How My Daughter stole all the Cheese!

March 28, 2008 in Senti-Emmental

Thanks KY for the absurd yet very cool title! In the meantime, guys and girls, our favourite Malaysian Dreamgirl Cheesie is still in the running for MDG! Thanks to everyone who made it happen 😀 Suffice to say she’s not anywhere near the bottom 3, but let’s not rest on our laurels… the show must go on! Remember to vote vote vote hehe..

Hi all, mama cheesie here again, and this time i’m going to take you way back in time, when cheesie herself looks like this:

4 year old cheese

It was her first ever graduation. No, not this one here when she was 6 years old. The one above was when she was just 4!! 4 year old cheese 🙂

Then before i knew it, she grew up to be like this:

SM Ringo 

Can any of you guess what is she doing? Winners will win a full-blown nice wallpaper of Cheddie. Sure cute one…

Oh, btw, some of you would be interested in this photo…


First nail art 

Can you guess why this should be interesting?



That’s because it’s the first time her interest in nail art began! So now you know 🙂

Oh yeah, and before I forget… The first time she modelled for a commercial ad…


Cadbury Contest 

Haha.. ok I’m joking. This was my idea when I saw the Cadbury Photo contest in a newspaper a long time ago called “Cadbury’s magic moment”. I submitted this photo which I think is quite clever (do you see why?) but I think the judges must be blind, really blind! (eh, who else quoted this, sounds so familiar right?)


Long Hair 

Aih, too bad they cannot see my creativity, and all my efforts were in vain. What effort ah? See the Cadbury box? At that time there wasn’t anything like that here, I had to make the stencil print and that box myself 🙂 and the idea was to teach the young ones that A was for Apple, B for Bird and C is for..?? Haih, the judges are blind hor. Nvm la, i also never knew i could show off this old photo of mine here keke


Oh, what do you notice in the last picture in this post? If someone tells me the answer, I’ll talk more about it hehe… And May Zhee baby, although I didn’t use your suggestion, I think cheesie will still be embarassed with all these old pictures in her blog. If she angry with me, can I say it was your idea?

49 responses to “How My Daughter stole all the Cheese!”

  1. blah says:

    i know liao!! cheesie’s head in the last pic is photoshopped into the curly hair woman 😀

  2. elm says:

    wow, which one is cheesie in the first photo?

    er either doing the wayang thing or trying to be punkrockish? haha.

  3. mr.bbq says:

    blah: LOLOOLOLOOL!!!! wrong!
    elm: hehe, you gotta make a guess! 2nd answer wrong!!

  4. blah says:

    seriously her head looks photoshopped lahhhh.

    i guess she’s imitating sailormoon!!! X)

  5. huei says:

    cheesie ate all the chocolates!!! =P

  6. Feli says:

    that’s the first time cheesie wore a wig? lol

  7. Porkie says:

    i knwo which..straight off 😛
    but i won’t get a prize for sure 😛

  8. panda says:

    errr…..the hair on one side is longer than the other???

  9. blah says:

    another guess: SPIDERMAN!!! *it was actually the first thing that came to my mind…..*

  10. KY says:

    Yeay my title is used!!! 😀

    Btw she must be trying her hands on traditional Chinese dance on the high school photo. Now give me that wallpaper, and I want it made of mahjong size paper ya.

    Thanks! 😉

  11. Porkie says:

    Spider-cheese, Spider-cheese
    Does whatever a blogger can
    Eats a cheese, any size
    Blogs again, time just flies
    Look out! Here comes the Spider-cheese!


  12. thiamhin says:

    i think ringo were trying to do the shadow play with her finger…

  13. jean says:

    hmm… C for Cadbury’s… but the judges did not appreciate…i feel u

  14. greyy says:

    additional wig, and a suspicious looking blue wrapper on the bottom right corner.. ?
    and many chocolates gone!

  15. meeky says:

    4year old cheese…hehe …front row 1st from the right.

  16. Simon Seow says:

    Doing a spider-man shoot the web pose? But I think a traditional dance is more like it.

    Most of the chocolates are gone in the last picture, and it might be the boy that ate them because he’s gone too.

  17. raven says:

    On the first photo, Cheesie was pretending to be Raphael or Michaelangelo from the show, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Hence, she’s pretending to use her fingers as Japanese weapons.

    Hope am right! Am I?

  18. Yee Seen says:

    cheeseee…i tot im gona b d only 1 to guess correctly. =P im pretty sure its Sailormoon cos i used 2 do dat pose alot too!! i was a big fan of sailormoon!! XD

  19. Reyen says:

    I’m sure she’s posing as sailormoon! Its sailormoon’s trademark alright, lol!

  20. kevin tan says:

    she is punishing us in the name of the moon

  21. Oli says:

    I think you bet her $100USD that she couldn’t undo her watch with only the hand which she wears it on….

    I have twin-monitors so I’ll need 2x Wallpaper thx!

  22. Bianca says:

    Mama Cheesie, is it that the word Cadbury on the box is kinda spelled wrongly? The ‘b’ and ‘d’ look weird. Tell me if I’m right. Heez… And Cheesie hair like photoshopped. Hehe… =)

  23. スキ says:

    the chocs in the box not from cadbury? some chocs missing?

  24. May Zhee says:

    Cheh where got people small time photo look so nice one!!!

    Okay mama cheesie, I can take the blame. T___T But please hide all sharp objects in her house once she gets back.

  25. JEREMIAH says:

    I wont vote for Ringo, there are a few more girls that deserves to win. Just bcoz she has a blog, doesnt mean she hv to win.

  26. dj says:

    doing sign language 33oo1

    chocs melt-ed .. hair fake

  27. HappiGurL says:

    sailomoon! sailomoon! wu yau dai 表 yue liang 惩罚 ni !!!

    she is punishing you in the name of the moon! yeah!

  28. jessie says:

    2nd pic??

    Was it coz she got full A’s for PMR??

    Jz a guess~

  29. choyyin4ever says:

    mama cheesie,
    u really got a good idea….

  30. Grace says:

    Oooh yay! Cheesie’s baby pics! Well, erm, not exactly baby but when she was younger! 😉 Thanks Mama Cheesie 😀

  31. Calypso says:

    2 eclairs are missing!

  32. MT says:

    Mama cheesie so mysterious leh~~… 1st thing came to mind was definitely sailormoon pose..
    Which is Cheesie in the kindergarten pix anyway?

  33. me says:

    cheesie trying to be a spidermen!!!

  34. Brittany * says:

    I think cheesie was dancing!!! like she’s attempting to dance. 😀 love you ringo! xo, brittany

  35. blu says:

    i thought cindy would be kicked out …

  36. blu says:

    i think she’s trying her hand at chinese opera !! xD

  37. Supperman says:

    blu ,

    … Cindy won’t get kicked out .
    the producers would want her to stay on longer in the contest ,
    just so to add some spice into the show. lol
    otherwise, the competition would be rather plain vanilla .

    half the time in the recent episode, those girls were bitching bout her .

    anyways, the last picture …. i noticed that the chocolates are all missing in the box.

    BINGO !!! please say i’m correct mama-cheese .

  38. [a] says:

    2 things for the last photo
    the weird hair clip she has on..
    and several ear-rings..

  39. mr.bbq says:

    blah: second try dunno counted or not leh? somemore got spiderman wrong!
    huei: nice try hehe 😛
    Feli: wow great answer!! you from indon?
    Porkie: yala!
    panda: what’s that answer la hehe
    KY: Mahjong size my ass la! but give credit la since u suggested the title hoho
    thiamhin: nice guess thiamhin lolol!
    jean: mama cheesie will be touched too. go tell her it’s super nice!
    greyy: just the wig will do! the rest is due to mama cheesie’s artistic skills
    meeky: that’s correct!
    Simon Seow: aaaaalll wroooooong!! hhaha!
    raven: no you’re not, but you DO have a great imagination lol
    Yee Seen: you and cheesie make best friends then lolol
    Reyen: trademark action, even I know hehe
    kevin tan: indeed, but i am immune as i am artemis
    Oli: go clean up the mess in your room pls. throw those beer cans away too.

  40. mr.bbq says:

    Bianca: no wor, it’s correct hehe.. and the hair question has been answered!
    スキ: all wrong, please try again. hehe j/k 🙂
    May Zhee: I don’t get your first sentence!
    Jeremiah: your point?
    dj: fake hair is right! rest wrong hehe
    HappiGurl: yeah!
    jessie: cheh, must so happy until liddat meh lol
    choyyin4ever: creative right!
    Grace: 😛
    MT: you’re right! mama cheesie mysterious meh? lol
    me: NooooOoOoo!
    Britanny: thanks on her behalf dearie!
    blu: she didn’t… and that’s why she’s gonna stay 🙂
    Supperman: wrong supperman! hehe
    [a]: lol dun need to think so much one!

  41. jo says:

    jeremiah: haha. i second that.


  42. mama cheesie says:

    KY ~ not only ur title being used.. mayzhee’s too, coming.. not too soon. mahjong size? just click to enlarge la dude! btw, really envy u who has a mahjong size computer..
    oli ~ i like your unique answer, hv a nice day.
    Bianca ~ hey, i trace the word fr the book one la, can’t be wrong!
    Mayzhee ~ aiya.. my photography good ma; cheesie don’t need all these sharp objects la, she got sharp eyes, 1 look you’ll be trembling!
    choyyin4ever ~ next time use a shorter name can, typing ur name is tiring, thank you too, hv a nice day.
    MT ~ exchange experience only… where got mysterious ?
    Supperman! ~ are u the same supperman? OK, i say you r correct! supperman wor, can’t be wrong!
    jo ~ if i say u r welcome, then that’s very fake of me, u don’t like cheesie, i don’t like u either! we chinese hv very good sayings: 人不犯我我不犯人 u don’t offend me i would not offend you, period.

  43. KY says:

    mama cheesie,
    Company got projector maa. 😛

  44. scrunchy says:

    omg is that tadika lawrence in seremban? around tmn permai there? omg if it is, hahaha i’m a fellow student (right word?) there! lol the indian lady looked strikingly familiar!

  45. mr.bbq says:

    which batch are you in scrunchy? lol, small world eh hehe

  46. mama cheesie says:

    OMG! scrunchy!…correct correct! …which one is you?

  47. mama cheesie says:

    oh, i think you weren’t in the photo? get too excited liao… haha.. you only recognize the teacher right?

  48. MT says:

    Sry for the late reply to mr.bbq & mama cheese.. balik kampung for Qing Meng over the weekends..

    Neehoo… mysterious bcoz the post asked us to guess so many things~… dats all.. ^^

    cant wait to receive the wallpaper ;P

    Enjoy ur weekdays!!!.. Nice meeting (over the net) both of u ^^

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