Are you voting?

February 27, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

Pun of the day:
In democracy its your vote that counts. In feudalism its your count that votes.


Mom called and she just grilled me kao kao for not registering myself to vote for the coming election. She has been a supporter of this particular party for more than 30 years, and growing up under her influences, i really think that it was one vote wasted. Sorry la mom.

So far my blog has been the ultimate bimbo blog and the word politics means a new nail polish color. But to make up for what i failed to do as an eligible voter this year, i’m going to urge all of you who has registered to cast your divine vote. I’m trying to be very politically correct here (although that sounds wrong) so, this is what i’m going to say to you all.

Be an informed voter. What’s on the newspapers isn’t everything. There are a lot of other sources of information. Hello, bloggers!

Last but not cheese, vote wisely, vote for a change.



P/S: Don’t forget to vote for your Malaysian Dream Girl also (the contestants are so much hotter)! Though i won’t be in it.

26 responses to “Are you voting?”

  1. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I din get 2 register on time too. 🙁

  2. kevin tan says:

    i cn only vote next election 🙁

  3. Cheryl C says:

    I will if I were in M’sia. Next one la.

  4. a shen says:

    i am not voting too…”D

  5. jessie says:

    I missed out this election too…

    Mayb next election? =)

  6. Patricia says:

    hah! im not of age.


  7. Michael says:

    underaged T_T. if not i will fly back to vote hehe

  8. den says:

    eh, you change typeface again…the previous one nice wat.

  9. pmc says:

    You, should vote as politics and current Parliment does affect your lifestyle. Your vote is your “say” into how you want your future lifestyle to be, if you don’t vote the new government may change the way you live for the worst. Although a government is elected, you still want to elect the one that suits your future vision of how you want to live…choose wrong and your future could be a living hell. Extreme examples…Pakistan and Venezuela. You could probably add the US, look at how many oppose the Bush mandates, yet all they can do is bicker and how he “shouldn’t do this and that”, they had their chance to “not” vote him in power but they just sat at home when elections came up!

  10. correct says:

    correct correct correct! vote for change!

  11. Porkie says:

    I vote for the CnC (Cheesie n Cheddie) party to make Malaysia a seriously cheesey place!! 😛

  12. a k i says:

    I’ll go with uncle Porkie :D!

  13. Eng Seng says:

    Yes, please do vote, Ringo! It’s our citizen’s right to choose our leaders =)

  14. sheon says:

    i’ve some entries on politics in my blog. also, have compiled some political articles that are easy to understand and easy to read.

    i agree with cheesie, be an informed voter regardless of who you vote for, dont be a blind follower or ignorant.

    its not a secret that i am an advocate for change, our present governance is imcompetent.

  15. Simon Seow says:

    Yes, I’ve registered once I reach the eligible age and I voted on the last erection. Will be voting this year too.

  16. Chee says:

    Vote for Cheesie…Hahaha…

  17. mimid3vils says:

    Vote Vote Vote, Vote for ur rights!!!

  18. yb says:


  19. Jay says:

    I’m all geared up to vote this year…because I think its about time young Malaysians give a damn about how our country is being run…..cos its our country. But…alas! I wont be aroud during the elections.. they should let us out to vote on Election day though…its our right actually.

  20. jam says:

    It’s time to look for a change!

  21. Jane says:

    BN now is only UMNO.
    Let’s make a change.
    Lots of unfair things i heard from BN parties.

  22. mr.bbq says:

    den:: do you think the previous typeface was better? I think so too, confirm here and it’ll be changed back to the previous one!

  23. frLKS'sblog says:

    something from Sarawak….
    Taib n Sulaiman in helicopter, looking down at Kuching city, Taib said “if i throw 200 RM100 notes down, 200 people are going to be happy”.The son said “if i throw 2000 RM1 notes, 2000 people will be happy”. Pilot heard n jokingly said “if i throw you 2 down, 2.5million Sarawakian will be very very happy”

  24. LC says:

    If things are lousy, why not look for a CHANGE?…common sense..
    So guys, vote for a CHANGE, unless you like suffering for another 5 years!!

  25. ...... says:

    vote opposition, irregardless if its DAP,PKR,PAS or others…..

  26. mr.bbq says:

    Oh look, the EC *just* cancelled the usage of indelible ink, citing public order or security issues! whatever happened to the term “integrity” hmm? And it happened just 5 days before 8th of March, great timing. World, watch out and open eyes wide wide!!

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