mr.bbq: new episode (well, part 3 really) out at the Malaysian Dreamgirl website!
Btw, somebody contact Alison to drop by pls 🙂

If you are reading this, we miss you very much and the kitchen is a mess after you’re gone. Everyone cooks her own maggie mee now. Remember what i said about the mini holiday thing ok! Wait for your wittle wabbit to come back home. =)

To everyone else who is reading this, i actually made a small dedication during the interview but i guess they didn’t put it up! So i’m gonna say it again. Owing to all your support, i’m here to stay for another week (by the time i’m typing this it’s just a few days left before i get to know my destiny in MDG). Thank you so much for putting your faith in me (thank you Aaron, wow!). I know some of your are from overseas and you can’t vote for me but it’s okay! Your effort is appreciated and i’m already happy enough to know that i’m not alone! =)

I hope i’ll still be in the show next week. I’m starting to have a lot of fun (we did something very exciting few days ago but i can’t tell what it is!!!) so i don’t want to go home yet! Wish me luck!

Yours forever cheesily,


P/S: Can anyone keep me a copy of Star Metro (about the Nuffnang Party) 20th March? My gorgeous bag that says “My Dog is Cuter Than Yours” made it on the paper! 😀