Don’t panic (repeats to self).

I cannot stress how I super hate my house. It’s facing right in front of the T junction so it’s attracting all the bad Qi I think. And somehow no matter what wireless internet I use (can’t be bothered to put up a landline, I’m moving soon anyway!) there seemed to be very limited connection. These few days the connection is down again. I’m wasting so much money for my lousy internet which I cannot even use. Ironically right, I do get to steal wireless connections from my neighbours, which are sooooo much better from the one I’m subscribing wtf.



Anyway I can tell you my internet is lousy 90% of the time!!! It’s either suuuuuuper lagging like constipation, or cannot detect connection at all.


But now I kinda found a solution!

My maxis mobile browsing saved my day! You know how I cannot live without the internet. And when I’m out and desperate to check my emails and blog comment I can now just browse from my phone! 😀

mobile surfing

To my blog.

cheeses crust

Yay. Cheeserland on my phone! 😀

Today I went out lunch and met this old friend. He doesn’t even know I own a blog okay. So I showed him how my blog looks like!

On his super beautiful PDA!

Cheeserland :D

Wtc Cheeserland looks soooooo yummy on his PDA (Cheddie too <3). Wa I tell you, this is like super cool! To admire your own blog ON A PHONE over lunch. Haha! Comment!

And reply comments on the spot. 😀

Browse movie sites

Oh, also, can anytime book movie tickets online! I wanted to watch Vantage Point. Anyone watched yet? Is it any good?! I super love Jack Shepard. I mean Matthew Fox! 😀

Choose your movie!

Man I’m having so much fun with his PDA (and also the decently fast Maxis 3G connection). And also do business on the go, pay bills, pay rent, and check if your Cheque is processed yet (so you can go shopping later!!!!)

i <3 Nuffnang

And what else. I just love logging into my Nuffnang account and look at my earnings haha (so that I can justify my shopping later!!!) 😀


Now I feel so much better about my shitty internet at home. I’m loving this whole new Maxis mobile browsing thing. And I’m also happy that I’m finally 3G savvy now (before that I really don’t know why I needed a 3G phone for). If you haven’t got your GPRS or 3G configured, read this up and get it done! If you want to know more about it first then go to Maxis’s Mobile Internet website here, you’ll find all the answers you need to start enjoying it 🙂

BUT if you’re reaaaally lazy to read about it (like me) then as long as you got through the activation process, all you really have to do is follow the instructions (according to your phone la)


For Maxis-customized phone, just press the Maxis 3G button usually on the right-hand side

For non-customized, a bit more mafan lo. Put simply:
1. Nokia: hold the ‘0’ button. Finito. Lily one! You try see 😀
2. Sony Erricson: neh, just press the web button can d
3. Motorala: same as above
4. Samsung: wah seriously dunno who owns a Samsung, but if you do, just press the middle button.

All will bring you to Maxis’s 3G Portal, and if you can get there then you’re a natural born certified cheesnius like me 😀

And now the only thing I need is the TyTN II… Any takers please?