to my little get-together @ Baroque, Heritage Row KL.

I had the whole lounge upstairs all for myself and the guests. Baroque has different guest DJs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And it’s not very crowded. Perfect for a chill out night. πŸ™‚ Oh did i mention that Baroque has a very handsome manager. Fat la but very handsome hahahah (hor, Sim! Kenko Diet Plum not working for you meh?)



Ok. Photos!

Ching and I taking attendance.


Some Diva came late!


Weelim and Mayzhee. Your pretty face duly PSed. Now it’s prettiererer.


Guests getting to know each others! Kenny intro himself to G and Sara.


Ehehehe. Saje.


Some people very happy with the doorgift!

Kate, Jane, Stef and Ren.

Some obviously not.

Haha Nicholas.


Okay we had a very special guest that day. Her name is Cheddie.


Obviously she was the star of the night. Even Ringo Starr also not so starry.


Very cute Rachel and very cute Cheddie.


Very cute Stef with very very cute Cheddie.


Very cute cute? i actually think cute is the word cute Kenny and very very very cute Cheddie.


Wilson and Chris also loved her!




I used Photoshop La Mer on Mayzhee and myself.


Darren and Elaine i actually think they look alike!


Michael. Picture obviously stolen from his blog.


This picture was supposed to have only Kate and I. Some Camdiva popped out ala Shutter from behind.


Cheryl and Ivene.


April. It’s ridiculous two housemates had to jam all the way from PJ to KL instead of from upstairs to downstairs to meet each other. Cheesh.



On that day, i also…

celebrated my belatededededed birthday. I’ve never known anyone who celebrated her birthday, like, 1 and a half months later.


It’s okay la. It could be Cheddie’s 18-days-belated birthday.


Jane. She loved cheesecake. I mean, Cheddie.








KY smoothie.



Game time.

We were NOT playing chor dai dee.


I swear. Uh uh. Not chor dai dee.



We played mafia.

Thanks to Khailee who taught me the game, mafia was our sole entertainment back in the MDG days. Besides all the gossiping and back-stabbing of course.

But i dunno why hor! I’m ALWAYS the first or the second to get killed in a mafia game. WHY AH? Apart from the theory that the hottest girl always get killed first i cannot possibly come up with other explanation. It’s very tulan ok. I never get to play the mafia!!! I want to improve my lying skill!!!!666

Eh Joshua! That’s the only picture i have of you wor!



Ok this post is going to have a lurid ending.



Ching arrived and the first thing she said was,

“I parked my car. I got down. And i kicked a dead, fat and bloated rat.”


I looked out the window.

And i saw a dead, fat and bloated rat. Probably drunk too. Baroque is too great a drinking place.


This little guy looks like Remy’s gluttonous cousin Emile in Ratatouille. Ok little is a very wrong choice of adjective.


Oh talk about coincidence.


Simon gave me a rat for my belatededededed birthday present!

Thank you for coming once again, and all pictures taken by KY Smoothie, thank you very much.