for art, that kept him painting even at his golden age…i feel touched

  13. cheesie says:

    cherrie: yes yes!
    Aki: Chantal Kreviazuk?
    kiasu: lol good one!
    Ying Bin: Thanks!!!
    babyQ: because it is!
    Derrick: Yea a lot of people told me that too! But i don’t know for sure. I’m sure Musee Du Louvre has it, just dunno the one for display is the real one.
    lasilasi: Yea they did! Haha. You really travel aloooot dont you! 😀
    Keju: -_-
    Cassie: Maybe they did.
    Abuthen: Of course we had too! We came we saw we camwhore. (wa that rhymes good!!) 😀
    J: Does it age human too if liddat i shall take less pictures!

  14. sheon says:

    wah….you wore THAT touring in paris? you must have made alotta heads turn!!! 🙂

    your “favorite pic” happens to be my favorite pic as well!!

    it must be a funny sight seeing you/photographer focusing on the statue’s bird bird.

    the character in the 3rd last pic looks like a drag….hahahaha

  15. stone says:

    dun u thk u r over dressed? 0.o no offence..(=

  16. cherlyn(: says:

    hehe! you always got so many fun things to blog about! ^^

  17. sandy says:

    when i was there, i came across an artist copying 1 of the painting too. it was said that these artists were given permission, on 1 condition that their copy should not be the same size as the original; n these artists do really impressive job of reproducing the original.

  18. skyler says:

    Omg your outfit so nice no wonder the girl wanted a picture with you

  19. yang says:

    wah, over 70 museums, there must be thousands of great masterpieces, haha..i can only name two : Monalisa, and Starry night by van cogh, did u see starry night?

  20. Jon Boy says:

    Heh. So nice to be able to go overseas. I doubt I’ll ever have the chance.

    And ROFL to your last three pictures. hehehe…

  21. Dan says:

    nice dress and photos…
    but do you consider the dress as brand new after you wore it?

  22. Oli says:

    Maybe the officer was just another tourist chilling. He looks pretty relaxed, and has plenty of room to think about all the lovely pictures (everyone else looks a bit squashed together :S)

  23. ChinoDevean says:

    Why sien? The question should be: why take picture of the Mona Lisa? Because it’s famous? To prove you’ve seen the “real thing”? I don’t understand. I can download a high resolution pic of it and appreciate it much closer and clearer…

  24. Cheesie says:

    Dan: I have 2 exact same pieces. I’m keeping one myself and selling the other. 🙂

  25. lalabu says:

    since you were there, you might as well visit myi museum d’orsay, it’s a pity for you to miss out on several others priceless works of art which u cant find in louvre, this is the place where you can see some famous impressionist paintings like ‘olympia’ ‘sunny wheat field’ ‘poppies’..and some of (my favorite) van gogh’s masterpieces.

  26. doll says:

    how i wish to hv a chance to see these famous artwork in person.

  27. popeye says:

    the answer to the question ‘why take picture of Mona Lisa’ is…kiasu-ness

  28. Jason says:

    You were not supposed to take pictures of MONA LISA! but then…no1 gave a damn about it! LOL! Check out my version of Musee du Louvre on my web! haha very nice pictures that I had!

  29. Jason says:

    Well, taking MONA LISA is a must-thing if you are there at the Musee….but then no one ever question whether that is the REAL MONA LISA! I still believe the genuine is being hidden somewhere…..what we are seeing is just a fake rubbish that excites everyone….

  30. undead says:

    Actually, some of the birds got chipped off by a priest in the past because he saw them as in violation with Christianity, which was something quite subjective to people’s opinions.

  31. Eelaine Boo says:

    ROFL. Twisted. Hahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing!

  32. mimi says:

    lol…hilarious sculpture !

  33. skim says:

    hahaha your kinda short cheesie. e lil american girl is almost e same height as you even in heels. HAHAHAHAHA

  34. cereal says:

    har har har! summore its a whole group of statutes looking at their birdies ^^

  35. amanda says:

    geez! the statue in the 3rd last pic seriously needs something to cover his small little teeny tiny miserable dangling thingy !

  36. Eng Seng says:

    Wow, you actually go out to town in the pretty French maid outfit? You look like a real-live walking doll =)

    p/s: So you recommend Musée du Louvre as a must-visit place in France?

  37. Cheesie says:

    jason: I can’t find it 🙁
    undead: chipped off!!!! So… the birds grew back? 😀
    skim: yea and i’m eternally glad! My crushes prefer petite girls! 😀
    cereal: yea lo like some kind of ceremony!
    Eng Seng: yes if you have the time. 🙂

  38. clement says:

    omg, who so naughty twist their birds…?

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