I just got eliminated

April 24, 2008 in MDG Drama

from Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Sorry i’ve failed you. But i’m back as your favorite blogger. =)


Omgwtfbbqdvdmdg (yes your Cheesie is back. Stronger now). I just spent 10 hours scanning through 888 emails (how auspicious) and catching up with my own blog (how ironic). Sorry i haven’t been able to reply all.

Feels good to be able to have a say finally on my own blog. It looks beautiful. Thank you for all the banners, i don’t have the heart to take them down yet. Thank you Nuffnang, this is the most blog skin matching skyscraper ad i’ve seen in a long time. Thank you whoever voted for me, you have made me stay this far in the competition. Owe you tons of good post.

Need to sort out some urgent stuff and promise, as soon as i can set my fingers on the keyboard again , Cheeserland will be resurrected from its dormant cheesiness in no time.

Stay cheesed and love you all.

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152 responses to “I just got eliminated”

  1. blah says:

    Cheesie you are my ALL-TIME favourite blogger!!

    congrats on making it this far, and don’t listen to what others have to say…

    look forward to your cheesy punny posts again!! miss them soooo much =)

  2. Iz says:

    Ringo, I voted for youuuu.. many times.. but nevermind lah, now I can read your posts again 🙂 Take care 🙂 eh, am I the first one?

  3. Porkie says:

    Welcome back..talk to you late yeah! 🙂

  4. 3-Seconder says:

    Cheesie cheerie up 🙂 You were the brave-est cheese of all time in MDG. Please don’t let that get the cheesie life out of you.

    OoOOoo… So can we know about the un-cheesy stuff that happened around the house?!


    Take some time to recuperate too. Cheddie… i’m sure he misses u, and u miss him too.

  5. jolyn says:

    welcome back =)

  6. Calypso says:

    Welcome back! You did well 🙂 Sorry I couldn;t vote for you!

  7. cheesels says:

    3-Seconder, Cheddie’s a girl. A princess at that hehe. Yeah Cheesie’ll definitely be stronger than before, she’s shown us time and time again! Way to go! Brie!

  8. miracleangel says:

    Welcome back! We miss you tonz! You haven’t failed anyone! 🙂 You’ve done your very best! Congrats on making it this far! Give you a big cheesy hug hehe

  9. Renka says:

    Cheesie, welcome back… looking forward to your latest post 🙂

  10. DoGtortoise says:

    it’s okay.. welcome back… after all.. u’re still one of ma fav blogger. ^^

  11. prinsezz says:

    its their lost…BUT!!! WELCOME BACK!!!

  12. kitten says:

    Yo Cheesie is back in the house! Welcome back~~~~~ A better, more mature, cutier cheese! yooohhooooo!! *Applause* Life should go on regardless…be happy always ^^

  13. English Romeo Bean says:

    You did great girl. Welcome back.

  14. huei says:

    Welcome back cheesie!!! =)

    at least u can be back in the blogging world..Great job at MDG! =D There’s no need to be sorry..you don’t owe anybody anything, well, maybe some blog posts, so do blog soon! =)

  15. grace says:

    woohoo I have another blog to read again!!!
    welcome back!

  16. misha says:

    welcome back jiejie R ..

    we miss you very much !!!

  17. Joey says:


    Cheer up..anyway modelling wasn’t ur ‘thing’..
    It’s ok..Jz treat it as a roller-coaster ride…a great experience and fun…cherish the good memories and leave the bad memories behind..
    And it made u really famous thou..haha!
    And about ur previous blog’s bad comments…dun even read it…jz clear it all…
    It’s a new fresh start!
    Looking fwd to reading bout ur experiences in the Nitemare House!! :p

    All the best in life…

  18. Barry says:

    You didn’t fail us, silly! We think you’re awesome. Congrats on your performance – you really came across as someone worth knowing!

  19. Stephen says:

    welcome home.. glad to have u back, your blog misses u..

  20. skyfish says:

    Good to have you back. 😀

  21. patt irmina says:

    welcome back cheesie..!

    well done to u for making it tht far, but then its ok.

    im just excited u’re back! looking fwd to read ur posts..=)

  22. abi says:

    ringo!!! omg i’ve missed you =) ah i voted for u too! =) well, it’s their lost. boo! and yay now i can read posts written by you =D

  23. jessie says:

    We misss u so much~~!!

    Its okay.. u did ur best~~!!
    Looking forward for more updates…

    Don’t be sad okay??
    U still have all of us….. :p

    * flash cute puppy eyes *

  24. jane says:

    cheesie 🙂

  25. Rinko says:

    omg we missed you heck loads!!!! and I’m sorry you didn’t get to be in the competition for much longer. I actually voted for you!!! u will forever be OUT malaysian dream girl!!!!! :):)
    Now, more posts please lololololololololo 😛

  26. Evelyn says:

    hey….u x fail us….cuz we r still ur readers….no matter wat.
    even modelling is not ur thing…..but still,u r da best in bloger.:)

  27. carol says:

    haha welcome back cheesie! 🙂 okay yay pics goss and puns, thanks! 🙂

  28. you already try your best :):):)

  29. Joey says:

    We know that u’ve tried ur very best…u did it de best way u knew…
    It’s ok to b sad…it’s ok to cry…
    Let out your emotions…
    But let it hav a time limit…

  30. KY says:

    Welcome back!

    At least there are better photographers out in the real world. 😀

  31. red says:

    i feel really bad for this girl. she was really bashed to the core. i would be pretty depressed if i were her.

    i hope clear skies will come your way, ringo. please smile. 🙂

  32. El says:

    you’re still the best 😀

  33. Agnes says:


    i feel so sad…

    but u tried your best! i still love your pictures though. if one door close, God will open another door for you.

    you’ll be a great commercial model. I’m very sure.

    Don’t stop trying!!! its gonna be your time to shine one day!!


  34. alice says:

    Welcome back…
    dun so upset about the result..
    come back to blogging…
    we wan update… =)
    Ringo..smile =)

  35. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Welcome back Ringo!Yay,cant wait 2 see u blogging again! 🙂

  36. Simon Seow says:

    Welcome back. I’ll support you no matter whether you’re MDG or not. Your blog post is what I really keen to read and not whether you’re crown MDG.

  37. sheryl says:

    yay~ cheesie is backk! 😀 heee. blogblogblog. ;D

  38. awww.. says:

    sorry i’ve failed you?

    BWAHAHAA sorry what? expected what! haii.. we told you you’re just wasting ur time all this while! and you din’t listen!

  39. lol says:

    No you’re not my favorite blogger. And no, this is not anti-ing you. hahaha.
    I’m actually quite happy that you’re eliminated, because you look plain and don’t suit a show like Malaysian Dreamgirl. Back to the old plain Jane blogger! 🙂 Not that your blog is very interesting though.

    Once again, NOT anti-ing you! Just honest feedbacks

  40. Van says:

    aiyah cheesie, at least you can say, been there, done that…

    welcome home~~

  41. Joeri says:

    Ah well, you made it so far and in my opinion you made the Malaysian Dreamgirl to a success (that was until they voted you out). Now there is nothing worth watching the show anymore 😉 And be honest, being a writer (aka blogger) is much more fun and suits you much better. Here you rule the place and can say what you want, right?!

    So.. make your wacky internet connection working again and get your Malaysian (almost) Dream girl ass back to work!

  42. Megan says:

    yay! more posts! love you heaps Ringo!

  43. curryegg says:

    You’re a sweet-nice-blogger I’ve ever met in blogosphere. I know you’ve tried your best and what’s more important here is… your readers in cheeserland.com is growing and WE SUPPORT YOU here!!!

    You’re beautiful.. (in photos, videos and even in real life)

  44. ~blueeny says:

    Don’t worry gal.. we all will love u as before.. i believe u’ll be surprise to see that u gain more loyal reader here that been silence reading all this while.. U will notice them when time comes..

    Cheer up.. no one wanna here likes to c u frown.. You will be always our Dreamgirls..

  45. Sarah says:

    Cheesie!:) welcome back!=) no way, you didn’t fail us in any way.;) your still our favourite blogger. no doubt! ;D

  46. rachel says:

    You’ve done your best! No regrets k? And don’t doubt the support from your readers and family.

    Always my favourite blogger!

  47. Penny says:

    That was a really good experience anyway

  48. Nakamura says:

    You’ve gone so far and I’m proud of you…
    For me, you are still the prettiest cheese among all…
    Isn’t it kinda good to be finally away from all those bitching in the show?

  49. s0hp0h says:

    praise the lord…

  50. s0hp0h says:

    sorry that might have came out bad.. but i mean it in a good way ^^ out go the drama.. sooooo annoying

  51. Caryn says:

    Maybe now you can tell us why you lied in episode 14 while you were plotting to get more of your fans’ votes by offering tickets to the finale.

  52. weiqi says:

    its ok cheesie..we’ll still love you, you’ve do your best!!!

  53. sailorman says:

    I’m not a Cheesie’s fan but I voted her every time & many times ‘cos she came across as a nice person in MDG.

  54. flizzardo says:

    i wonder how much thousand cindy’s parent had to fork out to vote for her! seriously!

  55. Patricia says:

    no stoopid! u didnt fail us, u are back!!! that’s what we want anyway.. hohum. modelling isnt your thing. maybe u can try skydiving next. haha. kidding. 🙂

    welcome back!

  56. Michelle says:

    Yay cheesie!! ure back!! welcome bacckk.. It’s ok.. you didn’t fail us 🙂 You’ve tried your best ^^ I’ll always support you 🙂

  57. Babyballet says:

    Welcome back! I miss your posts! Blog more!:D

  58. lix says:

    Cheesie san,

    Glad you’re back. Now go kick some butts.

  59. allen says:

    you did us proud cheesie! 🙂

  60. mich says:

    Ringo..cheeer up.. the show must go on.. the life must goes on too.. dont bother on what ppl said… Definitely MDG added some “colourfull” memories in ur life…remember, being eliminated doesnt means u hav to apologize.. you didnt owe us anything…. we knew u did ur best!!!!

    waiting for ur cheesie posts…

  61. xox says:

    miss you so much..welcome back! ya, proud of you!

  62. Bunny says:

    flizzardo, ur right, tats the first thing i thought when i saw that cindy was in!??! how the heck? nobody lkes her! even her photos are never nice…=.=

    lol : go to hell. and u too, Caryn.

    Cheesie ur back! cant believe u lost to adeline and cindy..i mean, hanis is good..but adeline n cindy? =.=

  63. apple says:

    hey ringo,
    welcome back~ its ok, girl.. u made us proud for making that far in MDG!
    u’ll always b my fave blogger.. 🙂 blog more!!

  64. Sheryl says:

    Life is full of experiences. As long as you have no regrets joining the show, there is no need to apologise to anyone! Now you can tell us all about the GOSSIPS.. haha!

  65. onasia says:

    thank god you are back ~ you have make other ppl crazy with jealousy!

  66. Aman says:

    I am glad you are back!
    Finally I can read your blogs again….

    I think you did well on MDG. But they should not say you look “too cute” because, with the short hair they wanted you to have you look cutter then with the long hair!

    I diddn’t have time to watch yet but this evening I am going to watch the last 2 episodes…..

    Anyway, I also hope to hear some gossip about the MDG………..


  67. jean says:

    yeah! favorite blogger is back!

  68. -april- says:

    is okay ringo!!…u’ve tried ur best….welcome back ~

  69. kangaroo says:

    Just a thought from me.. It’s mentioned that the votes are externally audited. But do the auditors really know who the voters are? If not, even the MDG producers can also vote countless times to keep in those they like. This is one weakness of the show which the producers should look into.

  70. 3-Seconder says:

    Yikes! Sorry for the grave mistake of saying Cheddie is a “HE”! 🙁

    It’ll be like people saying my little Patches (who is a she) that is a HE too!


  71. cheesels says:

    it’s okay 3-Seconder!! hahaha u apologize damn funny 😀 i’m so glad that the mood here is lifted so much since Cheesie posted this post… YEAY to Cheeserland!

  72. SamanthaPoh says:

    the bashing wasn’t necessary. you made it pretty far. for a blogger to go the distance in MDG ringo it’s something to celebrate about.

    a boutique owner who’s formerly a model is selling clothes online too as well as in her own shop in kuching. i gave her your url as an example of better ways to promote her clothings online.

    cheers. you did good and that’s what matters. after getting flamed so much i kinda get how you feel when they keep going on and on.

  73. Yi-En says:

    =) welcome back~

  74. lyn says:

    welcome home! it’s ok.. u were pretty impressive to make it this far .. so cry if u have to but pick urself up again ..

    don’t cry because it’s over but smile because it happened

    looking forward to see posts and cheddie !!

  75. sharon (^.^) says:

    welcome back dear..

    we missed you lots..

  76. labu says:

    hmm…by now you should realize who are your true friends…the good the bad and the ugly…categorize them…mmh

  77. Dr.Erection says:

    Cheeise!!! first great to have you back, but seriously you didn’t fail if anything i’m sure you’ve not only had a great time but a great learning experience 😉

    You didn’t fail anyone and your fan base here surely didn’t fail you, if you checked the cbox, you can see for yourself the heated debates, the new fans (both haters and admirers) ALL rooting for you at their “extremes”.

    Alas Cheesie, you’re not model material in the “standard” thinking but loking at that photo of you in your dresses that you auction/sell online WOOT need i say more?!? 🙂

    So now you know realistically, you can scratch that off your list of “things to do”; not the modeling, the model contest shows 🙂

    You were a part of history written in the books/online.

  78. Oli says:

    Welcome back to the real(ish) world!

  79. dweam says:

    you never failed us! you made it to the last few!
    you made us proud.

    we love youuuuuuuuuuu.


  80. Reyen says:

    Welcome back! Its been a while, and we missed your blogs =)

  81. Meg says:

    welcome home, dear girl…

    now i can stop late night conversation with sisters to get them voting for you.. =)

  82. Bianca says:

    Babe, you are finally back to the blog. Will miss seeing those beautiful pictures of you in MDG, but not to worry. YOU DID NOT FAIL US. By making it to this far, is really good. So don’t put too much stress on yourself ya? Cheer up. Afterall, alot of us are missing your updates. =) Smile ger!

  83. hafizuddin says:

    fish fingers anyone? im hungry

  84. alex says:

    since you are back home, is time to tell us more insider story!

  85. Francesca says:

    U did great at MDG – u don’t fail anyone, Ringo ^__^
    Keep that smile, k …

  86. Francine says:

    who cares about MDG, you are our Malaysian Dream girl in our hearts anyway rite people ?

  87. Pink Cotton says:


    u don need some competition to know whether u r some dream girl or not…

    i think u r 100% malaysian dream girl material! way to go for having stayed on the show for that long! welcome back! =)

  88. Angel W says:

    we’d been missing u like siao here…

  89. Esther says:

    I was really hoping you’ll make it to the finals, because you represent we average height Malaysian girls. I think you were on par with the rest, you did a great job with the photos. I don’t know how the judges judge your photos la… they all look good to me, most of them better than the rest.
    You did a very good job anyway! =)

  90. annant says:

    welcome back cheesie 🙂

  91. A Man's Girl says:

    thank god you aint there anymore. dreadful seeing you there. Acting cute always. Gosh…

  92. yanagi says:

    I like you in MDG! I was so upset when they kept showing footages of other people. I was like where the hell were you. They ought to improve their editing -.-

  93. ahbing says:

    Welcome back 🙂
    fai fai write more entries bewhehe

  94. jayd says:

    you are among the best if not the best of the lot. They were wrong to not choose u to be top 12 and it shows when u go so far. among the girls in the house .. you are the sweetest and nicest girl. maybe due to that they cant get much drama from you and so they reduce your air time. Anyway….. you deserves better than being a ‘Malaysian Dreamgirl that wasnt so much of dreamgirl more to model show’

  95. Cozzie says:

    Welcome back cheesie =) we missed you dearly.

  96. lynn says:

    so glad to have you back to blogging…cheers!

  97. amy says:

    welcome back cheesie, miss you much.

  98. cherylc says:

    cheeeese! welcome back!!!

    adeline n cindy in final….sighh….that’s the most sad case final two!

  99. karen says:

    hey cheesie 🙂 I’m glad you’re back. Like what the rest have said… you’ve come across as a very sweet and lovable girl … so it’s not just words on a blog. All the best for the future — but good things come to good people, like you.

    OMG so cheesy 😉

  100. twinkie says:

    i didnt check your blog till i watched the latest episode, and shockers!
    i’m sure you’ll make it big!

  101. cheesiesux says:

    hey girl finally you are back. i cheered when you got eliminated. why? because you are such a hypocrite and you dont derserve to be a model. you should be grateful that you got this far in the competition. anyway..welcome back..HAHAHHah

  102. somebody says:

    adeline the tomboy? cindy the biatch? and hanis the ugly kampung girl? they are in final? lol. those are the dreamgirl for malaysian la? lmao.

  103. Esther says:

    Ringo! You are always our favourite blogger!!

  104. humbert says:

    we still

  105. humbert says:

    we still love you no matter what happens or what is said about you =)

  106. Daniel says:

    great to have you back blogging.
    waiting for your next post =D

  107. Jes says:


    I only watched the show because of you. And it’s funny that the judge told u to be a host and that you can do it. I totally agree with her. So go be a TV host!!!!!

  108. lightning speed says:

    Yeah, Ringo’s got enough talent to become a good TV host if given the chance & more training!

  109. lightning speed says:

    ..and in the future, is it also possible for Ringo to upload one or more video clips of herself to Youtube so that we can enjoy watching her talk about any topic she fancies?

  110. brandon says:

    ringo, faster blog… i’m looking forward to it… =)

  111. starm|st says:

    welcome back, sweetie!

  112. starchaser says:

    oh..u are back! nothing worth seeing in the show now, who cares who’ll win.

  113. amanda says:

    Yo girl! Think I’ll get to know this cheesie girl everyone loves more now, won’t I??
    Good to have u back. U’re so loved by ur fans.. and I salute that! hihi ^^

  114. silent.er says:

    you gain even more…luv ya

  115. just-tin says:

    hey no prob ringo!It’s just a competition..
    even sazzy asked u to be a “host” or something.. if u really like the entertainment industry i’m sure with MDG u have gain some contacts and confident now to pursue whatever u like! all the best in doing whatever u like…

  116. lat biu says:

    it’s so nice to have you back…

  117. many says:

    no! you should hv got into final 3! without you, mdg is not worth watching anymore..
    i thought i can see the battle between popularity and wealthyness…the power of blogsphere or the power of money money.

  118. Teresa says:

    Ringo~ I wish u’re in the Top 3 instead of that stupid gal…. T_T Sure u’re petite but lol, i’m like u too. except im not as pretty as u are..

    The only reason Cindy’s blog has more readers than yours for the time being is that everyone wanna leave bad comments abt her. =P But don think have to worry about that now since her blog now is only open to invited readers only. o.O

    Anyways, i will read ur blog more often now cos for some reason, i respect u after watching MDG.. =)

    p.s: I wanna c more pics of Cheddie!!!!!! She’s just TOO adorable…. ^.^

  119. Phire says:

    hey cheesie.. u are back and can’t wait to have more original cheese from you after so long 🙂 i’ve been following MDG and you were great.. and you still are 😀 You may not have made it to Top 3 in MDG, but you are NO.1 to your cheesie fans here 😀

    keep up the great cheesies on cheeserland! 🙂

  120. sienna says:

    CHEESIE! good to hav you back 🙂 🙂 we missed your fun and cheery entries!

    am not sure if you would, but perhaps you could blog about your MDG journey.. or better still, the other girls in the house.. HAHA!

  121. Good to have you back. You would have been better in the top 3 than Cindy.

    By the way… Cindy’s blog has been blocked. Probably covering up her “sexy” photos and her real attitude from the world.

    Looking on the bright side… welcome back! And I saw you wearing the dress you got from me in one of the Episodes! 🙂

  122. sammy says:

    great experience, share with us the ugly side of human nature.

  123. Smokin' Aces says:

    Ringo: congrats on getting so far…. but i think you should stick to blogging… the modelling world is just not for you…. i heard that the production crew were really bad….

  124. qq says:

    i only want to see cheesie in the show.
    MDG, nothing to see liao! *yawn*

  125. pasarmalam says:

    Everybody Knows (by Leonard Cohen)

    Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
    Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
    Everybody knows that the war is over
    Everybody knows the good guys lost
    Everybody knows the fight was fixed
    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
    That’s how it goes
    Everybody knows

    Everybody knows that the boat is leaking
    Everybody knows that the captain lied
    Everybody got this broken feeling
    Like their father or their dog just died…

  126. ml says:

    i agree with QQ. No mood to watch already. but looking forward to more cheeesy posts! I like you more after watching the show!

  127. JuDy says:

    cheesie~ it’s good to have u back.cant wait to read all ur funny posts again. =)

  128. kevin tan says:

    welcome back~! ^^

  129. grace says:

    omg.. that was a damn shocking elimination can??? natasha and jay are like the strongest in the competition, and you the most steady in terms of votes, and ALL THREE GOT ELIMINATED!!!!!!


    adeline and cindy are NOT MODELS!!! from here on i’m just rooting for hanis, whom i barely even like.

    man… malaysians!!!!!! (shall not elaborate.)

  130. Smokin' Aces says:

    Grace: don’t worry…. a little bird told me that Simone’s Model is managing Jay now… dunno about Nadia… better than CAPTION Media i would say…. and Ringo is back to blogging… happy ending for everyone i would say… hope for Hanis to win though if not the show is going to be a complete failure….

  131. Can u believe that says:

    That adeline realy realy cant make it and she is in top 3.Wtf?

  132. Lydia says:

    Hey Ringo, just wanted to drop by and say that you didn’t disappoint us (at least not me) at all.
    You certainly did your best and we all know you can go further than the MDG 🙂

    and yay to you blogging again, certainly have missed your posts! hugs!

  133. Kenny says:

    Nope, you didn’t fail us. U will still be our favourite blogger aka Malaysian Dreamgirl. Can’t wait to see ur post soon! 🙂

  134. kcin says:

    well, look on the bright side, now you have more traffic in your blog hence earning more $$$ in terms of advertising from blogging 🙂

  135. 小恩小惠 says:

    i think you r ‘lucky’ not in the top3, because if u do, your ppl hv to support you somehow or other, and your rivals, cindy n hanis ~ both fr very very rich family, are for sure pumping in tens of thousands…at the end, you’ll lose more.

  136. doremon says:

    your are awesome! now fai d update!

  137. vic says:

    cheh! what’s so great about being a model, come on, you are more than that !

  138. ron says:

    cheesie, i think you’re a very good advertising model! maybe not so high-fashion but TV commercials, definitely!

  139. Jenchu says:

    Blogging is so much more of your forte! You haven’t failed anyone 🙂

    Glad to have you back.

  140. bann says:

    what’s so great abt runway models? nothing great, they are just human clothes hanger.

  141. viviensiu says:

    oh welcome back pretty lady 🙂 I think this show should not fully dependant on sms voters alone, what I see is only a biased scale of winning the competition (may the most voted win, and not may the most deserved win).

    Whoever the winner is…. I already lose interest in the competition as there isn’t a standard judging system. There are some girls who remain in there for too long and some more deserving girls kicked out too soon.

    Just my 2 cents, not referring particularly to anyone.

  142. Rahman Alwi says:

    well you are always my DREAMGIRL… ooppsss Malaysian Dreamgirl or Blogger’s Dreamgirl… cheer up and great to have you back

  143. Lisa Yap says:

    welcome home our sweetest cheesie 🙂

  144. ponikuta says:

    Great to have you back; just wanted you to know let this not be the end of your journey but your beginning. Best of luck.


  145. grace says:

    smokin’ aces: yup, i’m glad jay has already got a modelling job, but cindy’s personality is so flawed… and adeline’s so bland!! mm… i’m really glad cheesie’s back though.. i miss her posts!

  146. Albert Ng says:

    You haven’t failed. Just didn’t make become #1. But hey, look at how many people get famous having come out of reality TV shows, without even getting the #1 spot.

  147. Cherry says:

    Cheesie, welcome back. We missed u and ur blog. 😀

  148. Jing says:

    Oh you lost. AWESOME!

  149. sylvea says:

    to somebody:just because you’re rooting for ringo,duzzen mean that you have to be so
    harsh to the other contestants.adeline the tomboy?cindy the bitch and hanis the ugly kampung girl??harloww???

  150. Jane says:

    You’ve really captured all the esseinatls in this subject area, haven’t you?

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