Hi Everyone!

I am TT…the vegetable head you sometimes see in cheesie’s pictures. Haha, i think i look great, i feel so healthy when i see my picture.

I am not going to write about the benefit of being a vegetarian too, because i will rant on and on and on, and cheesie’s readers will all be bored to death, and she will reprimand me…*Scare*

First thing I want to do is to thank Mr bbq for his assiduous efforts in taking care of Cheeserland while Cheesie is away… thanks a million, you are the best!! Hugs and kisses from Cheesie. But poor thing la.. Mr bbq was nipped in the butt by Cheddie.. So now he’s lying in bed, nursing his erm, arse.. So here I am, taking over Cheeserland for the time being, until our favorite Cheese is back!

Its my 1st time as a guest blogger, and I have many insecurities about it especially when Cheeserland already has a huge reader base. It makes me feel like I’m walking naked on the streets of Jalan Bukit Bintang and many humsup eyes are on me!!?? Mommy, help me… 0.o
I may not blog as well as any of you, so everyone, please bear with me ok?? I promise I will try my best to keep you all entertained.

Till the next post, in the mean time, keep your fingers crossed for Cheesie in the Dreamhouse!