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May 22, 2008 in Bon Cheesepetit


Just tried the kuay teow kia from Hi Wan it was so awesome!! Loved it. Esp loved the tofu and pig ear! Thank you for recommendation!


What’s nice for supper?

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  1. michelle says:

    FIRST!! XD

  2. Porkie says:

    Cross border trip for Mos burger goodness! 😉

  3. It’s a bimbo blog, but I just came across the greatest bimbo blog ever, better than xiaxue!

  4. cheesie says:

    Michelle: yay 4th!!!
    porkie: wtf dont tempt me!!!!!
    Wannabe Economist: okay i actually feel flattered! but xiaxue is better (and i only read blogs that are better than mine HAHAHAH!)

  5. KY says:

    clueless Singaporean tourists! road kill & eat!

  6. anonymouskekeke says:

    MoonLight Cake House
    No.1,Jalan Gaya 25,Taman Gaya,81800 Ulu Tiram,Johor.

    海皇粿條仔(Taman Pelangi警察局毗鄰)
    Taman Pelangi,80150 Johor Bahru.

    大豐101串燒,Hotel Sentosa樓下的茶餐室
    Jalan Sutera,Taman Sentosa,80150 Johor Bahru.

    Taman Sentosa

    etc etc etc!

  7. Shu Yen says:

    Go to Tanjong Puteri, off Pasir Gudang.
    There will be an off-road trail to drive into.
    At the end of it is a Kelong restaurant serving darn good seafood.

  8. ju says:

    eh? virtual parteeeeeeeeeee~!

  9. ahlost says:

    Err.. Got plan for dinner dy ah? Hehehe.. So fast plan for supper liao..

  10. mr.bbq says:

    Definitely their Assam Fish!!! But it’s best you don’t eat too much of it or suffer the consequences miss IBS 😉

    On a second note, the first wife recommended nasi kerabu as their specialty so you could try that!

  11. sying says:

    pork organ kuey tiao!
    near the zon (stulang luat) by the big drain!

    sri tebrau market for desserts and good ye ji wantonmee!

    or even hou la la lok lok (those mobile vans) along jalan serampang! the best is the one in front of lavender cake shop!


  12. Shu Yen says:

    Last resort is City Square for Secret Recipe’s CHEESECAKES.

  13. yL says:


  14. yL says:

    oh ya.. n the chou tou fu @ johor jaya if not mistaken

  15. kelv says:

    cheesie u didnt ask miss c meh?? since she is around the neighbourhood//

  16. kucing robot jantan says:

    the orang asli seafood restaurant.. there is a jetty near Pantai Lido. Pay the boatmen and get them to bring you across the river. Food price is not that expensive. Or if u happened to go to Singapore, there is this new cafe called P.S. Cafe (2 days old) in this building called Palais Renaissance (opposite Hilton Hotel) along Orchard Road. Food is superb.

  17. uncleahpek says:

    Hi Wan restaurant serving ‘kuay tiao kia’. Just go to Pelangi Leisure Mall (a bit deeper than Pelangi mall) and look for a 7-11 on the main road. It is beside it. The best…

  18. Vanquish says:

    Great! So you are finally in the vicinity. Care to have lunch or dinner together tomorrow? (23/5) Such a good news.

  19. aaron tan says:

    supper –> 1300-13-1300

  20. viviensiu says:

    haha SG sales starting tomorrow right? “sun bin” drop over there to shop la kakaka~ just b careful in JB ya? a lot of crimes reported.

  21. mr.bbq says:

    yummy.. looks good! great to know ur eating well 🙂

  22. labu says:

    hoh…all meat no veggies!

  23. uncleahpek says:

    I’m glad you tried Hi Wan. I miss it so much. The soup is damn heavenly. The tofu is one of the smoothest. The cili… damn power…

  24. a shen says:

    heh…u coming to sg?

  25. ahlost says:

    kuay teow kia looks delicious *drools*

  26. misha says:

    korkor porkie .. MOS burger is nice .. we have that in HK . hehehee

  27. Porkie says:

    mini-mish.. yah yah your jiejie keeps telling me but i didn’t have the opportunity to try yet 🙁
    last time i went to hk i didn’t see..only had hardys, mcd n kfc..did it open recently?

  28. misha says:

    yeah .. opened long time ago .. if you come to Hk you can try it at Langham Place 🙂

    MOS is nice 🙂

  29. Miss C says:

    the soup hor… aged 36 years if i’m not mistaken. hahaha!!!

  30. anonymouskekeke says:

    eh, any interesting places/good food around seremban?
    imma going there tonight.


  31. joanne says:

    City Square, innercity, level 3.
    near wongkok char chan teng
    try their teriyaki rice burger!

    or nasi lemak at kampung senibong which is behind permas jaya 🙂

    see you around in jb 😀

  32. ViaN says:

    maybe i might see u around in JB 😀

  33. Esther N says:

    yummy..I love tofu and pig ears! Where is this restaurant located???

  34. Eileen says:

    this is my fav. supper whenever i go over to JB at night.. the soup is very nice..

  35. Tristan says:

    The “pasar kia”(wai sek gai) next to City Square, their fried oyster is orgasmic, Nasi Lemak at Senibong Permas Jaya, seafoods at Tmn Mega Ria/Gelang Patah/Tmn Perling and err…Lavender and Yew’s cafe.

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