When Cheddie sees me again after, how about, 5 minutes of my absence?


She practically gets hysterically excited and jumps all over me for about another 5 minutes. Really. Every time she loses sight of me, she will totally panic and look all lost. When she sees me again (no matter after how long), it’s like she’s found the most precious thing back into her life.


She will crawl manja-ly towards me and rest comfortably.

And then puts her chin on my palm. Like a baby nia. Grrrrr! Super adorable.



I once read it somewhere, that no matter how mischievous and how notti your doggie is, be good to them.


From a doggie:

“You have your family, your job, your friends, your lover, and tons of entertainment to think about and love, but i only have you.


I almost cried when i saw that. You are the only thing your pets have. They don’t play, eat, nor drink when you’re not around. They wait anxiously (and doze off of tiredness sometimes) for you to come back to them. And they don’t hold a grudge against you even you ter-ignore them for one whole day. They are just happy to see you again.


Dogs are such wonderful creatures. Try to spend more time with them if you can. Remember, you’re everything they’ll ever have in their lives.



Also, i want to thank Lynn for sending Cheddie super lovely and princessy toys all the way from Australia. You’re the sweetest! Cheddie loves them to bits and wants me to play fetch with her all the time. ๐Ÿ˜€