Cheesie doesn’t seem to be happy with my posting of her “glamorous history”… so that’s why i want to “neutralize” it with this post…


i’m sure everybody has a moment right, when you wish there was a hole for you to hide into… yes, the most embarassing moments. although i have to say it’s actually more of MY embarassing moments, not hers… since she’s too young to feel it at that time…

So, these are herMY five embarassing moments, thanks baby May Zhee for the title…


Kids Are Innocent 童言无忌

One evening, when we went for supper and a little 2 year old cheesie was in my arms, she suddenly shouted “mama, got abunehneh” while pointing at our indian friends who are also our neighbours. The couple looked up and stared at me, but soften and smiled when they saw cute little cheese, but boy was i embarassed..




Nose is For…

When cheesie was just 2 to 3 years old i used to teach her everything we see.. from trees, to flowers, everything. she’s a quick learner. why? cause one day i decided to ask her the use of various parts of her body… and so far she got all the answers correct, like legs are for walking, eyes are for seeing.. but when it came to the nose, she went speechless. so i hinted to her by inhaling and exhaling in huge gestures, and suddenly this clever little cheese went “oh! it’s for the flu!” haha! okay maybe i’m the only one who finds that embarassing for her, but she was so cute that i even wanted to send the story to reader’s digest but didn’t in the end. later i found out they had a similar story, and i smiled to myself knowing kids are all the same everywhere, their innocence is just pure joy for us moms 🙂


Too Common

There was a time when we went to the hospital for a medical checkup. The hospital was very busy, packed with people, but eventually her name was called. She then walked towards the counter, and noticed another 2 more girls walking up the same direction. As they reach the counter and looked at one another only did they realise that they all had the exact same name! i really think she hates her common name la.. that’s why got Ringo now hehe




2 Letters

During one of the school holidays, our moody cheesie wrote 2 letters, 1 for her female classmate and another for the handsome boy in class she secretly admired. It was after posting the letters that she found out they were sent to the wrong address; a mix up between the two letters! imagine her embarassment when the 2 friends called up later, now tht’s our “big head prawn” 😀



She used to work part time as a waitress in this dimsum restaurant, and as usual, she will try to be as fast and efficient as she can. So that when a customer ordered “1 lo mai kai” she dashed to the stove, picked one up and delivered it straight to him, smiling ever so happily. Imagine the surprised look (more like shock la) when the customer called her to show that there was nothing but bones underneath the metallic bowl… yes boys and girls, she didn’t know she picked a “sudah makan” lo mai kai!




Okay la, now it’s your turn to share your own embarassing moments, i’m sure everybody has them. the one i like the most will win:

1) a small token from mama cheesie
2) a day or 2 to babysit cheddie
3) a chance to own cheesie’s new car… neh, that dreamy car. only 1 part of it la, like, the tyres or something 🙂

Choose one of the above… though i know which one you’ll probably be choosing 🙂