Of gardens and senget shots.

December 6, 2007 in France

I made it look as if i was there for two weeks when it was only 3 days.

This is our last day in Paris. We’ve been to most of the place we wanted to (except Notre Dame), and since we could not afford any possible kind of shopping, we decided that this is a walk see walk see take picture day for us. We had all the time in Paris until our Eurostar back to London at 8pm. Very laid back. =)

This is Hôtel de Ville.


Porkie has a penchant for senget shot.

There was some rugby thing going on and they made the statues all wear a rugby shirt.


Porkie and his senget shot again.

Les Invalides. Porkie couldn’t stop joking about the irony of its name and it being formerly a hospital for injured soldiers.


I think too much of senget shot is very annoying. You have to tilt your head sideways and end up looking like a pendulum.

This is my senget shot. At least i’ve got one thing straight.


And i’m running out of captions for my pointless photos.

I’m taking a picture of Porkie

taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

We were just gallivanting about aimlessly and luck brought us to this wonderful Jadin du Luxembourg. It wasn’t even in our itinerary.


It was so beautiful! In fact i thought it was the most beautiful place in Paris i’ve been to.



So deamily autumnish.




Porkie’s senget shot.


This is what the Parisians do in a garden.


The sit around facing the garden for hours! Some read books, some talk to each others, some took a nap, and most of them just gaze into the air admiring the beauty of nature.

The weather was so terrific you can just doze off and sleep on a bed of fallen leaves.

There’s this playground for children.


The kids playing happily while their moms chatting to one another.



The elderly like to just stretch out comfortably on a bench/chair watching every happy folk that passes by. I really wonder what’s on their mind at their stage of age. There’s no worry about work nor the new line that just appeared this morning on her forehead (cuz her eyesight is getting blurer too). Maybe her grandchild who can’t stop chewing on soaps? Or the dinner for her loyal Labrador?


It’s such a beautiful sight to behold.

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34 responses to “Of gardens and senget shots.”

  1. sue me says:

    wow..paris is soooooooooooooooo pretty..if oni im there..sigh..
    seriously the senget pics make my head senget..lol..but the pics r pretty despite its senget-ness..lol..

  2. Ms. Vessa says:

    You are really talented in photography (an obvious truth).

    Paris is such a beautiful city, with the structures and flowers!

  3. :D says:

    how do they fit the sleeves on the statues?
    and maybe the girl on the phone is saying, “daddy, help me. somebody’s stalking me with her camera.”

  4. x says:

    wow…nice picture collection you got there…the trip is so worth it 😛

    the pic of the statues wearing jersey is driving me nuts..can see nipples

  5. amanda says:

    awesome photos! love it!

  6. ahboy says:

    mommy… its overrr ! …no more pics from paris ?

  7. clement says:

    wow paris is so beautiful……or is it porkie photo taking skills is good…
    The clothes u wear also very nice la cheese….

  8. j says:

    beautiful scenery…look peaceful and relaxing…

  9. sheon says:


    hey…you and porkie make a good partnership!

  10. lin says:

    if you throw a stone in paris, you’ll probably hit a statute…hahaha(or end up in jail)…can see statutes everywhere… paris is really a charming city.

  11. nth says:

    nooo I can’t believe it, even a grandma owns a Gucci… well I guess it’s unbelievable if I have one 😀

  12. cheesie says:

    sue me: it’s really beautiful.
    Ms. Vessa: No no no no. you got it wrong. Porkie is the one taking most of the photos. 🙂
    :D: haha.yea. I wonder about the sleeve too. Kinda incredible! Maybe got zipper behind or something.
    x: Will you be nutter when you see real ones?
    Amanda, Clement, sheon and J: Thanks thanks thanks!
    lin: agreed!
    nth: Come on! It’s paris! 😀 😀

  13. Elsie says:

    My mom fell asleep on one of the lazy chairs in one of the beautiful Paris gardens when we were there. Perhaps she dreamt about my Gucci bag being more expensive than hers. lol

  14. Jayce says:

    Nice shots. 😉

  15. elle says:

    paris is filled with cultural treasures, its my dream place to visit.

  16. misha says:

    soo pretty! 🙂 I also want to go to Paris … sigh .. need to study harder…

  17. misha says:

    aiks .. how come got FLAG next to my name now … hmmm

  18. Joanne says:

    wow. the pictures are so nice. paris is such a beautiful place. 🙂

  19. Steffi says:

    So beautiful and peaceful…pictures look as if they were taken long ago…like in the movies.

  20. vonblue says:

    wah…envy u.paris cantik gile.u look pretty too 🙂

  21. Van says:

    okay..where to next?? 🙂

  22. heidi says:

    wow, i would love to go there and take photos of the gorgeous autumn scenery… 🙂
    owh and I realized that you dress very well when you go for vacations! love ur outfits. i would just wear t-shirt and jeans and prob a huge jacket if it’s cold. LOL.

  23. pinksterz says:

    omg so beautiful! iLike the autumn shot! xD

    anyway i oso like to take senget senget pics.

    come to think of it i always take many angles for every pics of mine. hahaha!

  24. / says:

    paris is so beautiful…reminds me of an old saying “good people going to paris after they die”

  25. babyQ says:

    wow! what delightful photos…could made into postcard.

  26. cheesie says:

    Elsie: Haha! So sweet! Do you remember which garden was it?
    Jayce: Thanks! 🙂
    Elle: I’m sure you will have a chance to!
    Misha: Did mom promise to bring you there if you get all As? 😀
    Joanne: It is!
    Steffi: All the buildings and monuments in the city are very well preserved. Really beautiful.
    vonblue: Thank you!
    Van: Depends on my next paycheck!
    heidi: yea i do. can’t stand looking horrible in pictures!
    pinksterz: I’m sure you do! Hows Egypt?
    /: Wa then i saw a sea of dead people!
    babyQ: Haha would you buy one?

  27. YUSHEN says:

    Helooo May I know what camera are u using?

  28. cheesie says:

    i’m using a sony T10. but most of the pictures above are taken with porkie’s dslr.

  29. misha says:

    hahaha .. .I won’t have any exam during primary school. .. But Mum did say that will go when Dad retires hahaha .. since it is so expensive to go there 🙁

  30. zewt says:

    going to london mid jan for 2 months… any idea i can get nice winter clothing like those? Want a nice overcoat.

  31. Olivier says:

    Ok.. i’m now a fan !

  32. Cheesie says:

    Olivier: You’re from France!

  33. wow…i was browsing the net to find some information about Paris. and here i am..u look so posh in every photo at paris. lovely..make me want to do dig more about paris..
    anyway, if i need some advise in near future can i just email u? best of luck!

  34. Shin.x3 says:

    paris is just beautiful, was there in summeeer, on the fashion week last year & will be there in winter again :3

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