I was feeling a little like the old man who hung himself in Shawshank Redemption. I was starting to wonder if i actually remember how to handle a mouse and how to reply to an sms (huh, handphone? what handphone?) properly.

The emotions I was having were so mixed up it makes rojak sound like the most orderly thing ever. I was feeling sooo… cheesinomous (adj. Okay. I actually don’t know what it means but that’s is exactly what it means. Just a word i coined to express the inexplicable nature of something… uhm, hard to explain. Please jot the new vocab down in your exercise book, thank you very much).

I’ve been thinking what to blog actually. Definitely not something sensitive. Most definitely not something insensitive. Cheesus Crust. If i really do blog about everything that has happened and what i have felt during the cheesinomous 54 days, i can guarantee your mouse is going to die a horrible death of exhaustion due to excessive scrolling.

Give me a couple of days (longer than that, maybe, connection sucks) to watch the video clips (isn’t that ironic? we’re what’s in the show yet we’re the last to know what they actually show in the alternate reality) and let me see what kind of person i actually am, THEN i will decide if i want to write about anything at all.

Okay. Some friends have suggested I should have self-defended for any sort of rumors and baseless accusations that people have thrown callously at me. But i think for now thats the last thing i want to do. You see, you explain something, they counter back, and they expect you to bite their flame bait so that it may satisfy their desire for senseless sniping. If you don’t, they think you admit defeat. And if you do, they will come up something else for you to stress yourself over.

You don’t find it tiring meh? I do lo.


One thing though.


Regarding comment moderation. Please. I hope you actually watched enough episodes to realize that there was no cheesing internet in the house. How could you just so impetuously come to the conclusion that *i* was the one who deleted the comments. It’s blatantly obvious that for the past whole month, i had nocheesingideawhatsoever what was happening on my own blog. Even if i did have 5 minutes online i wouldn’t spend it deleting your comments. Sorry for the shocking revelation of the day. Undoubtedly it could have been done more tastefully and i apologize for not taking it into consideration before i joined the show. But please, stop scolding ME for deleting your comments.


Sekian terima kasih.


Sigh. I’m so tired. I’m dying to blog about something that actually makes me happy.


I was happy.

I was so happy.

I was so very very happy.

Reminiscing it makes me happy already. 🙂