The cheesy monster ate her up! wait.. or was it the other way round? O_o


Ok i kid. Mr.BBQ here reporting live from KL in her stead. The reason why there isn’t any post from her is because for some reason the MDGs are unable to go online this week. So they had to call instead. This is only what I can gather from her 15 minutes call:

  • hihi that she heard about the birthday post, and wants to thank ALL of you guys for the super nice birthday wish and cannot wait to see it!
  • hihi that they had celebrated her birthday, although it was during a photoshoot so it felt like a super long day… but she did get to blow candles 🙂
  • hihi that she is feeling quite okay in the Dreamhouse, though she feels a little more pressured, mostly due to lesser and lesser girls in the house…
  • hihi that she doesn’t like her second pic in the Summer shot as well, so I told her she need not worry; we’ll make sure she stays in to “tapao” the next one!

In any case not being the bottom three is such a relief to her (and i’m sure to you as well), so guys and gals, she wants to give you all a really really big thank you for continuing to support her! Do take note that Sazzy finally mentioned (in Episode 9!!!666) the rules of voting: mainly, the voting stops immediately on Monday midnight! (do correct me if i’m wrong)


So, let’s start voting again!! Send “DREAM 11” to 33001 to keep Ringo in! That is, if you want to see Ringo aka Cheesie on TV.

Yeap you heard me right:

What: The Malaysian Dreamgirls are going to appear on national TV for the first time ever!
Where: It will be shown on NTV7 and hosted by Elaine Daly
When: 8.00am this coming Thursday, 10th of April 2008

And if you may have cleverly noticed, this is only going to hold IF Cheesie doesn’t get voted out! To help, go go go and spread the news everywhere 😀 Add to your blogroll, post about it, attach our available banners or even just inform your next door neighbour and tell him/her that it’s going to the first time in history a gorgeous piece of cheese gets featured on TV!


I don’t know about you, but I think the episodes are getting better and better with time (though there’s always more room for improvement). Cheesie is getting more airtime (yes you get to see her pretty smile more often now) and funnily enough, Timothy and Wenqi of Nuffnang, Pinkpau of and ShaolinTiger made an appearance too. Go visit their sites to read more gossips 🙂

Oh, updates: Kenny just blogged about MDG. Expecting hits lol.

Well, till then, bye bye and have a great weekend! 😀

Luv ya! – Cheesie

Written by BBQyes she ain’t out yet, duncha worry!