Last October

May 11, 2008 in UK

Update: Happy Mother’s Day!!! I’m sooooo in love with Ferry Halim’s games! 😀





I saw a squirrel. They really move so swiftly like the one in The Way Home. Omg Love Orisinal.


Then i typed an sms and Pacmeed it to my blog.

Pun of the day from London. I’m in Hydeing in this Park and the squirrels are all staring at me. They must think i’m nuts. O.o



Wtf. Each wooden post has got one birdie!





There was a freaking goose.

Feeding the freaking goose.

And the freaking goose bit me and took the whole piece of bread away.

I’m gonna force feed more geese and kill them alive for foie gras.





Hie Autumn. Bye autumn.

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  1. where was this???
    love the autumn leaves…
    so gold and red….

  2. ::: Fragile ::: says:

    It’s in London.

    Read Cheesie’s caption of picture #5. 😀

  3. omggg so pretty! 🙂 🙂 love the geese part. whee ^^

  4. PRETTY!
    especially those fallen leaves migawwwd!


    that ‘freaking goose’ part is funny.

  5. OMG!! the squirrel is so cute!!!!

  6. Cear Cheddie!

    Your mummy look so cute in the picture!!!

    Btw, Did Ya Recieve yours trluly presessie from cupcake yet? I know m’sia postmen is veryy slow!!

    Love Cuppcake!

  7. Lovely photos!

  8. who is that old man in those photos?

  9. wow so beautiful 😀 can I know what camera you used?

  10. Neven seen before photos from London?

  11. warui kedo…..tsumaranain dayo!!

    mou ii yo…

    kore ha kyonen no koto desyou.

    mou ii..

    gomen ne…

  12. Cherylc: omidog omidog!!! Cheryl jiejie we recieved the gift!!!! i luv it sooo mcuh!!! Cheddie ruff you veli mcuh!! 😀

  13. izzit in Lanchaster gate?
    I went there last year Sep

  14. So pretty~~~ =)) Makes me feel all warm n happy.

  15. omgness. totally,totally, love!!!
    i wonder how you captured the leaves at just the right moment? 😀 i always cant do that! teach me!
    and yeah, who’s the man in the pictures ah? 😀

  16. Looks fun. Hahaha. that hungry goose.

  17. OMG the squirrel is so cute and bushy. And your photos with the autumn leaves are gorgeous. Is London weather as gloomy as people say it is?

  18. loveee that last pic of u throwing the leaves up!

    very prettty:)

  19. I love your your blue Ah Lian shoes. You look so AH LIAN. Cheers, Cheese!

  20. ariescandy314: Hyde Park London!
    Fragile: 🙂
    Peijun: Yummy foieGras!
    Nana: Actually the pictures could have been better with a pro cam!
    june: I know right! Wait. Orisinal squirrel or Hyde Park squirrel?
    cherylc: thank you soooooooo much! Cheddie’s hair is too short now. When her fur grows longer it would be great! 😀
    WP: thnk you!
    Benjamin: Some randome people i met in the park. 🙂
    Vivien: mostly taken with my sony T10 🙂
    Simon: Yea and last batch.
    bowing: sayonara!
    Cheddie: go back to bed!
    Jerome: It’s Hyde Park!!
    juljul: me too!
    blu: just take many, many, many shots!
    Lynn: makes me hungry too. ROAST GOOSE!
    leandra: for me london is beautiful. love it to death. 🙂
    kay: thank you!
    blurt: thank you very much! Cheers too!

  21. ah…i see a lot of pink-footed birdies.

  22. even the squirrel there is prettier….

    hot and rainy…

  23. Dear Cheesie,

    I couldn’t help but wonder.. Weren’t you worried that you’d get insects or stuff crawling into your hair when you layed upon those leaves, fresh as they came? Hur hur.


  24. so much food, all still alive!

  25. nice place, everthing was so beautiful and peaceful.

  26. hyde park!! no interesting activities meh? and where is the speakers’ corner.

  27. hey babe! i have been playing ferry halim’s game too. Lecture’s really boring, so we just zonk out on these games and the graphics are so cute(:(: take care!

  28. kevin tan says:

    yorrr u can take picture while lying down… when i do dat i look like i just had a violent allergic reaction to shellfish or something.

  29. I DON’T miss your long hair


  30. HappiGurL says:

    lovely autumn, wonderful place for a stroll, or just sitting and gazing here…

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  32. careful with the pigeons in hyde park. they are quite nasty little things!

  33. where were those taken ?


    looks beautiful !

  34. LOSER friend says:

    HAHA LOSER….! (from MDG)

  35. wahahaha..who’s the creepy loser now!? MDG’s long gone, cant u get over it?

    cheesie dear, you should delete frivolous , silly and irrelevant comment! pls, they are annoying.

  36. If you go over to Canada, you’ll see loads of squirrels and Canada Geese (the gray ones). They are considered pests, leaves loads of droppings around, and you certainly do not want to roll on the grass to get your pic’s taken 😉

  37. Ringo… this may be abit late. But i noticed something i was just itching to point out something in this post.

    The birds u were feeding (the white ones), which u mentioned u wanna “force feed em’ and make them into foie gras”.

    Those are actually swans. Not geese.

    Anyway, looking forward to ur “lil’ gathering”! Call me! 😛

  38. OMG… the goose’s neck super long… but not as long as ostrich’s..

  39. So nice, so beautiful scenary~

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