SECRET POST: Surprise Party!

March 30, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

Except, it’s going to be right here in!

One FINE and SIMPLE example without requiring ANY sort of photoshop would be:
KY Rocks!
That’s why I love KY, so simple, so BEST! (lololol)
Send YOURS to now 😀


Happi barfday mommi - from cheddie
Okay i’m kidding about the 24… only cheddie is allowed to do that, unless you don’t mind facing a cheesy death!

Okay I’m sure some of you who’re in Oli’s facebook group would know what this is all about… But put simply, we’re planning a surprise birthday post for Cheesie, consisting of photos (or videos) of all of YOU carrying a banner of some kind with the text “Happy Birthday Cheesie!” or “Happy Birthday Ringo!”. You are free to be creative, have more people inside the photo, or using different materials, texts or ideas, as long as it’s in a format where we can compile into something interesting which will be posted here on the day itself!

This means you have to submit them to by Monday night. Or fine, latest by Tuesday evening! If you really can’t find the time, then a photoshopped webcam shot will do! As long as we get a decent number (Oli says 10+) it would be great already… The least we can do to bring birthday to her since she’s still going to be in the Dreamhouse, right guys?

The above picture is an example of how it should be, for landscape photos. Otherwise, just follow the example below!

Happi barfday mummi

And don’t forget to vote vote vote for this new week, even if it’s just one vote! (more better la :D)

For Malaysians living away from Malaysia, we have a way for you to cast your SMS votes! Just contact our campaign manager, Oliver Denton at dentons @ and he’ll provide you with further instructions. GUARANTEED! Come on guys, you know your money’s worth more in Malaysia lol!

Btw, this post will self-destruct on the 30th of March, 9.00pm and will reappear again on Monday morning until 9.00pm again.

What’s the reason? According to my calculation her only chances to get online occur between 10pm to 12pm, usually on Sundays!


Update!! I was right!! She DID get online around 9pm-ish 😀 okay la, 1 hour before my estimate time lol. So now I don’t have to worry about destroying this post again 😉 Check out her update below!


46 responses to “SECRET POST: Surprise Party!”

  1. Oli says:

    Go go go cams at the ready! No excuses!

  2. zachary says:

    wow~~ i’m 2nd.. juz finished watching “Enchanted”, sweet movie indeed..
    btw, juz a drop-by hi frm sri lanka! way to go cheesie~!!

  3. mr.bbq says:

    hi zachary! yea u reminded me, gotta catch the show. do join in the fun, rare to have a sri lankan around, it’ll be interesting!

  4. shenniz says:

    i’m from melbourne! but i’ll definitely try to send a happy birthday post! 😀 cheesie!

  5. HappiGurL says:

    aww….this is very thoughtful of u bbq…

  6. misha says:

    korkor bbq .. going to do that for me too ie on my bday?

  7. Patricia says:

    pray pray pray she wont online before this post self-destructs!!

    mr.bbq: we did it!!!! and now we’re safe for another 3 days… just in time for her birthday 😉

  8. mr.bbq says:

    Shenniz: will be great, can say came all the way from Melbourne! remember to write from who as well yea, nickname or whatever 😀
    HappiGurl: thank you 🙂
    misha: you want also misha misha? hehe… you must send in one okie!
    Patricia: i know right!!! *fingers crossed*

    to all: Resurrection a complete success and it did the job! There are more entries now but we need more more more! The funniest thing is… some of the commentators above aren’ from Malaysia, but they all seem to have Malaysian flag because I had to redo their comments. lol.

  9. blu says:

    WOW so cheesiliciously great!!!
    what a super megaultrafabutanterrificlous idea!!
    hmm does it have to be US? *camera shy here lah…dont blame me lor* or can it just be a picture (some interesting picture?). cant guarantee whether or not i can do it since my schedule’s very tight, but i’ll try!!

  10. Oli says:

    Can be anything blu! Just as long as it’s something 😀

  11. misha says:

    ahh .. Misha has Malaysian FLAG!

    Felt like being at home already hahaha

  12. misha says:

    ops .. no more malaysian FLAG!

  13. pmc524 says:

    Merry Christmas Cheesie.

  14. renaye says:

    the dog is adorable. XD

  15. Supperman says:

    ……. happy birthday cheesie !!! let’s hope u win that car =p

  16. Jingle says:

    Cheddie with rose!!!!!!!!!! Oh My #$%@#$@# so cute!!!!!!!!!!

    Not to forget… How sweet of you to think of having this surprise party for her… Guess if you can wrap cheddie in a gift box (with holes for cutie darling to oxigen-ize) and send to DreamHouse… She’ll be even more more more more surprise!!!! Muahahaha…

  17. xox says:

    hey, pmc524…wakeup dude, we are not celebrating Xmas ok! we are celebrating mothers’ day …see the rose and the word mommy or not?

  18. sheryl says:

    i not malaysian. how?

  19. KY says:

    wah so secretive!

  20. bum says:

    OmG i tried to make but i suck so badly in ps! :(. Ahahaha Cheddie is so cute! *bites cheddie*

  21. Oli says:

    Bum! Don’t worry about your skills…it’s the thought that counts! Send them in!

  22. Sion Seow says:

    Sounds like Mission Impossible. This disc will be self destruct in 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. *Mission Impossible Theme song playing*

    By the way, sent my photos already.

  23. kcin says:

    i saw MDG groups in One U on Sunday but i can’t see Ringo…

  24. mr.bbq says:

    kcin, she was probably using the internet in the office if it was last Sunday!

  25. Eve says:

    Happy Birthday Cheesie~~ I hope you win 🙂

  26. sheryl says:

    why not yet self destruct!!! alreadyyyyy 9.11pmmm!! :S

  27. mr.bbq says:

    sheryl, there’s no need to be scared because she came online yesterday, so she must accumulate another 7 minutes x at least 3 days to get 21 minutes to go online whahaah.. we’re such cheesniuses 😀

  28. Grace says:

    Hey!!! Sorry for the MIA over the weekend!

    Anyway I just submitted the photo dedication. Sorry for last min stuff 🙁 My bad.

    Oh, when is Ringo’s next public appearance la???

  29. Pucca says:

    Happy bday Cheesie!!!! (:
    Hope you win & make your dream come true!!!
    what a pity I can’t vote T__T
    Ma best wishes always!!!!

  30. blu says:

    oh okay that rocks! *must really try and squeeze time in now!!!*
    i lost my photoshop disc and its like totally lost and i just re-formatted my computer. downloading the free trial specially to try and make for cheesie! :DD super happy!

  31. curryegg says:

    I’m trying to make her something special but I dont have the time.. Just realize it now and the deadline is tomorrow evening.. sigh..
    Grabbing this comment box to wish Cheesie a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  32. a shen says:

    happy birthday…
    dream comes true, the Malaysian dream girl!!!!!!!!!:D

  33. misha says:

    happy april fool’s day to all of you!!!

  34. HappiGurL says:

    kennysia is making a great april fools joke!!!!!!!!

    happy birthday cheesie…may ur dreams come true!

  35. mr.bbq says:

    grace: thanks for your beautiful entry! hehe.. and public appearance? cheh, genting performance also never let us know… how to trust them?
    blu: try your best today
    curryegg: don’t give up, see KY’s example and just do it hehe 😀
    a shen: yeaaaah! u duwan to join ah?
    misha: happy april fool’s day mishaa hehe
    HappiGurL: been there edi, aiyo, soooo obvious lol.

  36. misha says:

    korkor bbq .. misha sent jiejie’s birthday greetings.. .. do let me know whether you rec or not ok?

  37. Grace says:

    WTH??!?!?! There was a Genting performance???!?!?!?! gahgah!

  38. Cherry says:

    Hapie Birfdae Cheesie!!!!!!!

  39. a shen says:

    sent birthday cake for her!!!!hehe…though is abit cacated…

  40. KY says:

    yeay so leng jai. 😛

  41. evelyn says:

    happy b’day cheesie 🙂

  42. curryegg says:

    I still have the chance now?
    Let me try it out k?
    Wait for ME!!!

  43. joanne says:

    happy birthday cheesie!!!11 and happy april’s fool. (;

  44. mr.bbq says:

    curryegg, yes don’t worry it’s continuous so do submit in your entry!

  45. CheaYee says:

    Hei hei….Happy 24th birthday Ringo…

    its your chinese year as well, i believe!! Every 12 years!
    Sorrie a bit late….but still.


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