Thank you for coming!

May 23, 2008 in Happenings

to my little get-together @ Baroque, Heritage Row KL.

I had the whole lounge upstairs all for myself and the guests. Baroque has different guest DJs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And it’s not very crowded. Perfect for a chill out night. 🙂 Oh did i mention that Baroque has a very handsome manager. Fat la but very handsome hahahah (hor, Sim! Kenko Diet Plum not working for you meh?)



Ok. Photos!

Ching and I taking attendance.


Some Diva came late!


Weelim and Mayzhee. Your pretty face duly PSed. Now it’s prettiererer.


Guests getting to know each others! Kenny intro himself to G and Sara.


Ehehehe. Saje.


Some people very happy with the doorgift!

Kate, Jane, Stef and Ren.

Some obviously not.

Haha Nicholas.


Okay we had a very special guest that day. Her name is Cheddie.


Obviously she was the star of the night. Even Ringo Starr also not so starry.


Very cute Rachel and very cute Cheddie.


Very cute Stef with very very cute Cheddie.


Very cute cute? i actually think cute is the word cute Kenny and very very very cute Cheddie.


Wilson and Chris also loved her!




I used Photoshop La Mer on Mayzhee and myself.


Darren and Elaine i actually think they look alike!


Michael. Picture obviously stolen from his blog.


This picture was supposed to have only Kate and I. Some Camdiva popped out ala Shutter from behind.


Cheryl and Ivene.


April. It’s ridiculous two housemates had to jam all the way from PJ to KL instead of from upstairs to downstairs to meet each other. Cheesh.



On that day, i also…

celebrated my belatededededed birthday. I’ve never known anyone who celebrated her birthday, like, 1 and a half months later.


It’s okay la. It could be Cheddie’s 18-days-belated birthday.


Jane. She loved cheesecake. I mean, Cheddie.








KY smoothie.



Game time.

We were NOT playing chor dai dee.


I swear. Uh uh. Not chor dai dee.



We played mafia.

Thanks to Khailee who taught me the game, mafia was our sole entertainment back in the MDG days. Besides all the gossiping and back-stabbing of course.

But i dunno why hor! I’m ALWAYS the first or the second to get killed in a mafia game. WHY AH? Apart from the theory that the hottest girl always get killed first i cannot possibly come up with other explanation. It’s very tulan ok. I never get to play the mafia!!! I want to improve my lying skill!!!!666

Eh Joshua! That’s the only picture i have of you wor!



Ok this post is going to have a lurid ending.



Ching arrived and the first thing she said was,

“I parked my car. I got down. And i kicked a dead, fat and bloated rat.”


I looked out the window.

And i saw a dead, fat and bloated rat. Probably drunk too. Baroque is too great a drinking place.


This little guy looks like Remy’s gluttonous cousin Emile in Ratatouille. Ok little is a very wrong choice of adjective.


Oh talk about coincidence.


Simon gave me a rat for my belatededededed birthday present!

Thank you for coming once again, and all pictures taken by KY Smoothie, thank you very much.

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59 responses to “Thank you for coming!”

  1. Francesca says:

    What a fun night !! Cheedie is so adorable ^__^ n so do u

  2. Jojo says:

    the pic of cheddie sniffing the cheesecake is so cute! =D

  3. WP says:

    Aiyo, that rat is enormous!

    And Cheddie’s so cute!!

    By the way, have you seen this video? ->

    Not as cute as Cheddie la, but still very cute!

  4. Miss C says:

    wish i could go… *sighz~* u actually played mafia? kekeke!!! >.

  5. cheesie says:

    Francesca: Yay thanks from Cheddie
    Jojo: Of course!
    Miss C: You la always wrong timing. When i was in JB u in KL pula.

  6. Fluffz says:

    Wow! That must be very very fun!
    Omg, Cheddie is so cute!

  7. KY says:

    woohoo i wanna cook cheddie!

  8. May Zhee says:

    *nods fervently in agreement* Yeap! Baroque was a great place to have the gathering!

  9. May Zhee says:

    Eh what the heck I just noticed that You’re late get out photo!!! Your revenge for me putting Cheddie’s pee online ah!!!

  10. Selfairy says:

    omfg i nvr realized how tiny Cheddie was n its all because u’re so tiny too.

  11. Reika says:

    awhh cheddieee! 😀 cute as always!

    hahahaha mafia! I love that game! used to play that while in college with my friends~ the thing is rite, my group very confusing leh.. play mafia also some of them will ‘commit suicide’ just to confuse the rest of us! wtf! don’t know if ur friends do that also hahaha

  12. kennysia says:

    The rat looked SO DRUNK! Wahahaha.

  13. May Zhee says:


  14. mr.bbq says:

    what happened to cheddie’s long fur! still the cutest thing evah tho XD
    everyone’s smiling so happily, it was all a worthwhile event 🙂
    cheesie’s smile especially, something that can brighten up even the darkest of days, so keep smiling! 😀

  15. OMG!! I looked soooooo tiredddddddddd in the picture!!!

    Besides that, i enjoyed the night… even though i seldom talk in there (was really damn tired from work la) but it wqaqs fun… and the cheesecake was cheesingly delicious!!!!! It was sooooooo nice ok…. heheeee…

    Thanks cheesie for the good n fun night… thanks alot for the gift… thanks for everything….

    Nice to have met u once again… (i was actually shock u could still remember me…) 😀

  16. steph k says:

    lol … cheedie is the star indeed .. lol .. a great nite ringo!!! i like the place.. its nice 🙂 and of course nice partay!!! 🙂

  17. corrine says:

    so cute cheddie n cheddie mummie! 🙂

    btw, did i see d wrong thing? is that gal in grey dress has her bra stripes showing?

    hmmm. didn;t watch mdg kah?

  18. naVICgaTOR says:

    oh, i missed the whole show…

  19. Haha, happy belated birdthday, Mafia =P I guess it’ll be better for you if you get a doctor and save yourself til the end, so you would not die so fast, ha ha ha, we play it sort of like every weekend in the bar =)

  20. Vanquish says:

    The cake looks nice!

  21. red says:

    hi….chessie….u look so pretty and cute with short hair=] CHEDDIE IS SO DAMN CUTE and ADORABLE =D happy belated birthday , happy always!

  22. katz says:

    wow…cheddie went clubbing!

  23. haha…. yeah… CHeddie SO CUTE~ ^^ haha…

  24. ahlost says:

    *LOL* Got to see some familiar nicks faces now.. hiak hiak…

    Cheesie and Cheddie sho cute !!

  25. misha says:

    jiejie going to southern thailand with jiejie nicole soon ?

  26. Grace says:

    OMGOMGOMG THE RATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn BIG weii! I mean, look at it, beside a 500ml mineral water bottle!

    *shrieks and runs away*

  27. Farah says:

    That rat, it looks drunk, poisoned, exhausted AND dead. And oh, you know G!

  28. jojo says:

    The rat is funny looking though 🙂 Stay happy!

  29. jane says:

    cheddie 😀 me love cheddie, more cheddie pics please! Cheesie looking great! somewhat different.. not so “cutesy” anymore. so feminine n sexy! ^^ but too skinny. please put on some weight ya. too skinny! best rgds! 🙂

  30. pei jiun says:

    aww im sorry i couldn’t make it … 🙁
    glad u guys had fun tho..

  31. viviensiu says:

    OMG cheddieeeee!!!
    the rat looked just like how my hamster died T.T……..

  32. copykate says:

    ahhh me looking fat in the pictures! 🙁

    cheddie looks so so so tiny in real life! cute! XD

    great gathering

  33. Simon Seow says:

    Why la relate my present to you with a dead rat? -___-

    Thanks for the party, it’s cool. Also congrats on getting the Wella job. Tell us which volume of Marie Claire it’ll be on.

  34. tom says:

    oh nooo!!.. wait.. i mean.. oh yes..!! great fun u all had there..
    and i have to miss this.. oh wells…


    Cheddie looking all the great!

  35. CraSH says:

    great gathering!! lots of pretty girls especially cheddie’s mommy…. but i think you need to eat a little more, you look much healthier before.

  36. XoXo says:

    ringo you’re really pretty 🙂 especially after your haircut!

  37. cheesie says:

    fluffz: it was!
    KY: there goes your hair wash.
    Mayzhee: wahahha of course. i’m this vindictive fake bitch.
    selfairy: neh, the saying about how pets and owners grow alike!
    reika: waaaa some of my friends also do that, damn terror mafia wei. the king of all liars hahahha!
    kenny: Frangelico!!!
    mayzhee: WAHHAHAH! now that you mentioned it….

  38. cheesie says:

    princessladyjane: ya lo you a bit quiet leh. Eh i met you more than 3 times now of course i remember you. Thank you for coming!
    Steph: Eh i misspelled your name!
    corrine: elaine was just being anal!
    navicgator: ya lo. how.
    Wannabe Economist: Waaaa got one time i play hor. Got doctor. Then got cupid. Then got hunter. wtf. Damn fun wei can i join u all also. Then again i never get to be anything but the civilian or police. SIEN.
    vanquish: yes it was incheese, very nice.

  39. cheesie says:

    red: thank you thank you! You are one of my favorite colors!
    katz: shhhhh! she’s still a junior!
    will: of course! u enjoyed her company? heheheh
    ahlost: hahahah u seem to know a lot of people!
    misha: most probably!
    grace: i know right! couldn’t believe my eyes. It looks bigger in real life.
    Farah: Sara brought G along! 🙂
    Jojo: good la die also die a funny drunk happy way! hhaha
    jane: aiyo ya meh! i thought it’s just nice! I started gaining weight oredi!
    pei jiun: no worries no worries, sure count u in for next party ok!
    vivien: awwwwwwww 🙁
    kate: no you are not!!! u are super slim
    simon: ya what! i love rats. 🙂 eh that’s nothing to be proud of the wella thing. in fact trying all i can to excuse myself of it.
    tom: next time next time!
    crash: waaa u have no idea!!! i eat like a pig.
    xoxo: Thank you! XOXO

  40. Juni says:

    Everyone looked like they had fun! Glad u did too.. hehe. 😀

  41. kcin says:

    looks like great party u having there 🙂 too bad i couldn’t come 🙂

  42. CraSH says:

    haha.. ok ok! you are so lucky that you can eat lots and dont gain much weight.. lots of girls will envy you.
    anyway, great to see you back here again and happy… take care and all the best in your future endeavours.
    i will definitely say hi if i bump into you.. but i doubt that would happen haha.. later

  43. Ren says:

    THX for the great nite
    was enjoying like the rest of them ^^
    u look gorgeaus tat nite :p

  44. Rachel says:

    Haha… there no picture of KY doing something to Cheddie! Lol!
    Had a great laugh 🙂

  45. MinnYDinO says:

    such a nice gathering~~
    i will never get a chance to step in baroque ='(
    poor me… sob

  46. joshuaongys says:

    ehhh i tot i sent u pics!! hahahahhaha thats the only pic of me wtf… nyways rite, sorry again… u know why >

  47. June says:

    “This picture was supposed to have only Kate and I. Some Camdiva popped out ala Shutter from behind.”

    lol so mean x’D but wayne

    Uhm I’m gonna celebrating my bday in some weeks and my bday was on the first march. ^^ I topped your date (about 3 months later). x’3

    PS: you look pretty on all theses photos but everyone already told that. =’3

  48. adam says:

    why no alcohol…who paid for the drinks?

  49. KY says:

    you’re giving me cheddie instead of hair wash? yeay!

  50. D says:

    ooo..i see my brother(g) and his gf(sara).

  51. meifong says:

    hey cheesie!
    hope u still rmb me after so long.
    haha. anywayz, happy belated birthday!
    i watched u on malaysian dreamgirls. u were great!
    too bad i am in india right now studying , otherwise i would have sms to support u.
    anywayz, haf a nice day!

  52. sheon says:

    🙂 everyone but the rat had an awesome time obviously…………. 🙂 envy envy…

  53. Michael Yip says:

    So when you want to claim your Dragon-i Dinner present? :p

    thanks for the goodies… save me some cost in getting some hair care products. LOl

  54. Albert Ng says:


    Neber inbite! You eggnogging me?

  55. andrew says:

    hello ringo… andrew here.. ching’s friend here.. met you at MDG though… haha… wanted to come to your party though to meet you and I thought Ching should be there… haha.. anyway happy belated birthday!! take care and God bless!! meet you some day…

  56. cheesie says:

    meifong: very very familiar!!!
    sheon: hahahha good alco
    michael yip: no need la oredi got the best thing from Dragon I ahahahah
    Albert Ng: never e-meow me.
    andrew: hie andrew! Yea supposed to meet ching up today!

  57. meifong says:

    er.. haha. i posted replies many times for cheddie’s posts. then i got busy in the dentistry world. now i am back! haha. nvm la. u are so busy . haha. anywayz, nice reading ur blog! =)

  58. cheesie says:

    Meifong: oooooh. And i thought i know you personally. Thanks for dropping by. Definitely remember you by now! 🙂

  59. maria says:

    The rat looks like the ones outside my office 😉

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