The Mommy Chronicles (??)

March 26, 2008 in Senti-Emmental

Hi all, this is granny mama cheesie making a special guestblogging appearance 🙂

My daughter, as you all know fondly as Cheesie, has never been one to show off about herself, mostly posting about her travels, funny stories, quirky stuff and others… This is why I want to make this a special post for her, while she’s doing her best in the Dreamhouse.

Smiling Cheese

I want all of you, her fans, supporters, readers and friends (and also those who are just passing by) to know how proud I am about this daughter of mine.

As this is my first attempt, I want to say sorry first if I made any mistakes, and also for the boring title of my post. My english isn’t as good as hers ma. So if possible can you help suggest a title for my future posts? Like blah who suggested Malaysian Dreamcheese, that was very smart of her 🙂

Speaking of smart, let me just tell you a little about her academic excellence which I’m quite proud of. A long time ago, she always brought back As home from school and show them to me, to make me proud of her. For her PMR, she scored straight (8) A’s and I think some of you may know she also got 10A1’s for her SPM result, including 1119 (O-levels English). That is how she got scholarship to study in LUCT… How not to be proud of my daughter?

But that’s not all. Let me tell you a secret, she never really studies at home (though that’s not very correct..) and she doesn’t want to go tuition class. She thinks I doesn’t know but she really wants me to save the money for myself, which I am so appreciative about. I feel so blessed to have a daughter like her…

Okay sorry for digressing. The reason why I want to post this special post is to tell you about her first times. Yes, this is the Cheesie you may not even heard of. Young Cheesie’s first time in many things. And for this post, it’s the first time she got her 1st handphone, when she was just 16, by her own efforts…


She actually wrote a post talking about it before, over here. So I am just going to show you a picture of my daughter, who NOT only received a new phone, but vouchers as well to get herself these new pair of denim pants and jacket from Levi’s (which she has never asked from me).

First phone, denim jeans and shirt!

She’s 1 of the faces among 30 others taken from approximately 30,000 people (maybe I exaggerating la :P) by Maxis, all around Malaysia, so you calculate the odds of her winning, especially since there was only 2 counters in Seremban itself… and as you can see, she was very happy, and that alone completes my own happiness 🙂

Hot Cheese

Anyway I think the post is now a little too long. I should save more for the next few, do you think so? Oh and before I forget, help me suggest a nice, punny title so that when she visits her own blog from Dreamhouse again, I want her to know that I love her too, more than my Cheddie, so that she will also comment here that she loves me back. Hehe.

Bye for now, and thanks a lot for reading this granny’s ramblings 🙂

113 responses to “The Mommy Chronicles (??)”

  1. blah says:

    yay me ish clever!!! and first to comment!

    wah this post travel back in time ahhh…

  2. carol says:

    wah cheesie is so cool one! hahaha.

    not many girls can carry off super short hair like that – whoa! 🙂

    more, mama cheesie, more!

  3. elaine says:

    u guys are quick!

  4. a shen says:


  5. misha says:

    hello auntie .. jiejie R is so pretty even with short hair

  6. grace says:

    awwww…so sweet….
    ringo looks abit chubby last time..though

  7. Oli says:

    Mama Cheesie > Dog! More more more!

  8. Grace says:

    I wanna see Cheesie baby pics 😀 HIIIIIIIII MAMA CHEESIE!

  9. Eng Seng says:

    So this is what Ringo looks like when she was underaged…

  10. Porkie says:

    Mama-cheesie, what are you talking about? Your English is great! Thank you posting an insight to who Cheesie really is (as yourself, i and a few others know her), should lessen some of the crap comments we’ve been getting here lately. Keep posting as this first post was great! Need any help Porkie’s always here 🙂

  11. Stephie says:

    So desperate to win meh,wanna promote kau kau

  12. ahlost says:

    Mama-Cheesie.. you’re so great !! I want to teach myMama how to blog too. So that she can make a touching post for me. *LOL*

    Mama-Cheesie.. more posts coming up ok? Hehehe..

  13. Porkie says:

    Stephie, seeing as this is RINGO’s blog..why not? If you’re gonna say not fair cuz the other girls cannot do the same, tough luck because its no different from having a rich family or friends who can send vote after vote.

  14. jean says:

    hahaha, so quick got pll jealous liao!

  15. jayne says:

    wahh. mama cheesie ur english is good dun worry k. 🙂 mama cheesie’s engrish is good same same like cheesie’s engrish oso!! hehe. didnt know cheesie so clever can blog in cheddie’s and in her mama’s voice. hehe. good luck!! i will vote 4 u ringo…

  16. mr.bbq says:

    Stephie: ever considered we’re the ones who are desperate for her to win? After all, she’s our Malaysian Dreamgirl and nothing can change that fact 😉

    So if Cheesie’s reading this, WE WON’T LET YOU COME OUT EVEN IF YOU WANT TO! haha. I’m evil >)

    jayne: Cheesie haven’t been really blogging for about 3 weeks liao! but still i have to admit she’s very clever hehe.. You know she said before if she hasn’t blogged for 2 weeks straight, then there’s something really wrong with her.. true enough, she’s still upholding that by blogging twice already while she’s IN the Dreamhouse lol! Okay I don’t think I make sense lol

  17. mama cheesie says:

    .blah~ yay 1st but no prizes for u
    .carol~ this was her 1st hair rebonding! haha
    .elaine~ quick as in?
    .ashen~ hi sweetie, stay cheesed for more
    .misha~ baby.. jiejie actually dun like short hair geh.
    .grace ~ hi pretty, go dig her older posts.. got baby photo ya
    .oli~ naughty u! i thought u said more granny less dog..(thats y im here) *cheddie bites u!*
    .eng seng~ more to come..
    .porkie~ dear, we owe you much
    .stephie~ honey, if u think this is a “promote” post.. then as the chinese saying (roughly translated) goes: “for the bad guys all r bad, for the goodies all r good” just depends on how you want to see it.
    .ahlost~ hey, i know u… kidding.. hehe im the 1 who tapao and sent u ur orders for Cheesie’s wardrobe 🙂
    .jean~ more to come..

  18. Bianca says:

    Hello mama cheesie!

  19. Kenny Choo says:

    Auntie, hou yeh! Keep it coming. Mayb you should start when Ringo comes back. Haha

  20. ed says:

    cheesie is really chubee. All the best to her in the dream girl contest! and to mama cheesie, clever mum will get a clever daughter. God is fair.

  21. me says:

    mama cheese..
    the post is really touching… and it’s really great of u to let cheesie do the things that she wanted(s) in her life..
    i mean, most parents would want their kids to study stuff like medicine or law when they get straight As.. instead, u allow cheesie to pursue things that she really love in life! That is very very admiarable.
    no matter what.. cheesie has already won this competition…her courageous effort in the show is more important above all!

  22. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Hello auntie!Gambatte! 😀

  23. sheryl says:

    waa soo sweett ahh mama – cheesie! 😀 hehe. more posts okei? 😉

  24. joshuaongys says:

    hahahah mama cheesie rocks hahaha

  25. eunice says:

    mama cheesie is a great mom!! so cool 🙂

  26. Penny says:

    Awww…. so sweet…. I’ll keep voting you cheesie… Be strong and do your best!! Hi mama-cheesie, this is really something to be very proud of…

  27. Stanley says:

    mama cheesie..ur so, u can blog for ur daughter..SALUTE..keep it up, we will continue to support ur daughter..she is OUR MALAYSIAN DREAM GIRL!!!

  28. s0hp0h says:

    aunty, I’m sure cheesie loves u cheesily much!!!!

  29. xox says:

    wow! i like this post, warm and touching..more pls..

  30. Renka says:

    Mama Cheesie.. this post is so cute.. i hope that Cheesie will win .. Cheesie Jiayou 🙂

  31. Nana says:

    Nice post Mama Cheesie! 😀

    i miss Cheesie alot.
    dinno that her hair was short back in the old days.
    nice bah.

  32. jm says:

    cheesie is so so so pretty!
    omg i miss her

  33. thiamhin says:

    proud of her….
    very inspiring story..

  34. elaine says:

    hello modern mama!
    quick as in they post comments immediately when this post was up.
    i bet you’ve been a very great mum to cheesie which results in all her success!
    way to go!

  35. Creamie says:

    Did she take tuition for english 1119 ? I want to take it , so can you gimme some information about it ?

  36. aki says:

    hello mama cheesie, this is aki 😀

    how r u=)!

    what a surprise to read bout aunty posting here ~~ hehe

    cheeserland is always full of surprises :’)!, and warmth =), and love 😉

    Sweet 😀

  37. KY says:

    Next title: How My Daughter stole all the Cheese!

  38. shiny shiny says:

    a very heart warming post. All the best to you and your daughter.

  39. Chee says:

    wahseh…cool man…result so good…even gce also got A1…

    No wonder is Cheesie…hehe

  40. Simon Seow says:

    yeah, we all know she’s a very smart and independent young lady. We’re proud to be her readers too.

    Go Mama Cheesie! Write more!

  41. Simon Seow says:

    By the way, I bumped into Cheesie just now in Mid Valley. You all can read about my encounter with her –>

  42. mr.bbq says:

    Kenny Choo: lolol!! wait till Ringo hears about this haha.. cheesie mama could be her hardest rival!
    ed: mama cheesie will be glad to hear that 🙂
    me: I cannot agree with you more… glad to hear your honest viewpoint!
    Ying Bin: ganbatte yo!
    sheryl: will post more mama posts. you dun rike cheddie posts? hehe
    joshuaongys: she rocks our socks indeed lolol
    eunice: the coolest!
    Penny: i think so too… don’t stop voting then! 😀
    Stanley: hahhaa yes OUR Malaysian Dreamgirl WOO HOO!
    sOhpOh: I think she wants her to say it herself 😛
    xox: more warm and touching posts coming up, don’t you worry 🙂
    Renka: don’t hope Renka, help vote too 😀 thanks for the support hehe
    Nana: nice hor hehe.. surprising for me even!
    jm: me too :'(
    thiamhin: i know right!
    elaine: oh! haha yeah mama cheesie is an artist herself!
    Creamie: i not sure la, gotta ask mama cheesie 🙂
    aki: yeah 😀 auntie says hi too!
    KY: lolol, thanks for the suggestion… THE ONLY ONE TOO!
    shinyx2: thanks a lot 🙂
    Chee: damn smart right! i also shocked when i first knew it!
    Simon: ok? HAHA shall write more then 😛 OMG SERIOUS?! *goes to check it out*

  43. jessie says:

    Hi Mama Cheesie~~!!

    Great to hear from u!! :p
    Since Cheesie is not around…
    I’m sure ur proud of her achievement…
    She is a very independant girl….and also smart as well..
    Down to earth and lovely!!

    That is why we are all voting for her for Dreamgirl~~!!
    Whether or not, she comes out as a winner or not..
    I’m sure she is our dreamgirl…n ur loving daughter~~!!

    * winks *

  44. mama cheesie says:

    aiyo you people think i did all the blogging ah… i got pembantu 1 la. not as “geng” as you all young people. oh and Creamie, no she never took any tuition, but she does read english books 🙂

  45. annant says:

    hi cheesie mama…
    first post yet a good one…
    hope more to come…

    cheesie, gambatte kudasai ne~~

  46. elm says:

    hmm why we never hear about cheesie’s father?

  47. Porkie says:

    elm – its in previous postings, he walked out on cheesie n mama cheesie 🙁

  48. sheryl says:

    i rikee cheeddiiee posts too, no doubt 😉

  49. a shen says:

    i saw her this hp before..:D

  50. ::Fragile:: says:

    awww…so sweet of mama cheesie!

    hehe..dont worry auntie u hv a wonderful daughter and she’s setting a role model for many young girls!

    i know most moms dont get this, but i wanna say “thank you” to all the mothers! it’s because of you we are who we are! (haha i hope my mom reads this)

  51. carol says:

    hahaha i just realised.. Cheesie said she had kept her hair for 6-7 years… that means it started after that rebonding experience, issit? 😛

  52. clark says:

    am i the only who feels this is NOT the mother but probably ringo herself of mr.bbq or someone just pimping her? i’m not doubting the content, just doubting the so called guest appearance which seems pretty made up to come in and brag abot her achievements? i don’t know, just seems that way.

  53. Porkie says:

    it isn’t ringo herself thats for sure because she doesn’t have enough online time in the house to post such a post.

  54. adam says:

    save yourself the trouble la auntie…..fiqa is going to win……

    dont say that you arent canvassing for votes for your daughter because u are……it aint a coincidence that you decided to start blogging now.

    well, nothing wrong about that…..just wanted to point out the obvious.

  55. Porkie says:

    Why not save yourself the trouble of posting Fiqa is gonna win because no Ringo fan here will be agreeing with you.

  56. curious says:

    How come cheesie din get any JPA scholarship or enter to local uni?

    I mean her results is really good leh..Did she not apply?

  57. Jas says:

    It’s just beautiful to know such a wonderful mother-daughter relationship exist. Thanks your blessing!

  58. mr.bbq says:

    elm: it’s just as porkie says, that’s why cheesie did her best to not burden her mama too much =)
    sheryl: then we’ll have more of it next time hehe
    a shen: ya cause that was during ur time too! hehe
    ::Fragile::: wah so sweet can!
    carol: yeap that’s right! smart deduction there 😉
    clark: the truth is, there isn’t any more drafts by cheesie left since its humanely impossible to write up so much before leaving to the Dreamhouse, so mama cheesie suggested to give contents, and what else does she do best but to reveal cheesie’s proud moments of the past? and as she says, pembantunya aka her helper would be me. hope that helps satisfy your curiousity, though it spoils quite a lot of fun. pimping? every parents will ‘pimp’ their child/ren everywhere they go, do they not? what say you? 🙂
    adam: funny, your “obvious” statements don’t turn out obvious to me, or many of the readers here! read up my comments to clark, it applies to you too 😉
    curious: i think it was offered to her the moment she graduated, so there was no need to apply to others 🙂

  59. me says:

    adam: if u so-like fiqa then please send a thousand smses to vote for fiqa…but it’s not really nice of u to insult mama-cheese…whatever she is doing rite now is to support her daughther, i dun see anything wrong with that..on the contrary, i feel touched! i mean mama started learning blogging for her child….. do ur mama knows how to blog, adam??

  60. manie says:

    i know cheesie has a few friends who will vote at least few thousand for her every week..few friends..few thousands..heck a lot of money la..15,20k every week just to keep her in the house???wow she has such nice friends..although i like her blog very much, but i wouldn’t do money:p

  61. Sheryl says:

    Adam, It could be everyone’s game right now, anyone of them could win! There is no need to insult Mama Cheesie! I suggest you send more text then to waste your time typing your comment here!

    Wow Mama Cheesie, Ringo is such a clever girl. Does she has any siblings?

  62. jam says:

    Look like the girl got someone else to help her maintaining this blog. Not only the girl rocks, mama cheesie also rocks! BTW, you write a really excellent post. More revealing on your daughter secrets, pls…

  63. elm says:

    oh sorry to hear that.. but makes me admire cheesie-sama more 😀 i think this is my favourite blog in the world^^

  64. reenz says:

    when i grow up i want a daughter like cheesie too! hehe

  65. evelyn says:

    wth……u haters are so…….poring down

  66. Calypso says:

    I think its rather awesome that mama cheesie decided to contribute to the blog. She shouldn’t be penalized in any way for being proud of her daughter. If it troubles some people so much and it practically makes their stomachs churn, I reckon this blog could do without you.

  67. evelyn says:

    respect ppl mother la…our mother also proud of us wat….ringo mother is so happy to have a good n smart daughter. dont be jealous cz your mom x manja u like this. if you done smthg good,she b proud of u.

  68. ~blueeny says:

    this is the first time i comment since i’ve been reading the blog like months ago… so envy with cheesie.. got such supporting mama cheese and best fren porkie and mr.bbq oh ya.. and cheddie too.. you’re doing just well in the m’sia dreamgirls.. u so shy when talking in public.. but in blogs.. u r just rocks.. hope more more entries coming in.. more about papa cheesie as well.. reveal pictures on porkie and mr bbq as well.. just curious on how they look like.. hehe..

    and others who’s just jealous about cheesie.. pls.. create your own blog lo.. y wanna visit cheesie blog n yet wanna give nasty comment.. anyway.. is just her blog wat.. come on..

  69. goddess* says:

    Adam, imho, i think you are really rude.

    Cheesie’s mommy…. 🙂 I don’t know what to say but you really rock.

  70. mama cheesie says:

    adam: canvassing for votes ar? do u think it will work?
    Like “I want to vote for Ringo!!! because she has a great mum!” or ‘Ringo scored 10A1 in SPM!! So I must vote for her!!”? Is that what you meant?

    Those who want to vote will vote, for those who r anti-supporters will of course remain non-supportive of her, no?

    My sole purpose/intention of the post is just to prevent the readers of Cheeserland from ‘going away’ bcos of her absence… Nothing to see, come for what, right? Furthermore I’m sure her readers, fans and friends want to know more about Cheesie, especially those who came from MDG and don’t know about her. It’s her life in her blog, where else to check?

    But come to think of it, u’ve inspired me.. Not a bad idea i must say… Canvassing for votes eh? hehehe ..may be it will work.. who knows..

  71. carol says:

    hahaha mama cheesie i love your response. it’s easy to see where cheesie got her intelligence from 😀

    yalah. not interested then visit the blog for what. Go read the news or smth haha.

  72. ahlost says:

    Mama Cheesie: Owh.. hehehehehe.. Ringo did mention to me that you helped her to tapao and sent to me. Thanks so much 😀 .. Her wardrobe still full of clothes ah? *LOL*

  73. Iz says:

    Haha.. Nokia 3310. Tak boleh tahan :p *vote for Ringo*

  74. clover v(^-^) says:

    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet~~~

    very supportive of mama cheesie!

  75. adam says:


    the problem i have with this blog is everybody says well done, excellent, sweet….you know, all the nice and dandy stuff….its not my type of reading material but i like to leave a comment or two to burst the bubble for heaven’s sake. There is absolutely no discussion at all among readers of cheesie….its all one way “ sweet….so thank you”

    sure, it can build ringo’s confidence but she can also learn from her detractors and critics…im sure “mama cheesie” has enough experience to know what im talking about. Btw mama cheesie is either being sarcastic in her reply or insulting her own intelligence. i’ll take it to be the former.

    See, having the “bad guys” around aint so bad… just made this post a little more interesting…..btw, i think alison has the potential to succeed in a daycare centre if her modelling career doesnt take off….hehe friendly banter ya’ll….and i am by NO means implying that all the girls in the house has the mental capability of 12 year olds….

  76. adam says:

    mama cheesie,

    your welcome….i do inspire alot of people. unlike those who praise blindly, my comments actually gave u the extra drive and inspiration. your most welcome….

  77. May Zhee says:


    Oh shit Cheesie’s mom is reading this.

  78. mama cheesie says:

    baby may zhee, i’m sure cheesie will be glad but dont’ have to shout and let the whole world know! hush hush now hehe
    i really don’t mind to have another lovely daughter..

    Sheryl, cheesie’s my only child.. 🙂

  79. jo says:

    Aw how sweet. But my mom will NEVER have my login details to my blog..or to anywhere for that matter.

    Moms always see the best in their daughters dont they.

    p/s I dont think cheesie should win malaysiandreamgirl. she’s not ugly. but she’s certainly not a MALAYSIAN DREAM girl.

    Unless its a popularity contest then anything goes.

  80. carol says:


    haha i thought that was funny =) thanks for clarifying.

    not about voting / praising blindly either.. but if you do ask me, honestly, I’d say that Cheesie is one of the few really strong contenders for this competition, taking into account beauty, personality etc. If you watch the show (you do, I’m sure, haha) you probably understand why I say that. Hehe. At the very least, I do hope to see her make it to the top 5, or 3 even. 🙂

    Yes, you made this more interesting. 😀 Cheers 🙂

  81. misha says:

    how about me? aunty wants me to be your little baby too ? hehehe

  82. ~blueeny says:

    huh~~ there’s a small war here from adam? ala.. y so emotional everyone.. adam just being LOA ma.. suddenly cheesie’s blog bcome like this.. i don think cheesie will be happy everyone around arguing about her..

  83. ~blueeny says:

    btw.. y the latest episode is not out yet? i tot is on every thursday and saturday.. if not mistaken.. this adam is the one who says vote fiqa in cheesie’s blog earlier.. huh.. then y are u here canvassing for vote when u says mama cheesie do so at her own daughter’s blog.. then create a “ONLY FIQA” blog lo like tat.. i think fiqa won’t be happy to looking at how childish u ar in cheesie’s blog..

  84. May Zhee says:

    Ok. *looks down sadly*

    Mama Cheesie you are so COOL. My suggestion for the next post would be Cheesie’s Top Ten Embarrassing Moments but if she ask don’t say I say wan har.

  85. Priscilla says:

    Ringo is amazing.. she never brag about herself.. a very petite gal but has a mind bigger than it up ringo

  86. mr.bbq says:

    jo: just to clarify, the ideas were all completely hers, for the reasons she gave above. She had my help to put the post here. It’s the effort from her part that counts, thanks to her love for Cheesie, the things she go through to bring her up to what she is now 🙂 popularity contest? why, the very reason why she has so much fans, is because she’s their Malaysian Dreamgirl for many, many reasons! This competition is so aptly named to suit her, that I will give my very best, alongside her friends and fans, to make sure she gets as far as she can!

    carol: i cannot explain it better 😀
    misha: you ARE already auntie’s super adorable baby hehe
    ~blueeny: i know right… what is the production crew doing? sigh. great comment btw 🙂
    May Zhee: That would be ONE heck of an interesting post hahha! now all we need is approval from mama >) but i know ONE girl who WON’T be happy if it happens lolol
    Priscilla: mind bigger than yours? hehe.. don’t so humble la 😛 but yeah she’s really humble, though when you get to know her better… oops better not say lol!

  87. tom says:

    Cheesie SO…. SO….. CUTE!!!

  88. jo says:

    haha WHAT-EVER. You ppl cannot except SOME negative comments isit? . I never asked for a reply. Dont be so darn defensive. Simply putting out my opinion. You and so-and-so obviously are big fans of “Cheesie” – So be it. But there’s two sides to a coin. Jeez.

  89. sihan says:

    A very touching post indeed… Glad to see mama cheesie can actually write as well as her daughter does. I think your daughter must also be very proud of you, a loving and talented(a word seldom used to describe someone’s else mother 😉 mother.

  90. clement says:

    mama cheesie….i respect u ar…. u r so cool…

  91. adam says:


    i think you should have the decency to educate yourself….and also improve your english. I suggest you read less model magazines and more challenging material which can stretch the limits of your intelligence. you can start by visiting carol’s blog…

    i didnt say canvassing for votes is wrong….u assumed it to be.

    ignore what i said if you are 12 years and below…..

  92. Grace says:

    bbq, OoooOooOohh! Who is that ONE UNHAPPY GIRL? 😀

  93. mr.bbq says:

    adam: I’m sorry adam, this time you went a little too far… Insulting our readers for defending Cheesie is a big no no 🙂 I’m hereby saying goodbye to you! Good luck in your next MDG operation
    Grace: I don’t know Grace, YOU tell me hahaha! Been busy?

  94. me says:

    just shut the fark up and leave! No need to be Mr-inspiration-to-inspire-others-or make this blog-more- interesting-kinda person!!
    you are farking irritating… and FAKE!

  95. mich says:

    wow…this is probably the only blog in the world i can relate to. im also an only child and its only me and my mom at home :)from the blog, i feel like me and cheesie went through similar things..which is why i can relate to her…hehe

    mama cheesie you rock !! keep up the posts .

    and all the best to Cheesie !!! 🙂

  96. p0ohz says:

    LUCT = Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

    how could you not heard of LUCT??? its hanging everywhere in KL….


  97. Kenny Choo says:

    Hi all cheesie goers out there! Go vote for Ringo in the MDG Red FM Redbabe

    Because apparently it’s unlimited voting and I think we all need to work together to vote for her. I think some of the girls are spamming the vote. It increases by the seconds. So let’s all do something bout it, kay?

    Haha I’ve been enter, backspace, enter, backspace the whole time… easy way to do it

    Honestly I also don’t know what will Ringo get if she wins it. But nothing to lose right?

    So let’s all do it! 🙂

  98. hmm says:

    Jo, you seem to be the one that’s super sensitive about comments made back to you. Are you sure you’re clear on who was the one that was overly defensive? You want to comment, fine, people who are on her side will clarify things if they see fit. Obviously nobody likes negative comments about the people you care about, and if you don’t think they deserve the comment, then say something. You didn’t ask for a reply, but nobody specifically asked you to comment either. Just saying. 🙂

  99. ti3n says:

    geng… mama also so capable to blog, like mother like daugther. hahaha.

    n yeah scoring straight A1s got nothing to do with malaysian dreamgirls larh!!

    haha. mayb i was wrong. anyway, go on bah.

  100. mr.bbq says:

    Kenny Choo: HAHAHA I love how you completely ignored dumb, stating-the-obvious remarks and showed the world a “See there it goes again” comment lolol! Cheesnius!
    Urbanpheonix & Carol: you guys are simply the best 🙂
    ti3n: wrong about what?

    GUYS: I’m really sorry i had to delete your comments. I know the efforts and emotions you put into it are really really commendable, and for that I sincerely do appreciate your help and support! But this is Cheesie’s blog after all, and she won’t like it that there’s been a fight in here…. so there you go. Supperman, your comments are henceforth not really welcomed, as you can see it’s just not very nice if Cheesie comes back to read it. Maybe you can tell it to her yourself 🙂

    I’m so sorry guys! but HUGE thanks to urbanpheonix, carol and kennychoo!!

  101. urbanphoenix says:

    DUDE! How long have you had my MSN? IT’s urbanPHOENIX! NOT PHEONIX! grrr!

    And yes lah I know I’m the best no need to say lah. ;p

  102. Sheryl says:

    After looking at all the comments, I wanna say that no matter how well we’ve done, there will always be people who are constantly trying to bring you down.

    But the most absurd thing is that : Why are these anti-Cheesie people putting in their comments in her blog?

    Ringo, just ignore these comments and remember that you have your family and supporters all behind you!

  103. ~blueeny says:

    huh.. adam got mad over the night when i was sleeping soundly.. haha.. thx mr bbq.. is he gonna be ban in this blog arr i wonder.. is like he’s not getting the message tat everyone asking him off..

  104. flizzardo says:

    wow to be honest she looks much better in the old picture than now!! she looks incredible from this old photos!

  105. pmc524 says:

    wow looking at Cheesie’s photos when she was younger, makes me feel like a dirty old man LOL sorry mommie Cheesie 🙂

  106. Kenny Choo says:

    XD I’m just glad that is over. Cheesie’s blog should be fun reading! *yippie*

  107. EliteVillain says:

    you’re in the magazine too….no wonder so many readers, fans and supporters

  108. sumay says:

    Hey Ringo…if u’re reading this…can u please dedicate a post about the makeup tips u learned during the show? Jay mentioned there’s a way to remove our makeup…could u prolly let u know that lil secret too? thank u

  109. anon says:

    i’m glad cheesie got more coverage in ep 7…one of the better eps in my opinion. and it’s SO funny that hanis went ‘australian eh accent tu? taktau, tak pernah dengar’ when talking about cindy’s atrocious accent.

    cindy seems quite affected by what people think of her. can’t imagine what will happen when she gets out of the house and sees the NUMEROUS blog posts/comments etc slamming her -_-

  110. I KNOW says:

    I also though ep 7 was one of the better ones. Not perfect..but they are getting there la…Ringo surprised me in this episode…i really warmed up to her. Hanis is getting a bit ‘perasan’ if you ask me like she thinks the title is in the bag or something. Oh and Cindy’s dad asking her not to cry like that…Classic Reality TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. mr.bbq says:

    I really adored Cheesie’s “I learned a lot in this show… and what i learned is that i’ve been doing everything wrong haha” OOOMGGGGGSOOO CUUUUTE CAN DIEEE!

  112. rachel says:

    this entry almost brought me to tears…

  113. ti3n says:

    ummm..i said earlier that scoring straight A’s got nothing to do with this MDG thingy. so to let us know about that jus a bonus. hehe.


    who will win?
    Ringo Vs fiqa

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